Help Re-open The Rock Music Bistro in Umzumbe

The Rock Music bistro in Umzumbe has just been forced to shut its doors. This is extremely sad as this legendary music venue is an assest to the South African Music Industry and to the small coastal town that its situated in. The Rock has had numerous extremely famous South African Musicians grace its stage, as well as it being a platform for all the local up and coming talent. Musicians travel from all over the country to come and play on The Rock stage. The Rock has been struggling now for over a year to get a liquor license. Tons of money have been paid to the liquor board for temporary licenses, to no avial. The Rock has done everything in accordance with the law in order to get this liquor license to no avail. All the paperwork that was submitted was correct. Why have the authorities chosen to not issue this license? Who knows? The Rock employs over 11 people who all have families to support and who depend on this income. Not only that but The Rock supports a number of charitable organisations. Its a landmark establishmen on the south coast and is an assest to the area and to tourism. We need all the help we can get in order to re open this legendary establishment that has been entertaining people for the last 8 years. I cannot stress how important it is for this place to re open so please help us out, sign our petition share our petition and if you know of anyone who can help us PLEASE ask them. Thank you from the owners, the staff, the patrons and the musicians that were all benefiting from The Rock.