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2015-11-05 03:12

support lgbt kids and community



2015-11-05 03:16

I had Mr Leahy as one of the instructors in middle school ESL class. We watched movies in class and realized they're nonfiction. Everybody takes away from the movies a little differently that's what group discussions are for. The offended people are taking this situation way out of context.



2015-11-05 03:20

I am signing this petition to be a voice for the voiceless minority. Those who suffer the atrocities born of hate and fear. I stand with Mr. Thomas Leahy, not for showing a film without following proper protocol but for taking a stand and sacrificing his position and comfort to teach tolerance and love by example. We need people who are willing to teach by example more than we need yes men who regurgitate rhetoric. What we need in schools is not indoctrination but critical thinking.



2015-11-05 03:34

I, too, am a teacher and understand the influence we have on our students. He was creating a safe environment to allow students to view society from a different angle. He wasn't forcing his beliefs but wasn't as trying to have them relate bullying to something they could relate to. Too much hate and bully goes on these days.
Sarah F

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2015-11-05 03:35

#92: Rachel M - Thank you! 

Hey, thanks for this! I had hoped you (or someone) pointed him in the direction of this petition. Whether or not it helps the Board in making a decision, I wanted it to at least show Mr. Leahy how many people support him!

Also- there is a press conference tomorrow, Thursday, at 7pm at the CSHS auditorium. Tom, the district, and local media. Apparently all are welcome.


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2015-11-05 03:46

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 Good for you Trace, your cousin Megan.


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2015-11-05 03:47

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 Incredibly well said


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2015-11-05 03:53

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Linda Ledesma


2015-11-05 03:54

If my children who are all grown had been involved in the colony that would not allow homosexuals in and I had gotten wind of that I would have been down to the classroom to visit with the teacher and talk about it then.  I also would have been very upset with my child for their actions and remarks about gay/lesbian comments...Apparently these parents were not to concerned about that issue.  Their involvment came after Mr. Leahy showed the 8th grade class about how bullies affect the people and what can happen when your hateful actions are directed at a person.  That person feels so terrible that they want to stop the pain so that is where suicide enters into the story.  Has anyone seen that Suicide is one of the leading causes of death of young people these days.   I support Mr. Leahy and would hope they school district would try to come up with a solution afterall he was set to retire next year.   That being said if i was Mr. Leahy I would probably not come back to the school district if he did or does there will be a group of parents waiting for the next thing he does that they do not agree with and they will be all over it and him because he was allowed to return....Mr. Leahy as a parent I would have been so honored if you had been my children teacher.  You sound like a very caring teacher and we need more like you.  Sorry that your caring in the end has come to this...Please don't let it define you.....



2015-11-05 03:56

I'm gonna start out saying I'm a homophobic, but that does not mean I hate gay people. It just means I'm not for it, as a Christian I am not supposed to hate anybody. All Mr. Leahy was trying to show us was Just because somebody is different than you doesn't mean you should treat them differently. The only thing terribly wrong with this video is how it showed the hetero girl slitting her wrist at the end, now I know she was being bullied badly but that still doesn't mean slit your wrist. I do believe Mr. Leahy should have been punished for showing this video without the super intendent knowing or whoever is supposed to, but not nearly as bad. This shouldn't of even became this big of a deal. The only reason he showed this video is because we were making villages and some people excluded gays form there villages. Honestly I want Mr. Leahy back because it seemed like he was one of the only teachers who didn't make me feel uncomfortable. And by the way people        Mr. Leahy is a protestant and is married. Good bye


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2015-11-05 04:02

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thank you Michael John



2015-11-05 04:13

I signed this because what this teacher did wasn't what any public school doesn't do already with pro life and sex education



2015-11-05 04:31

this teacher is showing a film that is reflecting a huge problem in this world - and outside of my hometown which is Conway Springs - I'm proud to be from there and I also was raised Catholic. I don't think people reading this should blame it on Catholics as I know many are signing this petition to support this teacher. Whether it be about sex choices or bullying or suicide- it was a good story for all of us to watch - I just did and it will hopefully help everyone to have more compassion for each other - we are not on earth to judge but to love one another - God will be the judge in the end... Remember we are all guilty of something in our lives... But He still Loves us and forgives us - keep this teacher that so many children learn from and respect. Also reading that he is retiring next year really saddens me that this one short story and not getting permission would threaten his retirement benefits after serving our children this many years - seems so severe to me.  Switch roles like this short story does and see how a decision to fire you would affect your family's future and the remaining time in your life. Thank you.  Prayers are with you Sir. 



2015-11-05 04:55

Homophobia must be stopped, and the ending of homophobia begins at home and continues in school.



2015-11-05 05:17

This is an excellent use of mass media. I support Mr. Leahy and view him as a human rights activist.



2015-11-05 05:54

I signed this because I agree, an apology is needed but not resignation. I like how the teacher thought out of a box.


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2015-11-05 06:08

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 Thank you!!!!!



2015-11-05 06:15

Often, a small mistake can have a large consequence. In this case, the mistake was not asking for permission to show a video that undoubtedly made people uncomfortable, thus was the point of the video in the first place (intolerance should make you uncomfortable!). The consequence is that a very serious, very real social issue was made known to his students. This is not a negative consequence and has the ability to create a powerful change. This change should be encouraged. Removing the teacher only lets the students believe that bullying and being intolerant of people who are different from them is socially acceptable. I ask you, what do you think will be the consequence of that?



2015-11-05 06:25

I live in a small town where I grew up. I know that some of my teachers would have done the same thing, whether it was bullying about homosexuality, not being on the varsity team or not being the prettiest in class. I only hope that as bullying becomes more of an issue that it already is (because we all know that it will) more teachers step up and teach life lessons instead of just geometry, step outside the box? Go that extra mile, after all, teachers are a big part of shaping our children's lives and character!



2015-11-05 07:00

I was one of those students in Wichita, Ks a long time ago.... I was bullied, sometimes to the point of tears, sometimes to the point of anger. No One came to my defense, not even my parents.... I applaud this Teacher, and urge this School board to reconsider what you are about to do.. His actions may have been too quick, but his intentions were Spot On!!



2015-11-05 07:44

Parents may be upset by the depiction of a suicide but homophobic bullying causes real suicides



2015-11-05 07:45

My daughter is the president of her high school's Gay Straight Alliance for the the second year. One of the films they show in GSA is this very film. She and her fellow students are very luck that their high school is a welcoming and open school.



2015-11-05 07:45

The problem isn't Mr. Leahy. The problem is parents who raise little bigots. Whatever they've shown their brats is worse than a film involving suicide. At least it had a point, unlike the violent video games they no doubt went home to play that afternoon. This world has no place for bigoted children. Nor their bigot parents. "Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly aging
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'."

I'd have grounded my son for making any hate laws like that. I raised him to be a hero, not a villain. Vile, hateful children with piss poor parents. They make me ill.



2015-11-05 07:57

I wish someone had talk about it when I was growing up. Would have been a lot easier. They are showing gay families on commercial that kids watch now. It is not the end of the world.



2015-11-05 08:12

This man was doing what I wish every teacher would do.... showing students how their actions and words hurt others!! He should be commended not fired for his actions!