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2015-11-05 15:42

I believe what he did was honorable & just



2015-11-05 15:57

I feel like showing kids a movie on how their actions can affect others is honorable not a reason for removal.



2015-11-05 16:03

Because 'procedures' should never be allowed to strangle a teacher's judgement on what is needed to support their students' best interests.



2015-11-05 16:09

I am an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher. He was trying to help his students and teach them kindness. I do agree that he should have asked the parents permission to watch that film, but something needed to be said and done right away for all of his students. I congratulate him for his efforts. We need more teachers like him.



2015-11-05 16:25

Mr. Leahy is devoted teacher and coach, his students respect and trust him. If he leaves CSMS a learning experience will be turned into a tragedy for the whole community of Conway Springs and the state of Kansas.



2015-11-05 16:33

because even though what he did was wrong. It was better than ignoring the situation as most teachers do. children need to know that their teachers care about what happens to them. or they will not work as hard to acheive the education they need.



2015-11-05 16:46

It is legal and ok for gay people to marry. It's time to start acting like it.



2015-11-05 16:52

Because I'm sure a lot of eighth graders are having sex and babies at this point. There are far worse things that this teacher could have shown his students



2015-11-05 16:53

This is a film many more schools should be showing. You may not agree with all people, but that doesn't mean you can't love them.



2015-11-05 16:59

for everything it stands for



2015-11-05 17:07

Because his resignation is ridiicolous



2015-11-05 17:24

My partner and I have been together for 2 years and at first her children took our relationship hard. They didn't understand it. But now they've grown to love and accept me as their family and I want them to know that in their schools they have the support of their teachers and peers when it comes to their new family. And to have that I think their teachers and peers need to be aware of what bullying can lead to. I have already received a form of bullying from their school on a parent/teacher level. If the bullying starts there then i can only imagine how bullying is handled when it comes to the children.



2015-11-05 17:35

Because as a gay person growing up in the sixties in a conservative environment, I know how difficult it is for LGBT students to cope with homophobia. There have been far too many young people driven to suicide because of bullying.



2015-11-05 17:35

The teacher made a mistake and apologized. What lesson are YOU teaching the students by firing him? Why is he really being fired? I can't help believing the motive runs deeper. Prove me wrong.



2015-11-05 17:52

Because I fully believe that he did the right thing in showing the film! It shouldn't matter if it portrayed gay, straight, bisexuals, Transgender, etc people. People all have the same rights and ones sexuality alone DOES NOT define who they are as a person. This man being forced to resign is telling students that it's wrong to be anything other then heterosexual and it's ok to bully and treat those that aren't heterosexual differently! I for one DO NOT want my children to ever treat anyone like anything other then a human being. That's why I signed this petition.



2015-11-05 17:54

Good for him to stand up and show how much words can actually hurt.



2015-11-05 18:02

I could only hope that my sons will encounter such a passionate and caring teacher. Bravo! Come to Canada where social justice and inclusion are taught and celebrated. I will be showing this video to my own children tonight. Thank you for being brave enough to do what is RIGHT by these children and our collective society.



2015-11-05 18:06

I am the most conservative, possibly even xenophobic male alive. I do however support educating children about homophobia, anti-semetism, islamophobia, and I support creating a world free of hate.

Dont let the uneducated bible thumpers win. If unchecked, we will turn back the clock 1000 years. Religion worked for centuries, and kept us on the right track. Now it is time to acknlowledge science, common sense, and a embrace a vision of unity among humans, all humans....


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2015-11-05 18:09

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throwing this teacher under the bus is in itself a big case of bulling



2015-11-05 18:10

The golden rule.....



2015-11-05 18:19

This white heterosexual female signed this petition because I can't stand homophobia, bullying, bullying brought on by religion and religion.



2015-11-05 18:23

It is outrage that we allow bullying. Any measures taken to prevent bullying should be applauded and not ridiculed.



2015-11-05 18:27

I signed this position:
Because this could happen in Anytown, USA.
Addressing and calling out homophobia, racism, or intolerance should never be punished.
Reinstate the teacher and help all kids to learn to respect everyone.



2015-11-05 18:38

I signed because no one should lose their job for being a decent human being!


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2015-11-05 18:38

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 Cool, he'll likely be reinstated.  So he get's what he deserves.