"Clayton Luclay Misoya" ROBBED OF VICTORY

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#7 Evict Biggie from SA

2011-08-02 11:36


My King The Winner

#231 Re: Evict Biggie from SA

2011-08-02 15:36:50

#7: - Evict Biggie from SA 

 Its about time BB is exposed. We are not fools we know that we voters were and are being screwed. We will not tolerate this anymore. It is so obvious who the winner is. Earnest and Young your reputation is at stake. We consumers have been abused.  The decision was not from voters at all. Lets see the real votes. The show is diving Africa while Endomel is making money. No more


#982 Re: Evict Biggie from SA

2011-08-04 14:07:34

#7: - Evict Biggie from SA

Yes luclay was suppose to win this time he make us watch big brother even ablind person can see that claiton was robbed pls re count our votes. or they must take big bother else where.