Reinstate Mr. Thomas Leahy

Corey Patton

/ #21 Great teacher!

2015-11-03 23:38

He is a teacher who takes care of these parents kids and sees how other students treat some students because of their sexuality and views. Mr. Leahy only did what was right to show how people are affected by others bulling, hazing, and threatens these students and it needs to stop. Yes this community is a big catholic town but they have got to see out of the box. Just because these kids/young adults are the way they are doesn't make them any diffrent from us. They are humans not freaks, weirdos, or outcasts like these students have treated them. They are humans! It is completly uncalled for to react as the parents and school administration has against Mr. Leahy. He sees these kids every day and is doing his job by protecting and showing them that how you act towards people and how they can react to them being treated. Like in the video people could act out as they showed in the video because now these days kids harass, haze, and bully and see that hey we can get away with it so we can keep on doing it. Their religion preaches that being anything but straight is completly wrong and these kids act out the way they do because of their religion and parents view.