Reinstate Mr. Thomas Leahy

Mr Thomas Leahy showed his students a movie called Love Is All You Need. This YouTube video shows a young lady growing up in a homosexual society. She is bullied and belittled because she is heterosexual. The young lady kills herself after being tormented. Mr. Leahy's intention of showing this film was to warn students of their treatment of others. In other words, he was asking his students to think outside of the box and consider treating people the way you wish to be treated. Although he didn't ask administration before showing the film, which he takes full responsibility for, the community and school administration have placed him on leave and asked him to resign. Students who have had Mr. Leahy in the past, believe removing him from the school district is a grave disservice to not only students and staff but also to the community. Please consider signing this petition to support Mr. Leahy and to send a clear message to the Conway Springs School district that they failed to support an amazing teacher. Our students can't afford to lose such an amazing teacher with a social conscience and concern for all individuals.