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2016-05-11 07:51

I think this is disgusting. Obviously if there is medical/life or death situations, okay. But for someone that just doesn't want the baby, it should be considered murder. You have the chance to abort early in pregnancy if you don't want the baby (which I would never do, but don't judge people that make that decision). Don't wait for the baby to be fully formed before making that decision. If you get that far along & decide you don't want it or your not ready, there is adoption that would give a person/couple that can't have children, a chance to be parents.
I can't believe people would even consider this.



2016-05-11 09:01

I think it is disgusting that they are even contemplating such an act.


2016-05-11 13:18

Australia is so against murder but it's okay for some sort of abortion clinic to go ahead and kill a child that has a pumping heart a body a brain a human yet they don't go to jail they don't get introuble because that's there job getting paid to take other humans life's away. 



2016-05-11 13:45

What a joke this petition is. Try carrying a very bloody sick baby that has absolutely no chance of surviving no matter what the doctors do. Let mothers make their own decisions what they want to do instead of trying to make out your above and beyond the law.



2016-05-11 14:00

I signed this petition because i think having an abortion is worn, its murder unless you've been raped then that's understandable but if you fall pregnant and dont want a baby then use protection or get on some sort of contraception, aborting a baby at 30 weeks is MURDER! Early stages like before they have a heart beat then yeah but not when there is a living, almost life sized baby inside you and you decide to abort it at almost full term!



2016-05-11 14:33

It's murder . Killing a baby should be illegal , so many woman out there dream to be mothers yet now you can kill a baby at nearly full term that's putrid if you ask me . It's bloody murder ... killing an innocent baby weather its in the whom or not it's still alive .



2016-05-11 19:21

I don't know anyone in there right mind who'd even consider this what an absolute joke that's precious life taken away. Knowbody' should be able to decide when a baby is full term that's murder for sure


#8 Re:

2016-05-11 21:22

#4: Denise -  

 I never said its wrong in that situation but they should know before 9 months 



2016-05-11 22:26

I really think this is shit because a mother is a great life and babies are life if you stop the life of a mother then your stuffed.



2016-05-11 23:59

It's absolutely a disgrace , if they make a decision to kill a child at 9 months then they should be jailed , it's murder..



2016-05-12 00:49

I signed it because I think if you are willing to go through the pregnancy all the way to the end then you shouldn't be allowed to abort because I honestly believe 3 months is Long enough to decide if you want the baby or not and anything later than that is absolutely disgusting and should be classed as murder.
However I believe in circumstances such a rape or molestation that it should be allowed with proof that that's what's happened although I still don't agree with up to 9mths gestation.



2016-05-12 04:00

I signed this petition as I believe no child should be aborted and if so it should happen before they develop not once they are developed .. no child asks to be born , it is absolutely disgraceful someone could even consider this



2016-05-12 05:21

These kids derverse to have a moment of life not abortion that's just so wrong we want every little baby in the world to have a life what we have they want to be in this world not up in heaven that is murder for killing a baby if you didn't want the child why couldn't you wait to the baby is born to put in to a Forster home not to die and they reckon they don't feel nothing well they do they feel each pain and suffering from getting pulled apart or die and for soembody killing a baby in real life after is born it's murder well baby what hasn't been born is murder to so stop abortions ✋



2016-05-12 06:42

Why this is even questioned is absolutely disgusting, anybody who supports this theory should be ashamed of them self selves regardless if mother is fit to be a parent at 9 months you can adopt the baby out. It literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. Why is the even a possibility? What is Australia coming too.



2016-05-12 06:50

This is disgusting, next we will be asking to abort at birth. Deadset what disgusting animals are we living with these days. It just makes me sick. So many women and men out there can't have children.. Abort at 9 months increasing of waiting one more month and giving them up for adoption. Just downright disgusting



2016-05-12 07:10

Because Its Murder!
A Mother Can Recieve Payments From Centrelink If He Unborn Baby Dies After 20 Week Inside Womb,
So Obviously The Government Class The 20 Week Old Fetus As A Baby So Why Should They Be Able To Abort A Baby At 20 Weeks!!
Thats A Bit Hypocritical!



2016-05-12 07:15

Everyone please sign this petition to stop babies being abort at 40wks, Skyla was born at 36wks so personal I would classify this as murder! Yes I get everyone should have a right but unless its medical or from rape I completely disagree with this by 40wks you should have already decided a baby isn't what you wanted not wait till 40wks to murder a helpless baby who can feel pain!!

Don't like what I have to say, don't agree that's fine it's my opinion


2016-05-12 07:40

I think it's wrong that people can kill a child when it's not even born. If you don't think you will be able to raise the child then obdot it out to someone that will be able to love and care for the child in stead of been murdered and not getting a chance 



2016-05-12 11:40

I signed this petition in order to prevent what I consider to be murder. It baffles me that a woman can carry an innocent little baby who is alive and can feel pain to almost full term and then terminate. A woman has every right to decided to have an abortion BUT do it within the first 9-12 weeks of the pregnancy when it's nothing more than a cluster of fertilised cells. Aborting after carrying the baby for months on end is no longer 'abortion' it's murder. It is exactly like murdering a baby after it has been born. Absolutely disgusting I can't even believe that this could be passed as a law!!!!!



2016-05-12 12:03

Where do you get your information from. 

as far as i have been able to research, there is a draft bill being put before parliament to stop Abortion being a crime in QLD, the law hasn't been changed since 1899, At the current time it is prohibited to have an abortion unless there is a direct medical or mental health risk to the mother . The bill being put before parliament doesn't set a time frame as it is only in draft and rob pyne wants to bring it to parliament for discussion , Thats when a gestation period would be set .... Don't panic.

Amy lane

#21 Wtf!!

2016-05-12 15:14

abortion is an individual right and choice. But you should only terminate in late pregnancy if it is a must. Such as a disease that will kill the child. 

But do not be selfish and take a life away because your lazy!! That's what the first few weeks of your pregnancy is for.

why put your body through all of that to just terminate, what makes people think this is ok?? 

Obviously someone thinks it's ok for someone to consider it, it's a bloody joke!!!

Amy lane

#22 Re:

2016-05-12 15:16

#4: Denise -  

 I think that is a fair enough reason.

but not doing it just because..

i am all for freedom of choice but this is getting to be silly. All within reason is all I can say.



2016-05-12 22:44

It's disgusting to do it at 9 month as its a living human.
If the mum wants an abortion she should have done it earlier at like 12 weeks and or not have sex use a rubber.

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2016-05-12 22:47

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2016-05-12 23:46

Because personally I think that this is wrong and murder. All abortions should be against the law, what's the use of carrying the child for the full 9months then just getting an abortion therefore this is pethetic