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2015-11-05 18:48

I am from the wichita area and when I heard this from a teacher of mine back home, I was floored. I know we still have a long road ahead for hate to end, but children should not have hate. I agree for an apology, not loss of job. Children need to be provoked and shown the world is more than what is chosen to be shown to them. It is not black and white. Sheltering and not being up front with them, harms them more in the long run as future adults and as human beings. Don't let bullies and those fear for a better future win.



2015-11-05 18:51

It upsets me that this man could be fired for simply trying to show bullys that their actions can have dire consiquences. Our children need to see what possible outcomes will happen if they continue to bully others for being something other than 'normal'. Firing him would be like telling those who bully that they were right to do so, that they weren't wrong, which just isn't true. 



2015-11-05 19:10

Homophobia is schools has to be addressed directly.



2015-11-05 19:19

As the parent of a Trans child I would expect and DEMAND a teacher to stand up against bullies like these kids. If you fire this teacher it will show exactly what is wrong with the state of Kansas!



2015-11-05 19:20

The world NEEDS MORE of his kind...our youth are lost and tormented with the greed and judgement instilled by what society deems as RIGHT...This is what its wrong with the world, nobody will stand up for what is right anymore because they are afraid of the consequences or back lash.



2015-11-05 19:57

They recently lost a football game by a lot of points. This is because they need to get right and treat Mr. Leahy properly. The community needs to do the right thing and grow your minds and learn tolerance. If the community had done good things, maybe they would have won the game.



2015-11-05 19:59

Because we need more courageous teachers such as this man



2015-11-05 20:20

He doesn't deserve to be fired for showing the truth. Bullying is real and we are creating a generation of self indulged pricks



2015-11-05 20:32

The press conference for tonight was cancelled. Mr. Leahy has decided to NOT resign!  Now it is up to the school board at their meeting at 7:30 on next Monday night. It is because of the support of the good people like the ones that have signed this petition that Tom has decided to stay. THANK YOU!



2015-11-05 20:55

Because making the hero leave because his suit of armor is tarnished would be a travesty the children will pay for...



2015-11-05 21:12

I signed because hatred towards another is not a behavior you're born with, it's taught. What Mr. Leahy did was not inappropriate, it was an attempt to teach love and understanding.



2015-11-05 21:38

I was involved in a hate crime back in 2009 in Rock Hill SC it went national when 6 guys with HATE in there heart attacked me because I was gay. Kids of all ages need to learn acceptance love and kindness for one another. We are all Equal Americans.



2015-11-05 21:45

I left school at 16 because if there was no change, columbine would have looked like a school bake sale by comparison... This is the kind of teacher I needed and he just didn't exist. I support this teacher and I will make it my business to advocate in his defense... Masheighla Fuscella



2015-11-05 21:59

Because it is the right thing to do. He shouldn't be dismissed from his position for educating his students in a gealthy way. And shame on the school for not protecting him from clise minded parents. The actions being taken against him is a punishment thus sending the message anything other than hertro behavior is bad. Not cool. Think about what is being said to the LGBT students in the school.



2015-11-05 22:12

Homophobia in the whole world needs to stop we are all humans and deserve to be treated as all other's are treated.



2015-11-05 22:33

Instead of having cops assault children in school we should have more tolerence and compassion like this teacher is showing.



2015-11-05 22:47

He did right. I would have done the same.



2015-11-05 22:48

Rediculous they want to let him go over this. I wish when i was in school they had a teacher as careing as this.



2015-11-05 23:11

This is a message that really resonates with me.



2015-11-05 23:12

I signed this petition because this man made a heroic gesture to reach the hearts and minds of his students when no one else would. We should not be silenced in fear of doing what we know is right. Thank you for your great effort to build compassion, and empathy in the young minds of your students.



2015-11-05 23:15

I am a 70yo mom & grandmother. I applaud this brave teacher and believe that he should neither be fired nor should he resign. The response of his students shows exactly why we need more teachers like him - in your school and in EVERY school!

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2015-11-05 23:20



2015-11-05 23:21

I believe it's really hard to find good teachers that care about all of the students. I don't believe he intended to do harm but instead enlighten his students on the potential outcome of hurting others. I believe the school district could reprimand him with a letter of conduct and ask that in the future he follow policy and procedures to showing videos. I believe this action was too extreme.



2015-11-05 23:36

Mr Leahy may have saved someone's life when he showed the video in question. Someone may have been suffering silently and felt a little less alone or a little more hopeful. He should be commended for opening a narrative in his classroom where students could ponder what it may be like to be in the minority or question empathy, qualities our culture is greatly lacking. I wish we had more educators like him.



2015-11-05 23:38

His courage is admirable! Thank you Mr. Leahy for standing up for LOVE! God Bless you