Save Cleo

My family got a letter in the mail today from the bulle rock community center, stating that my dog Cleo has to be removed from my house by July 24th, or we might have to move to keep her. A man that lives on the same street as I do had called animal control on Cleo multiple times although she has never done anything to him nor any other person. She had an incident with another dog last year but that's been resolved. Since then Cleo was ordered to wear a muzzle whenever she's outside. And now that it's hotter that has become impossible for her. Dogs sweat through their tongue and she cannot breath with it on. Plus she refuses to leave the house if she's wearing it. So a few weeks ago the same man saw my older brother walking Cleo and yelled at him that she needed to have it on to which of course my brother yelled back in our dog's defense. Then he went and told bulle rock that Cleo lunged at him on her hind legs and tried to attack, which didn't happen. Now I'm about to lose my bestfriend.. so please if you've ever been in contact with my dog or been around her at any time or know of how sweet and loving of a dog she really is and not this monster this man is making her out to be.. please sign this petition to help keep my dog. Please don't let them take away a part of my family.