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2015-11-04 00:24

I don't think Mr. Leahy did anything wrong. Maybe he should have sent home letters about showing the film and letting parents decide whether they wanted their child to opt out, but truly I don't think many would have chosen to opt out. This is definitely not worth his job, especially when he has plans to retire at the end of this year.


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2015-11-04 00:26

#6: -   so true!



#28 Kansas schools

2015-11-04 01:05

i grew up in Argonia and I have also seen the film in question. It is a very short film and it shows people how hard it is to be different.  People are bullied daily for not being society's view of "normal".  I am a pediatric psychiatric nurse and I see what the results of bullying can do to kids.  If they only issue was because it dealt with an alternate sexual reality then your community is filled with hypocrites and fools who don't deserve a forward thinking, compassionate individual to teach your children to love and respect others for their differences, not to grind out the life in those that are different!  Oh and I was bullied as a child and a teen, but I am a very strong person, with a great deal of faith in myself and who had a very loving family who supported me.  I also moved to a much bigger area where differences aren't that noticeable. Shame on you Conway Springs for taking your community backwards for your own selfish beliefs, allow your children to be taught love and equality not hate.


#29 8th grade!!!!

2015-11-04 01:58

 They say this film is to graphic to show kids this age! So when the parent is sitting there letting them watch horror flicks and YouTube but say this is the worst thing they could've watched! I call Bs conway is a virus the town is ran by hypocritical people that preach God but be the first people to destroy your name! That's why the town is withering away people getting smart and leaving! God bless you leahy. America needs more of you.



2015-11-04 02:05

Because I believe people need to stand up for themselves and not let one little whiny parent let this happen to a great teacher and role model!



2015-11-04 02:15

We need more teachers like Thomas Leahy!



2015-11-04 02:22

After reading the article, I watched the video. It was very powerful, and I plan on sharing it with my 16 yo daughter. I think all kids should watch this video so they can better understand the effects of bullying others. It seems to me that the teacher showed it to help the kids. I would have loved it if my daughter's teacher had showed it to her class!
You seem to be out numbered. Maybe some personal reflection would be good.

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2015-11-04 02:38

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Conway springs mom


2015-11-04 02:45

Both of my children had tom in school. They are both outraged. He is an excellent teacher and a fine and compassionate man. Unfortunately in this town you can't have acceptance of people that are different... Or gay!!!  How horrible!!  When I had issues with teachers I talked to the teacher and administration then talked with my kids. Even when I didn't agree with the teacher I discussed with my kids all opinions and explained why I believed the way I do. I have also told them that one day they have to think for themselves and decide what kind of person they want to be. I'm blessed that they have grown up to accept all people for who they are... Not what society might label them to be. Tom... Don't quit!  Please!  The children in this town need you!  And shame on the school board!



2015-11-04 02:46

I am very disheartened that this wonderful person was attacked for promoting anti-bullying in his classroom. Bullying in schools, particularly towards homosexuals, is a huge problem in Conway Springs schools and has been for years. This type of education is absolutely necessary and could save lives.



2015-11-04 03:10

Because his treatment is deplorable.



2015-11-04 03:41

This is an outrage. Bring back Mr. Leahy. Maybe there would be fewer suicides in Conway Springs if we had more awareness and education about bullying and its effects.



2015-11-04 03:44

Mr. Lehey is an excellent teacher. I thought Conway Springs people were above the pettiness the rest of the country has. We have been open minded and can see outside of the box. The current and future students will be denied the chance to learn from this excellent teacher. We want our children to respect other people with different ideas and lifestyles, but we terminate the teachers who can help them understand them.



2015-11-04 03:52

mr leahy is an amazing teacher. its terrible that something so small had to blow into something huge and ruin somebodies career. the people that had a problem with it need to understand he wasnt trying to hurt anyone. he has probably seen it happen. he made ONE mistake. ONE.

the people that had a problem are the ones that probably need to understand it. 


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2015-11-04 04:22

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2015-11-04 04:47

While I think a chat w/ his administration would've been helpful, I believe Mr. Leahy's intention behind the film's message of acceptance far outweighs the shallow opinions of the parents and the Conway Springs school district.



2015-11-04 04:49

It is simply wrong - have only heard what a good teacher he is - kids like him....I watched the video and found it to be a very good way to open one 's thinking as to how it would be to have the shoe one the other foot...when i was young, a man wanted to know what it was like to be black and he blackened his skin and lived life as a black man- "Black Like Me" came out of it, a wonderful book & movie - a thought provoking movie much like this video - giving new understanding , empathy & insight. I just hope that whoever made this decision has the courage to change it - make this wrong RIGHT - an apology would be good as well . Thank you for your time ....sincerely Rita B


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2015-11-04 05:03

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 I wish that this type of thing would have been talked about when I attended school in Conway Springs. I was bullied and was suicidal by age 12 because of it. 



2015-11-04 05:34

Because of the knee jerk reaction to the situation. Tom made a mistake. Lets not make another mistake by letting him go.



2015-11-04 05:37

In today's society, kids need to learn how the real world is. It's not like the leave it to Beaver days. Those are long gone!



2015-11-04 05:44

Personally kniw this great man ! He deserves to keep his job



2015-11-04 06:36

Where is the petition to ask the school board members and administrators that support and promote a backwards way of thinking and teaching to resign so the future adults of Conway Springs can advance in their learning and prepare for the real world? I would sign that. Or how about the petition to seek punishment against the kids that decided to use a classroom discussion project as a means to ostracize gay people? I would sign that one as well and I would bet if the kids were punished, there'd be a "shocking" correlation between the students who were bigots and bullies towards homosexuals and the parents who complained about a video that discourages such a thing. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Stay classy, CS. 



2015-11-04 07:02

I'm a former student of Mr. Leahy. He's a nice, kind hearted, and soft spoken man. Please, reinstated him because he loves to teach and he's a great and passionate person



2015-11-04 07:34

Some people over reacted about a small issue



2015-11-04 08:43

This man should never have been forced out for being a great teacher!