Philosophers for Future

Philosophers for Future 

For some months now, high-school students around the world have staged the “Fridays-for-Future” strikes and demonstrations. They protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. In April 2019 a large group of scientists has formed a “Scientists-for-Future” movement; it aims to support the students’ demands with scientific data and theories.  

We the undersigned feel that there is every reason to add a range of philosophical voices to this swelling chorus of protest. Amongst many other things, we philosophers could contribute: 

-  reflections on social and environmental justice;

-  ethical inquiries into the human-animal relationship;

-  studies of how scientists (e.g. in climate-related subjects) experiment, model, and argue for their conclusions;

-  investigations into the ideological functioning of science-skepticism;

-  proposals for new forms of participatory democracy, especially when it comes to climate issues;

-  philosophical-historical or intercultural perspectives on the intellectual roots of our exploitative relationship with the environment;

-  and much else. 

We will make every effort to bring the climate crisis into our curricula, seminar rooms and lecture halls, and to support philosophical work on climate-related topics.

This petition is also meant to help find colleagues willing to set up a more sophisticated website, and to help (or take over) the planning of "Philosophers for Future" activities.


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