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2015-11-05 00:06

All people have rights, regardless of their sexualtity. Your orientation, your business.



2015-11-05 00:08

Who can argue with compassion and understanding? I cannot understand people who want all the rights under law to protect them and their religious conviction but don't want to afford those rights to others. It is selfish, it is ludicrous and simply wrong.



2015-11-05 00:11

Today's society needs more teachers like Mr Thomas Leahy. Its rather sad that people would rather "shut"him up or stop him from helping to stop bullying. Instead they should be helping him to figure out and come up with other ways that are more effective to continue to fight bullying. By asking him to resign is showing that they approve of kids bullying other kids to the point of possible suicide. How would they feel if it was one of their own children that were the victims of bullies!



2015-11-05 00:18

Unlike so many teachers we hear about almost daily, Mr. Leahy cares for the future of his students both LGBT and Hetero. Children should learn from early age to be accepting of all.



2015-11-05 00:26

As a LBGT person what Mr. Leahy did is of great importance to show that being LBGT is normal.



2015-11-05 00:33

Silence and inaction are exactly what evil requires in order to win.



2015-11-05 00:35

I had a child in his class being bully he made the whole class write apology notes to her and I still have them to stay .
Michael John


2015-11-05 00:53

It's amazing how an injustice like this can spread like wildfire across the globe. Please let Mr Leahy know that he has support here in London, UK. Perhaps he should consider a career relocation?





2015-11-05 00:53

Cause leahy is a good teacher. Cares about all his students.



2015-11-05 00:54

I was a gay student trying to hide in a small town in upstate NY and even though you might think NY is so much more progressive just remember that whole state isn't in the City of New York. I thought about killing myself. I was afraid of how I would be treated by my fellow students. I was scared to be myself. Please think about the those kids who won't come forward. Forgive the teacher, and make Mr. Leahy apologise, but what he did just may have changed some minds, and saved some lives.



2015-11-05 01:01

Sick of Kansas homophobes (I am a lifelong KS resident and a gay dad to 3 school age children)



2015-11-05 01:06

Because love is love and hate is hatw



2015-11-05 01:19

This is almost childish. I will post it to my facebook page so people can see this in Brasil too!



2015-11-05 01:21

When I was an 8th grader at CSMS 6 years ago, our social studies teacher frequently showed South Park episodes that were completely unrelated to anything about history or social studies and contained a great deal of mockery against all religions. No one ever asked him to resign though and I'm sure he did not get the episodes pre-approved and there wasn't an option to opt out. Leave it to the homophobic parents to raise homophobic children and then cry about it when an innocent man tries to EDUCATE them about the error of their thinking and behavior. Leave it to the homophobic school board, administrators, and superintendent to back the homophobic parents and ruin a man's career and push out one of the best teachers they have ever and will ever see in their district over a technicality. Leave it to Conway Springs, KS to be regressing as the rest of the world progresses. How disgraceful! Shame on you CS. 



2015-11-05 01:35

No student, should have to feel alienated in a class room. Teachers have the right and privilege to teach kids something new, tolerance and understanding included



2015-11-05 01:41

Being gay is not wrong! And people need to learn how to except others for who they are! Those people are too blind and think they are better than these people need to learn that everyone deserves justice.
Rachel M

#92 Thank you!

2015-11-05 01:53

I have been in contact with Mr. Leahy, and he is humbled and honored by your love and support. You will never know what your words and signatures mean to him. Please don't stop now, raise your voice and share this petition. Our students need to learn love, acceptance, tolerance, and kindness now more than ever. Thank you again for standing with me in support of Mr. Leahy and for every child that was bullied and hurt!



2015-11-05 02:17

I was bullied in school for being gay (though comfortably locked in my closet). I think the teacher was right to show the video and that he deserves a massive thumbs up for standing up to this...



2015-11-05 02:28

The issue Mr. Leahy addressed is too important to be avoided with discussions of parental notification. 8th graders are living in a dangerous and frustrating world, and need thought provoking, dedicated teachers to prepare them for success.



2015-11-05 02:31

LGBT young people suffer so much in small mid-western towns. They love their parents, their families, their churches and communities. Please show them kindness and understanding as our Dear Lord and Savior would. He loves all his children. I promise you, if these young people could be heterosexual, they would be. Just know they are your children, and they need your love and acceptance. So I pray. Amen



2015-11-05 02:33

Critical thinking skills were encouraged in Mr. Leahy's class and promptly stifled by fearful parental helicoptering. This is the death of the nurturing in our children of human decency, compassion, and understanding. The teacher was cognizant of some of the film's more controversial images/scenes and spoke of understanding where students and their parents might feel upset, but that didn't seem to mollify them. It's obvious they see much more upsetting images in cable tv shows, video games, movies, and maybe even Snapchat. Life is messy and complicated and sometimes horrible things happen. Nothing is black and white. I was in elementary school and junior high in the late '70s and early '80s and I can tell you we were exposed to some really adult stuff in our public school classes. The hard stuff should be discussed! How else can children learn how to develop healthy emotional resilience? Mr. Leahy should be applauded for not accepting bigotry and homophobia and instead trying to reach the kids emotionally through film to help them empathize with a situation they might not otherwise be able to imagine themselves in. This is the hallmark of a truly good teacher--to inspire kids to see things outside of their own perspective and worldview. To expand and grow!



2015-11-05 02:46

You have my support!



2015-11-05 02:49

Thought the video he showed against bullying was appropriate & not grounds to fire him!! Wake up Conway!!



2015-11-05 03:02

He is my teacher. He doesn't need to be fired



2015-11-05 03:11

Do not side with bullies who are filled with hate because their parents teach them to think that way or because it's what their friends who have parents who are bigots peer pressure them into thinking that hating LGBT is ok. Suicide is real. Bullying leads to suicide. Students suffer because of hate filled peers, teachers, and parents of their peers. Even their own family. School is supposed to feel safe. School is a place to learn and make friends. Kids need allies, not more reasons to hate life.