Help Re-open The Rock Music Bistro in Umzumbe

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2016-04-01 14:44

I have been involved in this venue for years. Its an asset to the south coast and to Umzumbe, its a landmark that is known by musicians and patrons both nationally and internationally. If this venue does not re open, then 11 staff members with families to support loose their income, the musicians loose their platform to showcase their amazing talent and the south coast looses a landmark venue, there is no other venue like it anywhere. Its crazy that all because of the liquor board this venue has to shut and people have to loose their jobs, we have done everything by the law and spent a lot of money trying to get this license issued to no avail??? What about all the illegal shabeens all around the country? Why must this amazing place be shut down??????



2016-04-01 14:47

o no this so ridiculous this place is the hub of the muso on the coast. i Pray this will be solved soon. I'm so sorry to see this happen to such good people, good food, good music, I'm so so Sorry.



2016-04-01 14:49

For all the reasons mentioned. The South coast needs venues like this that support the Local Music industry



2016-04-01 14:56

It is indeed time for the public and artists to stand up and be counted in helping this important venue to continue its valuable business in enabling the public to experience great SA artists that otherwise struggle to find venues to exhibit their music. This venue plays a crucial role in the presentation and promotion of great original SA music and deserves to get serious consideration, support and help from the relevant authorities in continuing to do so.


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2016-04-01 14:58

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 there are so many rat holes to close on south coast why a decent place



2016-04-01 15:00

I signed the petition because I am involved with a musician and know how hard it is as a musician in South Africa and I also feel it is unfair that businesses have to suffer because of red tape. I wish you well and if I can help just a little by signing this then maybe we can solve the issue.



2016-04-01 15:02

It's a great place and only doing good. Nothing negative to say



2016-04-01 15:18

South Coast need this type of event


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2016-04-01 15:32

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 There are specific liquor licence laws which protect and control the tourism industry. If one follows protocol there will not be a problem. The market punishes mistakes



2016-04-01 15:36

The Rock has become an institution. We need more music venues, not less!
Open The Rock .... now!!



2016-04-01 15:42

Because its extremely petty not to give The Rock Bistro a liquor licence! And because a lot of families depend on the income from it! Music makes the world go round so its good to have a local place for musicians to show their talent.


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2016-04-01 15:43

It is not "because of the liquor board" It must be because their terms and conditions were not met. Establishments that pay their licence fees and stick to the rules stay open as a result thereof. Everything was obviously not "done by the law". Sadly none the less  



2016-04-01 15:45

Because I think discrimination is wrong. Shebeens ebeensoperate all over the LSC. What is their problem with this Venue?



2016-04-01 15:47

UnEmployment is rife in our beautiful country....The Rock Music Bistro contributes to alleviating the struggle for survival by providing honest employment for 11 staff to support their families financially. Plus us musicians earn a living by playing proudly original, handmade South Afriican music in dedicated venues such as The Rock Music Bistro. Look at the industries benefiting : The Hospitality....The Music....Tourism indusyries all receive a make sense then that this micro chain of economic boosts contributes to the macro economics of South Africa....very simple methods to developement a country....



2016-04-01 16:41

One of our favorite live music venues



2016-04-01 17:02

The Rock is a great venue ,that developes talents of local musicians and is a credit to your town.Supports charity and employes local folk.Please re-open this venue it is a benefit to your area.



2016-04-01 17:44

Fantastic venue; the promotion of SA artists is paramount in this country and more encouragement should be given to these platforms.



2016-04-01 18:33

The Rock is an awesome, laid back venue for the whole family. Great food, excellent music and stunning views. Keep it open.



2016-04-01 19:46

I signed cos I'm a musician too and this venue is incredible. I LOVE playing there. Us musos need somewhere to show our skills. And it's awful that so many people will lose their jobs. So I want to know WHY????????????



2016-04-01 20:02

Th Rock is the most most amazing addition to the laid back ethos of the South Coast, a place for locals and visitors to the area to go for a great reasonably-priced meal and some truly special entertainment. It contributes to the economy and, importantly, to the appeal of the area. It creates vital work for locals. Closing it down is shameful, a travesty of a small-minded and very selfish community.



2016-04-01 20:13

Local musicians need support



2016-04-01 20:27

The South Coast - Umzumbe was privleged to have a place like the ROCK. Family friendly, wonderful entertainment of visiting musicians and a platform to expose local talent. The closure will be a great loss to tourism and locals. Please dont let this happen



2016-04-01 20:48

Have been to this venue and it and the musicians playing there are brilliant.



2016-04-01 21:47

I believe this venue is a valuable asset to the entertainment world on the Hibiscus Coast and should definitely be allowed to continue 'trading'!



2016-04-01 21:51

Because music is the ladder to the soul.