Lower Price for a Parking Pass at Trinity Area High School

In years past, Trinity Area Senior High School, located in Washington Pennsylvania, has unjustly robbed its students as a result of its own irresponsible spending habits. Since they spent their entire budget a year in advance, whenever the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania cut the funding, Trinity High School was forced into debt. Since that time, the school has had to make certain budget cuts, including a large portion of our state-recognized music program, which was cut in early April 2015. 


Now I would understand a slight increase in price, as to try to lower their debt. However, over the past few years, the price has remained somewhere between $25 and $35; this year, for the 2016-2017 school year, Trinity is trying to charge the students $200 just to park at the school. This is highway robbery and the reason this petition was even created. Using the average price of $30, a $200 fee would be a price increase of 567%, which is absolutely absurd. This petition aims to lower that 567% price increase to no larger than a 100% price increase, or a $60 fee. Thank you.