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2015-11-04 08:58

Because people need to understand the meaning of love, love is between two PEOPLE irregardless of sex or gender, and yes there is a difference between the two.



2015-11-04 10:45

I saw the short film and was stunned by how well made the point was. It changed my perception of how very disenfranchised people can be made to feel. In my opinion, the film should be mandatory viewing...this teacher was on point. Keep up the good fight.


#53 This is terrible

2015-11-04 12:36

The parents let them play games like GTA 5 and all that but not a video trying to teach us




2015-11-04 13:42

I've heard only good things about this gentleman.  It would be a disservice to students, community and Mr. Leahy to end his career over this incident.  My grandmother would say:  There's no sense in cutting off your nose to spite your face.



2015-11-04 13:44

Educating children is what a teacher is suppose to do. When you consider all elements of this ridiculousness, a teacher lost his job over teaching. If the news crews would stop making nothing out of something, like they often do, and allow the community to handle a community problem within the community this would already be done with.

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2015-11-04 14:28



2015-11-04 14:37

It did show how to commit suicide the right way. 

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2015-11-04 14:42



2015-11-04 14:57

He's a good hearted person who changed my life through his teachings and beliefs. He wouldn't have done it if he didn't feel was right. I hope he'll be reinstated because he is a wonderful teacher/person. Thanks you so much!!



2015-11-04 15:01

The Conway Springs school district needs to stand behind his actions, instead of caving almost immediately to several upset parents. It was clear to me that what he did was not malicious in its intent, but instead to show tolerance for others and illustrate the consequences if we don't. The only thing they're doing now is showing how intolerant they are when someone starts to rock the boat, so to speak.



2015-11-04 15:47

He's a great teacher, easy going and very understandable



2015-11-04 15:52

Because we need educators with morals and values. Now more than ever.



2015-11-04 16:31

I believe Mr. Leahy was trying to prove a valid point about bullying. Parents in this generation instill to much negativity of what they believe is "right and wrong". Therefore, a child is the prodigy of their parents. There could be a child in the Conway Springs school district being bullied and Mr. Leahy could have helped against the bullying issues.



2015-11-04 17:16

Because he should have been fired over trying to show what life could be like. It's ridiculous that he was fired.



2015-11-04 17:20

I do not know this teacher ..but I do live in today's SocietyWhere are children think that bullying is ok not only children but adults do to so is there is one one wanting to step up and show are children to stop and think then good for him .



2015-11-04 19:31

We need more people like Mr Leahy in schools across the country, fighting ignorance and hate with education.



2015-11-04 19:32

Critical thinking is a vital component of a good education. Tom illustrated his dedication to teaching this by showing his students the film in question. I would ask everyone involved in the decision to request Tom's resignation to consider very carefully the implications of attracting future qualified educators to the CS system.

Cynthia Hunt, CSHS class of 1970



2015-11-04 20:06

Hi, I was a student of Mr Leahy back at Jardine Middle School, Wichita, KS back in 1988-89. Mr. Leahy as I remembered was a very kind, warm and generous teacher who was willing to go out of his way to help students. I believe parents have overreacted in this case. Bullying is a widespread issue in America and people needs to be more open minded with how messages are spread. I have no doubt that Mr Leahy's intentions are to teach student constructively with no harm intended. Please reinstate him as quickly as possible.

Thank you.
doesn't deserve this dismissal.



2015-11-04 21:40

I don't believe he has committed any crime. My daughter graduated from Conway Springs. He was a good teacher then and he us a good teacher now. Nothing on that video could possible be any worst then prime time TV. As Americans that's half of our problem reality offends everyone. . Maybe those offered should try harder to fix the problems then just bitch about them.



2015-11-04 21:41

May grandsons go to Conway Springs high- school and think very highly of school & all teachers. This is a black mark for the school. The teacher was trying to help students, end of story



2015-11-04 21:50

Because teaching kids about real life issues is not wrong. It may prepare them to be better adults.



2015-11-04 22:50

Because Mr. Tom Leahy is a great teacher. He is an amazing role model for our kids today.


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2015-11-04 23:12

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 great point - had not thought about that yet - so true -----who will want to come teach at our schools now





2015-11-05 00:04

As the father mentioned.. Yes he failed to get the film screened by administration but how many have done the same with no consequences.. An honest mistake in which he is willing to pay the consequence for.. What consequence would have been paid if one of the students had been the girl who played in the movie?? My oldest son was bullied 2 yrs out the school yr because he does not like to fight.. And to see my son fo to sleep at night wondering what was going to happen morning by morning is not a wonderful site... If some parents aren't taking control of there bully children.. God forbid the tables would suddenly turn.. And dey would be the next victim on social media.. And who would b at fault then?? I give this teacher a "standing ovation"



2015-11-05 00:05

I am an LGBT parent and commend Mr. Leahy for taking a stand for members of our youth whom are shamelessly bullied, hide in shame, ostracized from their own families, become homeless, and do commit suicide. This is a wonderful lesson to teach our children how they would feel if they were in those shoes, because this really is happening daily. Maybe next time he should take the right precautions, but he should not be forced to resign for teaching our kids that hate has no place in our society, or even a fake society for that matter.