Re-MTV Romania and UTV HD UPC program schedule

This petition is for you; those who want your rights - the people who give a monthly amount for a specific service, to be respected.


Myself, I was tired of seeing people at UPC, removed from the channel, fix those not approved by bosses UPC. They pulled out of the station UTV HD version and out of the package UTV HD Optim family remained in HD and Max HD packages and Kiss TV came in Optim HD package. Because all who listen to music on TV and have some favorite posts you want to catch them in UPC network, because from what I've found is the best cable company in Romania coverage in over 200 cities. And do not respect us. Those who have signed a contract that includes these programs. We have the right to follow what channels we want in any conditions.


Once the grid program or other conditions of the contract signed initially change; the leadership of the UPC are obliged to say:


- What are the reasons for these changes occurred;


- Subscribers asking if I agree with those changes and take account of their views;


- To provide alternative solutions (beneficial for both parties);


- If no agreement is reached, CNA should have a say in the rights of subscribers;


If not account for any of the steps listed above; ultimately, it would be normal subscription amount to be considerably reduced, or other channels should be introduced at the same money. Like: HBO or Cinemax - for that, you have to give extra money to have them in the program schedule.

Ududec Farcane Robert    Contact the author of the petition