Korg SQ-10 Mini

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2013-03-18 05:06

Please I ask you to relaunch this sequencer to have the opportunity to have the best sequencer ever!



2013-03-29 15:35

It would be great to have the ultimate sequencer to compliment my new MS20 mini.There's a widespread interest in the unit & i'm certain it would sell.
Thanks Korg for the MS20 mini. Winner !



2013-04-21 13:12

SQ-10 Mini may seem unnecessary given the prevalence of DAW Sequencing... but people DO want an analogue experience. Maybe it's a bit hard to understand from a developer's perspective, but look around. Try to find a suitable analogue sequencer. That's right, you'll probably end up trying to buy a SEQ-01 off of ebay. I'm on the preorder list for the MS-20 Mini, and I WOULD buy a SEQ-01 Mini.



2013-05-10 21:59

I would be very nice to have a SQ-10 mini!



2013-05-13 20:50

Oh, yes! A mini version of the SQ-10 would be the new ms-20s best friend. I'd look so good on top of it! Also, I'd be so nice if they could make it 16-step instead of 12. You would have all notes available for tweaking without using a trigger reset on the 8th step. Imagine the possibilities! A must-buy if they release it. Just look the demand analog gear is still having, Korg. You better not miss that big opportunity!



2013-05-30 15:31

If the SQ-10 mini is built to the exact - where parts are available - specs of the original and nothing extra aside from usb/midi, I am on board!



2013-08-14 13:39

interesting. internet was created for these kind of connections between people. waiting for the SQ-10mini



2013-08-24 20:51

has to happen following release of MS20 mini.
come on Korg, it's a no brainer.



2013-10-06 12:02

I constructed my own sequencer when I went to collage, 30 years ago. It's still on my desk, working but a bit tired. An SQ-10 would be the perfect replacement! :)



2013-10-16 19:22

I think its great that other people are interested in the re-release of the SQ-10.



2013-12-18 16:16

And please do a MS50 mini and a polysix mini!!!!!



2013-12-19 21:10

If korg makes a sq10 I will be prolly be a fan forever because korg has done nothing but make awesome synths left and right that make being a musician a lot easier and a lot more fun now let's sequence!!!



2014-02-03 16:15



2014-02-03 16:16

looking for (used) sq 10 !!!



2014-05-08 14:01

A SQ-10 Mini, with a MIDI or at least USB port to facilitate DAW sync. You can't bring back an analog classic like this and not bring back the sequencer also.

(It also has to be compatible with the ARP Odyssey)



2014-05-12 08:22

Please Korg! We are waiting SQ-10 mini!



2014-08-13 05:07

Purty please?



2014-10-27 21:06

Eagerly waiting. I hope this sees the light of day. Here is one preorder that will be placed the moment this thing drops. If it ever drops.