No Witch-Hunts In The GMB Union, Reinstate Keith Henderson

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2013-10-24 14:32

The witchunts of socialists in the labour movement over the years from Jim Larkin to Nye Bevan to the militant cdes is a disgrace and those responsible should be exposed for what they really are



2013-10-24 14:33

I am seriously concerned about this situation Keith is one of the finest Trade Unionists I have ever come across in 52 years TU activity myself. He should be reinstated immediately in my opinion and a full scale inquiry launched into just how things reached this present situation!



2013-10-24 16:25

keith has always worked hard in the Clacton labour
party and trade union arranged trips to London to
support most fellow workers.formed trade union council in Clacton.he is young and speaks HIS MIND



2013-10-24 18:00

There's not much I can say different from guest #3. Not only does Keith speak his mind but he is also passionate about his beliefs. For the GMB to dismiss him for his left wing beliefs was wrong. In our current political climate with so many people under threat in some form or another, people like Keith are needed to fight their corner who are not afraid to stand up and have their say.
Good Luck Keith with taking on the GMB. Kym



2013-10-25 16:56

The GMB are worse than the employers that they are supposed to protect their members from. Riddled with abusive, intimidating, back stabbing and cynical practices of nepotism......



2013-10-26 15:55

The GMB should become more democratic and outwards and not turn on their own activists. Retired GMB Member now accompany rep with Unite.



2013-10-27 09:25

The recent success of Frank Morris being re instated after dismissal from the Crossrail project for being a TU H&S rep is a significant moment for all Trades Unionists. The excellent campaign in that instance forced Multi National Corporations to re instate Frank.What a sad state of affairs when once again we see a Trades Union, in this instance the GMB, attacking its most effective reps.
I have read the judgment and had an exchange of e mails with Gen Sec of GMB on this issue and I still believe that Keith should be re instated forthwith.



2013-10-27 10:22

Good going we need more people sign up to this



2013-10-28 14:17

The Tory witch-hunt on Trade Unions has no limits. the nasty party will not rest until we are all back to touching our forlocks and kow-towing to the Lord of the manor as in Victorian times.If everyone the meaning of Conservative things may well be different.

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2013-11-18 13:00

if only

#11 Re:Keith henderson

2013-11-22 15:59

#9: -

Worked with Keith for a far while, and always found his commitment to the GMB was total, yes he did have some strong views but who doesnt.

Keith is unfortunatly one of many that are being treated in a fashion of a couldnt care less employer



2014-01-23 18:59

I supported Keith 2years ago this is a load of crap, do we have a Union for overworked Secretaries 6years with no pay.



2014-03-31 23:13

i am amased that the GMB has suspended one of our own how has this happended how can the gmb do this they,i call on paul kenny to reinstate keith henderson and fight the real enemy the tories and there libdem puppets and the new labour traitors shame on the GMB doing the ruling classes job for them shame .



2015-01-02 09:26

Keith’s philosophical belief is described by the Employment Tribunal as being “Left wing democratic socialism.”

This must be the first time a trade union, and possibly any employer, has been found to have considered a person being a Left wing democratic socialist as part of the reasoning for sacking him.

I am sure you agree that the union would not want to be associated with any finding of discriminatory treatment of an employee on the basis of his belief in democratic socialism.

I am writing therefore to appeal to you to review this matter and reinstate Keith as an officer of the union.

I believe that talented, hard working trade union officers like Keith are the future of our movement.”

All Socialists and trade unionists are urged to express their support for Keith by signing this petition to urge Keith’s reinstatement.


2015-01-03 10:54

Paul Kennywake up and smell the coffee and realise that activists are not the enemy it is the right wing where ever they reside . Not exclusively this anti working class government, although it would be more useful if PAul Kenny used all his energy attacking this goverment not turning on his own members . hE is just making the Tories jump for joy , if this is his intention he is in the wrong organisation.  Graham FLetcher retired activist 46 years I too have been on the receiving end of this sort of attack .(No Fear ,Che Guevara).     Fletch



2015-01-04 00:34

Having been here myself and won in unison, i give my full support







2015-01-20 14:59

If this is how free speech is treated in this country by the Political party that turns on its own supporters, we could be compared with some of the Asian countries that have a policy of total suppression of the rights of their nation.



2015-01-21 13:26

GMB should show respects to the individual and not to stereotype its a disgrace



2016-09-02 15:30

Enough of these punitive, undemocratic purges. Many people believe that no one is guilty of anything until proven otherwise - under Laws which surely supersede such powers claimed by a minority of high-ups within unions or political parties, for their Machiavellian own ends.



2016-11-01 22:24

It's a disgrace!! A decent man treated as Keith has been, for holding honest, decent, socialist values is a perversion of any reasonable standards

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