Safer issues at KCC Park need to be addressed

In recent times there have been problems at KCC Park involving both a minority of members of Dogs Victoria, and persons who are not members of the organisation.

It is noted that increasing numbers of non-members have been using the park to exercise their dogs.

There have been dog incidents caused both by members’ and by non-members’ dogs.

Non-members’ dogs have obtained uncontrolled access to areas being used by members, and have attacked both dogs and people.

There have been instances of antisocial behaviour. On at least one reported occasion a female member has requested a male member to escort her to her car in broad daylight because she felt threatened by the presence of a non-member.

Non-members have made threats of violence, including a threat to use a gun.

We, members of Dogs Victoria, therefore petition Management Committee to take concerted action to ensure the safety of members and their dogs at KCC Park. In particular, we strongly request that Dogs Victoria express its duty of care to its members and their dogs by:

     1. Developing a system whereby KCC Park is used by members only.

      2. Ensuring that all dog incidents are reported and acted upon.

      3. Implementing measures to ensure members’ personal safety.