Justice For Aiden Floyd

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2013-12-15 19:50

This guy.. James Purcell took a lesser sentence, and receiver manslaughter...which should of been MURDER..(He killed an innocent 3 year old little boy)I feel he got a lesser sentence already, so why should he get out of jail any earlier.. We the FAMILY of AIDEN FLOYD...NEED JUSTICE TO BE SERVED ONCE AND FOR ALL....



2013-12-15 20:11

keep that piece of shit in jail.


2013-12-15 20:28

Horrible disgusting actions should not be rewarded with early release. This was not a robbery. This was murder-murder of a beautiful innocent child. He deserves the worst available punishment.



2013-12-15 20:36

The punishment should fit the crime.



2013-12-15 20:46

Keep that monster in jail



2013-12-15 20:47

In cases like this...there should be no possibility of getting out of jail early!
I am disgusted by the very thought of this monster getting out of jail...
He deserves to rot his whole life away behind bars!



2013-12-15 20:47

James Purcell should never get what he wants as he deserves to receive the punishment of being behind bars and to never step foot in Sault Ste. Marie ever again after all the grief and pain he had caused for many people including how he affected a young child and his family!!



2013-12-15 20:55

Eye for an eye...he doesn't deserve freedom he decided that when he took the life of such an innocent child. I hope he is tortured and dies painfully in prison



2013-12-15 20:58

:-( thoughts to the family of this inocent child



2013-12-15 21:18

Justice should be served for this little one. Full sentence should be served



2013-12-15 21:40

Its pretty sad we need a petition to keep this monster in jail



2013-12-15 21:46

yo im pretty sure he probably gotten stabed up or will get stabbed up if not let him out, and justice will find him whereever he goes iknow if he comes back ill be at his welcome party with my 12 pump and that i can promiss or will find his half way house so i whouldnt let him out . no one kills a child and gets away with it and if they do, thats when a civil citazin gets to do his duty .



2013-12-15 21:55

If this happened to my child I would be the one behind bars because he would be 6 feet under.... Where he belongs.not a poor 3 year old that was just staring his life!



2013-12-15 22:06

Our Family will never be the same
Love you always ...great grandma Betty



2013-12-15 22:08

I hope this makes a difference and true justice is served.



2013-12-15 22:09

Better hope that baby boys Grandpa don't get ya!!!!! Sorry to Devon and Ronny and the whole family. This is just not right guys. :( He will get what he has coming to him. People like that always do!



2013-12-15 22:18

This sick twisted thing that the justice system is calling a human being should be sentenced to life!! Harming an innocent child is a huge crime and should have massive punishments but killing an innocent child is an act that no "human being" should be capable of!! It's disgusts me that there is even a small possibility of this animal being let out early!! Throw him in that cell for life or better yet bring back the chair!!!



2013-12-15 22:25

he does not deserve to get out any time soon...after what he put that family though, the pain and suffering he gave a young young child...for him to be released now would make me sick


2013-12-15 22:28

He took a life. He should not be shown any mercy.



2013-12-15 22:36

In my opinion the original sentence was too light and early parole would be a miss justice.



2013-12-15 22:38

Justice for Aiden and his family who lost an innocent little angel.. This mandoesnt deserve to have any freedom for what he did !!!!!!!



2013-12-15 22:43

Hope justice is served!



2013-12-15 22:45

People that take a life should not be granted mercy on their life... he made the decision and he should have to deal with the full punishment.



2013-12-15 22:55

James Purcell does not deserve early parole.
some bodys mom


2013-12-15 23:16

Aiden and his family need to see justice .........This man deserves to rot in jail and die a grusome death for what he has done