Ban Trolling of Lures In the Breede River

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2011-09-16 19:37

This is one petition i would like to see happen as soon as possible. With the irresponsible harvesting of fish populations by this means which only serves financially for but a select few and with scant regard for future generations this cannot be allowed to continue.



2011-09-16 21:13

The fish slaughter is ridiculous.......I witnessed this myself.
These are breeding stock,it needs to stop and stop NOW!



2011-09-17 15:50

come on guys... we have to fight for the duskies!



2011-09-20 19:49

I agree that over fishing of the Breede need to stop immediately, I am a social angler and would like to see the fish recover properly, they should not allow fishing in the Breede during spawning season.