Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti


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2012-07-14 04:16

It is inhuman to protect donkeys and forget people,please send these animals to Haiti were there can serve humanity. Donkeys, like any other animal, are created to serve humans, not humans to serve donkeys. Never place animals before people, specially kids that need to be helped. How ever , if any one of these donkey lovers is wiling to grant their savings to better the life of the poor kids in Haiti, they are welcome, but i seriously doubt they are willing to give a penny for these needed people. So instead of talking so much nonsense about the poor donkeys, help the people of Haiti and quit denying the right of animals to serve humans. Perhaps it is necessary for these persons to live in the extreme poorness that people live in Haiti to recognize that humans are more imporytant tjhan donkeys!

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