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2015-11-03 17:20

I'm glad to see they still have some fine teachers in Conway Springs. I'm sorry this happened to this one.



2015-11-03 17:29

At this time, there has been no decision, from what I have been told, However, a decision will be made soon, so we must show our support immediately!



2015-11-03 17:47

Mr. Leahy is a well respected man in our community. He has taught all of my children in several different grades and subjects. The way he is being treated is unfair. People need to grow up and learn to respect people that are trying to teach their kids what society is throwing at them every day.



2015-11-03 18:05

I am disappointed in the school district of Conway Springs and distraught that they lost one of their best teachers to something that taught students to think outside the box, have respect, and teach tolerance of others. Please read the news article online on the Wichita Eagle today 11/3/15 and support the signing of this petition.



2015-11-03 19:00

I had a high school teacher step in and become like a parent to me. Teachers make a difference in childrens lives. Come on and do the right thing here. These kids need a teacher like this!!! 



2015-11-03 19:01

He was just teaching. Just doing his job, some people just need to grow up and quite shielding their kids.

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2015-11-03 19:04



2015-11-03 19:24

Bullying sucks!!! This man was just trying to do his job as a teacher!! Trying to teach the kids that there are consequences to the way they treat others!! As a parent, if you don't understand stand what he was trying to do, then you are the one with blinders on!! Open your eyes to our society!! This man is and will always be a great person for his views!! Teaching right from wrong!! He has such a great love for what he does. He took responsibility for not asking permission!! And the community should stand by his side!!



2015-11-03 19:55

The parents who are complaining are probably the ones who have the kids who are the bullies and parents need to stop acting like their kids are perfect!!

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2015-11-03 20:27



2015-11-03 21:05

Has anyone else entertained this thought? What if Mr. Leahey's decision to share this video as a learning tool could save a life or convince someone to stop bullying? My personal oponion of him....He teaches becauses he believes in what he has chosen for an occupation. Respect and compassion sums it up. Bring him back to his classroom & give him the "Going out in a Blaze of Glory" he deserves.



2015-11-03 21:07

Too much sheltering makes it difficult for our young being able to survive in the real world once they get out from under mom and dads wings.



2015-11-03 21:21

Because the fact a video that is based on anti-bullying was shown and all they took out of it was how it shows a poke at how religion rejects people who are different. If all they took is that and they fired a man over what think is wrong in a fictional video that is inappropriate. They should actually watch the video! They should be ashamed of themselves for bullying a man for believing in equality!!!



2015-11-03 21:45

Losing your job over teaching tolerance shouldn't be tolerated! You don't have to approve of people life choices, but it is there path to walk not yours.



2015-11-03 21:48

It's hard to find good teachers these days and I feel he was doing the right thing showing the film. There's way to much bullying these days and a lot of parents don't even try to pay attention to what's going on with their kids. They should ask their selves what if it was their child?



2015-11-03 21:53

I signed this petition because he should not have been fired for teaching acceptance.

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2015-11-03 22:15



2015-11-03 22:24

Because it's the right thing to do.



2015-11-03 22:44

Because my daughter went to this school and was treated terribly because of her sexual orientation. This teacher finally did something to speak out against this injustice, and the narrow-minded people of the community and board have now seen fit to ask him to resign. Thank goodness someone is speaking out, and those are the type of teachers we NEED educating our children,.



2015-11-03 23:30

Mr. Leahy still stands as one of my favorite teachers. I was lucky enough to have him in 1st. grade as well as 4th grade. He is a kind soul and was wanting to do the best he could at changing the minds of young kids from a small town.
Corey Patton

#21 Great teacher!

2015-11-03 23:38

He is a teacher who takes care of these parents kids and sees how other students treat some students because of their sexuality and views. Mr. Leahy only did what was right to show how people are affected by others bulling, hazing, and threatens these students and it needs to stop. Yes this community is a big catholic town but they have got to see out of the box. Just because these kids/young adults are the way they are doesn't make them any diffrent from us. They are humans not freaks, weirdos, or outcasts like these students have treated them. They are humans! It is completly uncalled for to react as the parents and school administration has against Mr. Leahy. He sees these kids every day and is doing his job by protecting and showing them that how you act towards people and how they can react to them being treated. Like in the video people could act out as they showed in the video because now these days kids harass, haze, and bully and see that hey we can get away with it so we can keep on doing it. Their religion preaches that being anything but straight is completly wrong and these kids act out the way they do because of their religion and parents view.


#22 Re:

2015-11-03 23:59

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 I had the same privilege! He was definitely one of my favorite teachers!

Caleb Roth

#23 Makes me sad.

2015-11-04 00:02

It makes me sick that this happened. The people that did this should be ashamed. Honestly, he can do better than Conway and I think he should. I do hope though he can get all of this cleared away, he does not deserve this for teaching love and acceptance. 



2015-11-04 00:03

I am in seventh grade my name is trace pettegrew and if you ask the majority of csms they would say that tom leahy is the only teacher that cares about his students. I have talked to him personally about some of my problems and he has done nothing but cared and reach out to me. He is truly a good person, and on that video it showed that bullying no matter if this world is flipped around by straights and gays bullying still happens. He showed that its not right and it will happen no matter how this world is. He is trying to set an example of how to stop bullying. Tom leahy has reached out to me and I have learned better than any other teacher. He has unlocked a key to young peoples mind of having fun and learning in class at the same time. To be honest a majority of people saying this is wrong is catholics. Because the video has gay people. In my opinion love is love no matter what you believe in. If you believe in an imaginary friend In the clouds that says being gay is wrong that's your loss. Firing tom leahy is your loss. Losing your kids education is your loss. Truly yours trace pettegrew.



2015-11-04 00:18

I used to teach in Kansas and tried to provide my students with real life learning opportunities which require critical thinking. This is one of those opportunities.