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Arjun K Ramachandra


2011-12-09 16:25

ISKCON Hungary is doing great social service to the people of your country. It is the dire need of today's age to support such noble causes. Please kindly do not withdraw the church status awarded to ISKCON Hungary.



2011-12-11 01:19

Прошу Вас оставьте общество преданных в покое в Венгрии,
Все в руках божьих и Ваших!



2011-12-11 08:14

Iskcon Hungary is serving for the welfare of the society which is the prime necessity at this moment at large seving the global cause by uniting the people with a sense of global integrity.



2011-12-11 08:23

please allow Iskcon Hungary to continue with their humanitarian work



2011-12-11 08:28

Iskcon Hungary is doing a notable service on behalf of nation please allow them to continue.



2011-12-11 08:36

Hungary Iskcon one of the most generous society who is doing social welfare work for mankind at large should permit to continue this work forever.



2011-12-11 12:45

ISKCON is the most preferred religious organisation pls give the temple in Hungary the Church Status and Let it thrive n prosper in the holy land of Hungary so that the whole world can benefit from the wonderful work that the devotees are doing there and all the children of God get an opportunity and path to go back to him. Thanks



2011-12-11 13:06

An appeal to the Government of Hungary: Please give Church status to your and our most dear ISKON Temple in Hungary> Its the right thing to do. The Almighty Lord will be mighty pleased with you. Thanks and Hare Krishna



2011-12-11 13:11

ISKCON Temple in Hungary is doing splendid work we all support and appeal that it should get the 'Church" status. Haribol!



2011-12-11 13:18

The temple in Hungary is important to all.



2011-12-11 14:53

hare krishna, dont worry devoties there is krishnas arrengment nothing to warry.
hari hari jay sri guru and gourang



2011-12-11 16:04

Devotees are peaceful people are not a cause of disturbance for the general public rather they are teachings the general mass the process by which to attain everlasting peace.So please give them their freedom for their spiritual practice and hence be part of their blessing.Thank you Hare Krishna.



2011-12-11 16:25

Krishna temple is new place of god where people may learn very great scripture called as Bhagawat Gita.
Hare Krishna

#14 Human Right

2011-12-11 16:26

Krishna temple is new place of god where people may learn very great scripture called as Bhagawat Gita. please protect it.



2011-12-11 16:34

Please save the temple



2011-12-11 17:59

accept iskcon as relegious society


#17 Re:

2011-12-11 18:56



2011-12-11 19:33

please do your contribution in the service of krishna help iskcon hungary



2011-12-11 19:34

Please help them to help yourselves. please donot become a hurdle in God's work.i wholeheartedly wish to save it.Thank you.



2011-12-11 19:44

Iskcon is a very gunuine,socially helpful, clean and conscious society which will benefit millions of people and hundreds of cities more than it has already been doing with its hard and selfless work. Please allow this society to grow and bring more awareness to this world.



2011-12-11 21:43

Me and my husband and the whole community is supporting the petition to continue the ownership of Iskcon farm land.



2011-12-11 23:06

Hare Krishna !



2011-12-12 00:20

It is for the benefit of the mankind.



2011-12-12 04:20

ISKCON Hungary is doing a great contribution for the mankind as well to mother nature in Krishna valley. Please let them continue their priceless service.



2011-12-12 06:09

Please read any one book published by Iskcon, before arriving at the final conclusion. Because by taking any decision unfavourable to Iskcon, one cannot even feel oneself totally satisfied.