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2015-11-05 08:36

Because I agree with the author. I wish a teacher had shown such a film when I was in school. It was surely needed and may well have made kids think about how they treat others.



2015-11-05 08:38

As a gay father of twins who were born in America I feel that it is important that my children are not coming from a country that fails to educate and inform people that there are perfectly valid alternative lifestyles. Every family is different, and that might include gay children or, in our case, gay parents. Every one is equal. Equality is a basic human right and that should be taught in all schools in this modern era, even those within strong religious communities.



2015-11-05 09:16

I believe in what this teacher did.



2015-11-05 10:51

Suicide is prevalent in the lgbt community and this needs to be addressed not concealed.

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2015-11-05 11:03

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 Percectly stated! Thank you for lifting your voice!



2015-11-05 11:13

This is nuts! Tom was only doing his job. I agree that he should have had permission to show it but I watched the film and, even being Catholic, I was not offended in any way. I am greatly offended by the acceptance of bullies though. I am glad my children are all grown but I worry so about my grandchildren. Tom was doing a good thing but trying to teach his students the possible result of bullying.



2015-11-05 11:18

This is so important and although he might not have done everything correctly, his mind and heart were in the right place, teaching his kids the right lessons of compassion, love, caring for "the other", the list goes on... Bullying is real and it costs our kids their lives, isn't that the important issue here and not procedures? (which they are obviously using to hide behind...)



2015-11-05 11:28

I seen the Video it show how really it is now days all he was trying to tell his Students Is the other side of the storty about how the kid's did not what guys in their Colony And how it would make them feel its called Reverse psychology



2015-11-05 12:07

I am a gay mom of a ten year and I am so sick of all of the bullying! This teacher was trying to do right. He should have asked permission but as human beings we tend to act with our emotions instead of thinking things through sometimes.



2015-11-05 13:24

We are humans who all make mistakes and when you have a teacher a good teacher who is really doing the right thing even when it's against the main stream of wrong, schools should stand with their good teachers and just apologized for the mistake and move on not fire a good teacher on one mistake. Embrace doing right even when it means you go against the crowds, if everyone did this we would be a better place.



2015-11-05 13:37

The parents and school should give him a metel for the way he handled this issue! We need more teachers who think like this. He saw a problem and handled it perfectly. Ask the children involved how they feel about looking down on and judging others after seeing this film!!!!



2015-11-05 14:16

We are in South Africa and we are supposed to be 3rd world. This is worse than 3rd world. I would be so ashamed of their kick of copasson. These people in authority are living in the past nd insight . We cannot deny that bulling is a real problem, and it's getting worse by the day. How many children need to die before action is taken. Innovative programs are needed to address the issue, as the existing ones are clearly not working.



2015-11-05 14:18

In my opinion he did nothing wrong. What he did was wake up a few students to the vial message they are spreading and the serious ramifications it can lead to.



2015-11-05 14:20

I believe everyone should be able to be who they are. I fought being a lesbian for years because of fear of it being wrong but i have learned that it is my responsibility to be who i am not who others say i should be. I want everyone to be able to do the same.



2015-11-05 14:32

I am a school teacher and although Mr Leahy made a bad judgement call, he was using a teachable moment to try and broaden students' awareness and understanding. This country needs more passionate teachers committed to our youth, not less.



2015-11-05 14:33

It s time we end the discrimination and bullying. While he was somewhat misguided he is doing a great deed in teaching his students responsible behavior. Why in a world where bullies are forcing kids to self harm or suicide a man is being punished for trying to correct that is beyond me. Are we so torn as a nation that we fault the ones actually try to do the right things in order to protect those whoa really doing evil deeds. As a gay man I can tell you in 7th and 8th grade I had many self issues as I was discovering myself. Having a teacher like this man was the only thing that kept me from doing harm to myself. We as a nation need to stand up and continue to do what this man has done. He is a leader by example and I'm appalled that a school board would try to twist such an outstanding message. There are so many better ways to address his mishandling of what he did. But the way your going about this the school board is not only condoning the bullies the school board is being the bully.



2015-11-05 14:37

I do not think this teacher did anything wrong at all in showing the video. I think the parents did something wrong in requesting his leave.



2015-11-05 14:37

Because I am Bi sexual myself, and have to keep it in private because of the nature of my job, I would be ostracized if I was ever found out or came out. Today's culture is seriously wrong when a person is judged by who they are attracted to or sleep with behinde closed doors instead of the quality and character of the person.



2015-11-05 14:53

Because this is what's wrong with our education system these days. The only thing he did wrong was not ask the parents permission before showing the kids the video. That's not a good enough reason to terminate him. Why is it wrong that he tried to show kids what their actions and comments could possibly do to someone? Why is it wrong to bring awareness of how peoples actions effect other people?



2015-11-05 14:58

I think we need more teachers like Mr Leahy. He made a decision in the spur of the moment but maybe that was what was needed at the time.



2015-11-05 15:06

I signed this because what that teacher done was a great thing. He is teaching his students things we all need to learn for a better world, thank you sir!



2015-11-05 15:11

the truth MUST be told as to prevent more gay teen suicides



2015-11-05 15:19

The bullies in the school need to be stopped. There is no reason at all to fire or to accept/demand the teacher's resignation. He is a teacher to all those students not just some of them. I would expect any teacher who knows bullying and exclusion is going on to do something about it. Ok, he didn't get permission. It was an error on his part but not something that demands he no longer teaches. STAND UP Administrators for an excellent teacher! Trust me.... that lesson.... that film.... the courage.... that that teacher had will not be lost on the students as they get into high school, college and LIFE!


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2015-11-05 15:34

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 What exactly did he do, that you feel this way?



2015-11-05 15:39

Glad he was brave enough to take this risk, I'm pretty sure there would have been no other way to bring this important lesson to the students. homophobes would have done anything to stop him from doing so, if he would have announced it first. The way America is acting nowadays, they have no other chance then taking a risk, to fight against the opressors, pretending to be the opressed. It would be highly unfair if he would be punished for that. Don't let the "real" bad guys win. America, you need to change, and learn from this small, but wonderfull and brave moments.