Self-determination and sovereignty of Hungary

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2012-02-14 06:20

National self-determination is important to prevent global-scale tyranny. This is more a statement of pride about being Hungarian and probably represents the typical Hungarian than a policy statement; e.g., abortion laws (abortion is legal in Hungary) are unlikely to change because of just statements in various documents.



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2012-02-16 01:33:06

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Hungary has never been against the EU and its insdtitutions. Yet step by step it has come to the fore that the EU considers Hungary a kind of colony. It requires things most of the member states never complied with and it wants to dictate in a fashion any sensible person would find humiliating, unjust and illegal. Take for example Nellie Kroes' pressure on Hungary under the pretext of the media law which the EU already investigated and asked for minor changes. There comes now Nellie again and requires more changes -- with no institutional authority though. And she seems to agree with opinions that Hungary is a right-wing autocracy WHEN her homeland, the Niederelands has a government which is supported by a radically right-wing fascist party. So the EU has gone insane and wants to hurt countries which never ever committed anything against the EU, and it defends countries where extremist parties have governmental power. This hypocrisy must be stopped! Hands off Hungary!