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2016-07-03 17:49

Because Danny doesn't deserve all this hate he's an amazing actor and he runs this amazing charity for bereaved children and has raised so much money to support them he gives up his Sunday's to play football to raise money for his charity and I'm so proud of him
Court Degnan


2016-07-03 18:05

Totally agree this needs to be sorted. I see the tweets every single and I'm disgusted by what I read. The one person I read claims to be a woman but her mouth is vile. No person should say these things not even woman. I hope Twitter deal this straight away. Their going well over the top of guidelines and they break the terms and conditions everyday. Complaining about Danny's acting but hands up to the guy playing stories people are afraid to tell. He's an amazing actor and deserves all the credit. I hope he knows he's got as much support as he has. 



2016-07-03 18:24

Sick of seeing the hate and the vile things written by this troll



2016-07-03 19:14

Danny is a great guy and wonderful actor and does not deserve some loser trolling him.



2016-07-03 19:21

Stop this vile troll from harassing Danny Miller
Ebury Albert


2016-07-03 20:22

Fake accounts are being opened on Twitter to harass and demoralise Danny Miller. The person(s) doing this are obviously mentally ill. Danny Miller is not only a magnificent actor, but also a very caring, loving, community-minded person. He constantly plays charity matches to help children and families to deal with berievement. Danny is very kind to his fans and one of the most beloved persons in the UK and even has fans abroad as well. These accounts that are aimed to hurt anyone are dangerous and must not be allowed.

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2016-10-02 09:52



2016-10-02 10:07

Danny Miller doesn't need any of that disgusting behaviour. He's the most kind person to his fans and does very valuable charity. I respect his work and himself as a person.Please delete that troll!



2016-10-02 10:19

Whoever this sick lunatic is needs to be taken down a peg or two! I'll try and spread the word, Danny doesn't deserve this at all. He's so generous, loveable, caring and is hugely talented. He puts so much work into his bereavement charity which makes me more proud to call myself a fan. The fact they've told him to lose weight and die makes my stomach turn. How can you sit there and be proud of yourself for saying something like that to someone? He's absolutely gorgeous, facially and physically so I've no idea what she thinks she sees. He's also the most talented actor I've seen grace my tv screen, therefore have no idea what she's on when saying "he can't act" either. He's known for being one of the best young stars of this generation and the fact he's already a multi-award winner at his age proves this. That's such an achievement! So I too want this troll taken down. It's gone on long enough now and there's only so much one can take before it gets too much. Love Danny! X



2016-10-02 10:39

We need to make Danny stop going through this he doesn't deserve it!



2016-10-02 10:50

Twitter need to take online bullying and harassment seriously. Danny Miller has been targeted for months and Twitter have done nothing!



2016-10-02 11:11




2016-10-02 11:14

Because Danny Miller is a wonderful actor and a really nice guy who doesn't deserves these attacks from trolls.



2016-10-02 13:27

Stop cyberbulling!!!



2016-10-02 13:46

because i think danny miller is a wonderful actor and has so much talent he doesnt deserve to be treated like this awards he has won are truly deserved he has worked hard for everything he has got love him



2016-10-02 14:11

Because Danny doesn't deserve hate



2016-10-02 16:51

Let's make Danny happy on Twitter not sad, because some person who can not be name is being a big female dog!



2016-10-02 20:42

Block her ...... her opinions don't matter it's probably a sad sack with nothing better to do



2016-10-02 21:22

No one deserves to suffer any form of bullying so I hope this stops that vile troll.
There is also a UK parliament petition to sign calling for parliament to look at ways of dealing with cyber bullying. Will retweet for anyone interested in signing it



2016-10-02 22:40

Nobody deserve to be bullied, and Danny is such a sweetheart! he just gives love and hours of entertainment with his amazing talent!!!Stop this abuse against Danny!!!



2016-10-03 10:10

It's disgusting



2016-10-03 12:32

Twitter are beyond useless at tackling trolls. They make a big deal out of having rules in place to make sure everyone's 'twitter experience' will be as enjoyable as possible but then do nothing worthwhile to actually combat the problem. In Danny Miller's case the person has openly admitted they are a troll and boasted about how they are going to continue to harass him. They insult him with offensive and hateful tweets and often make downright libellous statements; all of which are against twitter rules.

This troll has been reported on numerous occasions, even by Danny himself, yet Twitter have still taken no action. That is a disgrace! It is pretty obvious to anyone with any common sense what this nasty individual is up to, so for Twitter to continue to ignore the problem shows an irresponsible level of incompetence by them at policing their own system. 

Like any other company Twitter have a 'duty of care' to their customers. They have demonstrated that their present procedures are not fit for purpose and need to be seriously overhauled. A good start would be to ban this troll immediately and take steps to ensure that they don't just come back a few days later under another name. 

Sort it out Twitter!



2016-10-03 21:30

Disgusted twitter had done nothing about it but it doesn't surprise me. They're terrible. I hope it will stop at some point. This person clearly isn't mentally right so it's quite frightening what lengths she's willing to go to make Danny look bad.



2016-10-03 22:03




2016-10-03 22:12

Actor or not, famous or not: NO person deserves such continously horrible treament. Bring this vile troll down!!!