Support the idea of ​​the Family Homesteads Settlements (FHS) in Europe and worldwide!



2016-07-05 12:18

I fundamentally feel this project is needed in our troubled times



2016-07-06 19:09

It is suppose to be a signing of intent, of support for the idea. I believe everyone should have their own kin domain. I believe the government should make land available so this can happen. Here in Canada land is so expensive. If the government bought out 1 -3 sections of land (640 acres+) in every province and divided it into 1-5 hectares then there would be free or affordable land for thousands of families.



2016-07-07 01:30

Aire limpio y agua viva volverán con profunda reverencia a nuestros ancestros, a nuestros descendientes y una íntima conexión con la Tierra en la que vivimos con nuestra familia.



2016-07-07 21:26

Because I think it is a positive project.



2016-07-15 15:30

Have been thinking about taking action to bring this to reality, beginning with looking at how to get more people in touch with the Ringing Cedars Books. No other philosophy offers a more practical, logical and harmless way of creating a meaningful life, to my knowledge. Everyone can return to their true equality of being.


2016-07-31 21:29



#7 Ringing Cedars Facebook public group

2016-09-06 10:17

Maybe the existence of this petition can be shared with the official Ringing Cedars Facebook public group, multiplying the chance to spread with those resonant with it! Here is the link:



2016-10-21 15:49

I like the idea of free land



2016-11-19 00:43

I agree with the idea in Vladimir Megre's book Anastasia. It's the most important goal in my life, for me and my children. Not all people can afford to purchase land, however. It should be available to all



2016-11-19 22:14

After moving to our own piece of land 5 years ago, my family and I originally wanted to just have a change of lifestyle. But the exchange we have gotten from this patch of land has truely changed us forever. We have put in so much love and care and as time goes on, we recieve it back immensely. Our children thrive and we are now expanding our hearts to the community. This life is so great we want others to share it with. All the way from Australia, you have our support and LOVE. <3