Restore World of Warcraft PVP (Player v Player)


This petition is a love letter to Activision Blizzard.  A love letter?  Yes.  This petition is signed by players who LOVE WOW and want to continue the enjoyment we have invested so much of our lives and money in.

For many of us PVP is dead in World of Warcraft.  Starting with WOD expansion, there has been a steady onslaught of decimating PVP for individual players and for Premades.  If you are a gamer and play WOW, these terms are known to you.  We want to see Activision Blizzard to restore the ability to make a premade of up to the limit of the battleground and queue into that battleground together - just like we could do until the end of Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  The changes made then we tolerated, worked around.  Then Warlord of Draenor expansion landed and the changes to classes, specs, etc. was so extreme many quit participating in rated play.  Now we have Legion.  Legion is Nirvana for the PVE enthusiast.  It is total hell for the PVP enthusiast.  


There are now an estimated 6-7 MILLION ex and current WOW players that are going to unauthorized WOW sites that offer specific xpaks you can play FOR FREE, and PVP like all who are devotees of WOW PVP enjoy.  The pressure is building for those of us who have basically been frozen out of anything in the game WE find enjoyable to defect to those servers.  I don't want to do that. I don't think the 6-7 Million on those servers want to be there IF they could find the same PVP in the current manifestation of WOW.

We are petitioning Activisioin Blizzard to "fix" PVP in WOW.  The current Legion version of it is toxic, certainly not much fun, because we are forced to spend hours each day running PVE dungeons/raids and PVE dailies (called PVP but are not) to get our Artifact weapons and Prestige to cap.

What we want:

  1. Restore full Premade ability to every battleground, but most especially Alterac Valley where 40 v 40 still makes it the granddaddy of all Battlegrounds.  Remove the requirements to burn towers and bunkers to win and return it to a resource battle where the team that kills more of the enemy than the other does will win.  Return it to true PVP status.  Burn towers, don't burn towers, it is still winnable when in this format.
  2. Restore PVP gear, separate from PVE gear.  Allow us to earn our Prestige, gear, etc. by PVPing, not being forced to PVE.
  3. Re-label the AFK Kick feature to a simple Vote Kick as we find in the dungeon/raid system.  If a player is being disruptive to all the other players or not playing, the rest of the team can vote to kick them.
  4. Add some REAL Legion Gear in the loot boxes in Ashran because we want to play Ashran but not much reason for folks to go in there since Legion dropped.
  5. Set up a Player Advisory Board to specifically interface with the WOW Developers so that they can actually learn what PVP is to the player base and what we want and don't want in our PVP experience.  Try LISTENING to the people who are paying you.
  6. Food Buffs, Trinkets - Return our ability to use our food buffs, trinkets, etc. to PVP.  You have NOT balanced anything so give us what we need to be able to play competitively.
  7. Restore the Rated system to tracking Achievements, ratings, to the Season, not by the week!  As it stands now whatever rank you reached this week is wiped out and you must start over next week!
  8. Fix the matchmaking of rated teams in RBGs.  Currently a non-rated team can pull a 2300+ rated team which, of course, is a ROFLSTOMP.  No fun.
  9. Designers with REAL PVP experience and knowledge: Place people in charge of PVP design that KNOW how to PVP, are well experienced with PVP in its natural state in WOW.  The current leadership is too busy bragging about eating Magic Mushrooms to get his vision for Ashran, got face-rolled the couple of times he tried to play a battleground and hasn't bothered to play since.  He has NO FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING OF PVP.
  10. Recognize PVP as a separate faction in the game and design and develop PVP accordingly, leaving us the choice to PVE or PVP without it adversely affecting either experience.
  11. LFG is Broken - up to 20 minute queues is ridiculous.  Remove the Premade restrictions and the problem will be solved.


World of Warcraft is a game played by all ages, races, nationalities.  This OP has played the game since its release.  World of Warcraft is a virtual universe millions around the world spend a lot of their irl time in and thousands of dollars to play. World of Warcraft is the most unique game invented to date.  Nothing else is quite like it.  The perception is that only kids play online games.  They are wrong.  This OP is 72 yo.  The oldest player I know in the game is 81.  Activision Blizzard, please recognize that WOW is all grown up now.  Yes, there are "kids" that play but the player base is as diverse as is possible and one of the most amazing Social experiments in history.  Where else can you sit in your home, play a game, and interface with people from literally all over the world, from every culture - a place we all come together to play, learn about one another, make friends.  Restore PVP to the PVPers.  You won't be sorry.  You will see your subscriptions soar.  You can save WOW PVP.

From those of us who love WOW and the social network we have formed through WOW and who desperately want you to keep WOW a place we all want to congregate and give you our money for the privilege of doing so.

Give us the experience we have come to love and not this cookie-cutter, copy and paste from other mmo games.  Keep WOW unique and wonderful.


NOTICE to Petition signers: If you are uncomfortable using your irl name simply replace the First/Last name with your main character's name as your First Name and your Realm as your last name.


This petition is sponsored by Hydra Premades, a 4600+ cross-realm Horde community of WOW PVPers.