Reinstate Mr. Thomas Leahy


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2015-11-04 00:03

I am in seventh grade my name is trace pettegrew and if you ask the majority of csms they would say that tom leahy is the only teacher that cares about his students. I have talked to him personally about some of my problems and he has done nothing but cared and reach out to me. He is truly a good person, and on that video it showed that bullying no matter if this world is flipped around by straights and gays bullying still happens. He showed that its not right and it will happen no matter how this world is. He is trying to set an example of how to stop bullying. Tom leahy has reached out to me and I have learned better than any other teacher. He has unlocked a key to young peoples mind of having fun and learning in class at the same time. To be honest a majority of people saying this is wrong is catholics. Because the video has gay people. In my opinion love is love no matter what you believe in. If you believe in an imaginary friend In the clouds that says being gay is wrong that's your loss. Firing tom leahy is your loss. Losing your kids education is your loss. Truly yours trace pettegrew.