Tibet Scholars’ Appeal to Halt the Destruction of Old Lhasa


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2013-05-15 06:52

Petition: HS comment : This new phase of destruction of the historic city of Lhasa and especially the Jokhang Temple, the most holy site of Central Asian and Tibetan Buddhism, is a direct attack on the heart of Tibetan civilisation. Tibetans everywhere must be deeply shocked and distressed. What would China say if the Mongols came back and destroyed the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Temple of Heaven? What would Europe and the world say if St Peters in Rome or Notre Dame in Paris were pulled down? What would Islam say if the Mecca were attacked? What would the Jewish people say if Jerusalem was turned into a Disneyland?
The Chinese people have an ancient culture. Do they still not understand that other peoples have rich and ancient cultures that have equal right to respect and protection? How long will it take before they realise that theirs is not the only civilisation on earth? The diversity of human creativity over thousands of years on this planet is an irreplacable treasure. Why can't UNESCO do something! How come the Chinese are incapable of respecting their own Constitution with regard to the nationalities?