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2015-11-05 23:47

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 Obviously your child didn't respect him. Possibly because their parents didn't teach them how to respect others. 



2015-11-05 23:52

Because I believe that people are doing this to be spiteful. They are afraid and they are unwilling to open their heart to people and circumstances that are different. We need more educators like Thomas Leahy!



2015-11-06 00:03

Mr. Leahy did exactly what he should have done. He saw homophobic sentiments being expressed by some of his students and decided to nip them in the bud. This was an excellent learning opportunity for all of his students. I am delighted that he took advantage of it.



2015-11-06 00:12

As a victim of bullying due to my sexuality, I feel this is an important film that people need to see. I don't believe this teacher did anything wrong, and the fact he's being punished for it just reinforces the fact this film needs to be seen.



2015-11-06 00:21

I think this teachers idea and reason for showing the video were justified and that he was well within his bounds to show the video. The video was necessary for kids today to realize that bullying is real and very harmful to the lives of kids growing up.



2015-11-06 00:32

He was doing his job and teaching students tolerance, acceptance and understanding. Wish we had more teachers like him willing to make a difference.



2015-11-06 00:33

Bullying comes in all forms. He's a caring teacher who made a mistake. Now he is being bullied.



2015-11-06 00:36

Because everyone should be treated equally. He,was teaching kids to be kind to each other. something we all need to more.



2015-11-06 00:44

There is actually a teacher that caresults about ALL his students and you want to fire him, for shame! Yes , he should have thought things through, but what kind of closed minded children are you raising out there? Thesent children needed a lesson in tolerance, love, kindness and learning to live with each others differences as apparently do you!



2015-11-06 01:02

I commend Mr. Least for having the courage to show this video to his students. The parents should be grateful that he was bold enough to do the right thing. NO CHILD should ever be bullied, regardless of their race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.



2015-11-06 01:29

This community is standing behind Mr Leahy, he is verry well liked and involved in a lot of community events and most of his students remember him and loved the way he teaches. He is a verry inspiring teacher. It would be difficult to find someone talking bad about him



2015-11-06 01:46

I signed because this kind of attitude towards who a person loves need to stop. Gay or straight, a person should be able to marry the person they love.



2015-11-06 01:48

My daughter is gay. She was tormented all through middle school and high school and, to a lesser degree, college because she wore "guy's" clothing and used men's toiletries. She is a wonderful human being and would give the shirt off her back for a friend. She didn't deserve to be treated that way. Recently a Facebook friend made an ignorant homophobic comment on one of her photos. Over 200 friends stood up for her in support and love. Sometimes people just need to be told how their actions make people feel in order to do the right thing, as in her case. This teacher was just trying to enlighten the kids as to the potential consequences of their cruelty and homophobia. He doesn't deserve to lose his career, in fact he should be applauded for his actions.
Football man

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2015-11-06 01:55

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 Actually we lost to them last year too so Mr Leahy had nothing to do with this.... collegiant is just a good school.



#215 Do you want your children to be responsible and, above all, ACCEPTING AND RESPECTFUL adults?

2015-11-06 02:12

Bullying, regardless of reason, is inexcusable. This man deserves nothing but a promotion for doing his job WAY BETTER than any other teacher might. He teaches of acceptance and love in a society where that stuff is scarce for the LGBT community. Sure, mathematics and science can get you by, but without the things you need to know in your HEART instead of just your BRAIN, kids will be disturbingly limited in their thinking and won't make the world a better place. We need our children to not just be more open-minded, but more OPEN-HEARTED. We want a world where everyone is equally loved, accepted, respected. This man is doing what's right and is condemned for it. Doesn't that ALREADY say something about the world around us?



2015-11-06 02:24

The world needs more Mr. Leahys. The fact that there even has to be a petition to reinstate him is absolutely ridiculous.



2015-11-06 02:26

I taught relationship classes in the past, at both the HS and MS levels, students need to be well informed to deal with our society today. How else are they going to be successful in their personal relationships and those in the world around them.  Tom, you did the right thing, some in CS need to be more open minded.



2015-11-06 02:31

Maybe Mr Leahy saved a life, stopped one kid from bullying or taught someone it's ok to be gay, straight, skinny, thick, or of color! Bravo Mr Leahy, Bravo!



2015-11-06 02:34

If they're is rampant homophobia, bullying or disrespect among students, their behaviour is EVIDENCE that they have a small piece of information that requires correcting & building upon. Stop pretending gay is not normal! Stop hiding from educating children when they will otherwise learn lies & stupidity!



2015-11-06 02:41

I signed this petition because he taught my kids, and is one of the best people I know in Conway Springs. I signed this petition because he has more morals and character than any of the people who presume to stand in judgement of him. He has already stated that he realizes that he should have submitted the video before showing it, so reprimand him for his actions and let a good teacher get back to work. They say it is hard to bring good teachers to Kansas, so why was the Conway Springs school board so quick to try and push one out?



2015-11-06 02:53

I support his decision to address the issue of bullying people who are different than you. It would have been worse to turn the other cheek and ignore the situation.
rita b

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2015-11-06 03:10

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 the apology i spoke of is not for the teacher to give but to the be given to the teacher - just in case  i didn't make that clear.......he deserves it




2015-11-06 03:15

I believe Mr. Leahy did the right thing. It's important to shut down bullying immediately, to teach kids to treat each other with respect. Please consider this.
Gail Renner Fisher


2015-11-06 03:19

Conway Springs, you are better than this. Get this one right. Reinstate this teacher. Don't let the bigotry win. Let good teachers teach and stop micro-managing them. Had Leahy asked for permission, he would have been denied. I admire that he stood up for what he knew was right and needed to be done.

As for the end of the video ending in suicide, this is what can happen to a person tormented by is a reality and you have to make an impression on these kids that created societies that didn't allow homosexuals into their towns they created. 

And Superintendent Clay Murphy, you are wrong. If you fire Leahy, everyone loses. If reinstated, Conway Springs wins.



2015-11-06 03:29

The children need to be educated about acceptance and tolerance at a young age. I think what he did was amazing and we need more teachers like him.