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2015-07-16 14:25

I love Cleo as if she is my own dog. She has a family that loves her unconditionally I know she loves each of them too. Cleo deserves to stay!!



2015-07-16 15:46

Because its the right thing to do... No one deserves to have something they love taken away from them



2015-07-16 15:46

I belive that her dog has a right to live in that house and others want it to go , no one wants a humans best friend to go and I will try my best to not let that dog go and others aswell



2015-07-16 15:48

Because people should be able to keep their dogs . Dogs are their owners best friend ! The people taking your dog away should have at least met the dog to see if it was true . And since it isn't they wouldn't take your dog . Your neighbour is probably just a cranky old man who hates dogs . So screw him .



2015-07-16 15:51

Because even though I have never met this dog, I believe that there is no reason to take her away. This family deserves to keep their sweet, innocent dog. Best of luck!



2015-07-16 16:07

I know what its like to lose a dog that you love more than anything. I would never wish it upon anyone. I hope you keep your dog. Good luck.



2015-07-16 16:08

This is not fair at all. Let the beautiful girl keep her dog. Please. Thank you.



2015-07-16 16:14

I love dogs and I can't think of mine being taken away, I don't want anyone else to go through that either.



2015-07-16 16:17

I love puppies and I can't stand to have this happen to this amazing animal.



2015-07-16 16:20

Because it's completely unfair for this poor young lady to have her companion, and best friend given away because some jerk didn't like that Cleo didn't have a muzzle on, and lied.



2015-07-16 16:25

A family pet is important. Its important for education, and for happiness. And it's not fair that they're getting theirs taken away over an unfair angry neighbor.



2015-07-16 16:28

I love dogs and I have one as well. I really hope you can keep your dog. I will pray that your dog stays with your family and you.



2015-07-16 16:28

I signed this petition for Buddha, Clesta and Andre. R.I.P. my monster rotties. I love and miss you all.



2015-07-16 16:32

Cleo is a very warm and loving dog! She seens well behaved from everything I've seen. :)



2015-07-16 16:38

Because I have met Ckeo and she is a harmless gentle soul.



2015-07-16 16:40

If someone took away my dog I would kill them I love my dog and on the photo I saw the love u had for that dog



2015-07-16 16:41

The dog did NOTHING wrong!!! Let the girl keep her beloved pet! As she said, it's her best friend. It's just ignorant and cruel to take away a dog who did absolutely nothing wrong



2015-07-16 16:45

Because I had the time and someone doesn't deserve to have their family taken away



2015-07-16 16:48

NOBODY deserves to have their best friend be taken away from them unless they have been abused which this dog owner did NOT do. I know how it feels to have my best friend be ripped from my arms and I hope it doesn't happen to this person, best wishes


2015-07-16 16:53

I also have a dog that is part rottwieler, she looks more rottweiler than hound. But i dont believe that a dog should be blamed for its breed. It cannot help what it is born as as much as we can choose if were black or white. Cleo deserves to stay and i believe that the man who has reported an innocent animal mulitple times should keep his mouth shut, or if she makes him uncomfortable, he should move. 



2015-07-16 16:56

It is wrong to go and take someone's innocent dog. I personally think the man whom keeps calling animal control needs to be dealt with not poor Cleo



2015-07-16 16:57

I hope you get to keep your cleo. When I was little I had three Rotties two boys and one girl that followed me aroun everywhere as a toddler and I remeber how sweet and loyal they were to me.



2015-07-16 17:02

I signed this petition because I have dogs of my own and I couldn't imagine having them taken away over some obnoxious man that is obviously cold hearted, they have no right, nor evidence to take that dog! #animalequality #savecleo



2015-07-16 17:07

I have two Rottweilers who have never hurt a soul. Unless Cleo's hurting people, its cruel and inhumane to make her wear a muzzle or to remove her from your care. You clearly take good care of her.



2015-07-16 17:16

I'm really sorry about your dog!! I hope you guys can stay where you are and that man gets what's coming to him..