Ban Fireworks-South Africa



I have dogs and they deserve Better!!!

Gwen Heyns (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


I'm totally against fireworks and the harm they do to all animals

Merle Wratt (Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


Fireworks suck!!

Kerry Brouard (Durban , 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are dangerous, it can cause fires. It's also cruel and should be banned to prevent animals getting injured.

Michelle Pretorius (Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


Because I want to and believe fireworks dont have a place in society but animals do

Jannie Van Dyk (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


I care!!!

Erika Owens (Boksburg, 2017-01-04)


I care about animals being hurt

memory bosman (Middelburg, 2017-01-04)


I hate fireworks. They harm animals.

Margaret MacKay (knysna, 2017-01-04)


I have to protecct my furkids from getting injured due to fireworks

Amanda Van Heerden (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are completely unacceptable have have caused many deaths to innocent animals. Not to mention how the older people get frights and babies. They are mused and abused and should be banned

Priscilla Shovlin (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I see how scared the animals are because of the fireworks . It effects their behaviour. Gets scared. Aggressive. And the noise hurt their ears.

Lizelle Visser (Klerksdorp, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are hazardous!!!! My animals deserve to live without any fear!!!

Barbara Bouwer (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


They are causing untold stress on humans and animals alike.a total waste of money for the poor and the bangs carry on for days after a celebration. Times of lighting mean nothing

Diana Charlton (Durban , 2017-01-04)


I'm signing because I hate fireworks and what they do to our poor animals

Marion Nezar (Boksburg , 2017-01-04)


These animals suffer cruel deaths out of fear. This kind of death is not wished upon any person. How can when then aloow this to happen to animals that are our responsibility.

Shaun Antonowitz (Alberton, 2017-01-04)


Love animals!!!

Kolbé Ferreira (Port Elizabeth, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing this because its cruel and unfair too animals

Beverley-Ann Behr (Springs, 2017-01-04)


Its cruelty and should be baned

Wanda Senekal (Vaalpark, 2017-01-04)


Animals and also babies are terrified of loud noise and bangs. Ban Fireworks!

ernestine Strini (Edenvale, 2017-01-04)


On behalf of SA Community Crime Watch I am signing to have the cruelty stopped immediately. BAN fireworks to the private individual

Debbie Tickner (Benoni, 2017-01-04)


Stop animal cruelty

Chanelle Sillifant (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


I have animals

Lesley Harding (johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are a danger to animals.

Halinka Hayton (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I, myself, own animals and do not want them to be afraid unnecessarily.

Nadine Van Zyl (JOHANNESBURG, 2017-01-04)


Animals are harmed and lost

desiree buckley (boksburg, 2017-01-04)


I hate the terror I have seen in animals when fireworks go off.

Louisa Hitchcock (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I have 2(two) dogs who are petrified of fireworks!!!!

cliffard conchar (jhb, 2017-01-04)


I have pets and they get awfully stressed & have also witnessed how animals are injured and the process of.fleeing the awful noise.

Cecìle Rathbòne (Umtentweni, 2017-01-04)


Please we need to end this suffering to animals.

Dorothy Bolt (Boksburg , 2017-01-04)


In our area, at least 5 dogs and 2 cays went missing over new year's "celebrations". We have 2 jack russels who are also terrified of fireworks; thankfully we are at home when fireworks are expected. No dog, cat or any other animal should be subjected to such terror and panic!

Lelanie Naude (Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


I believe fireworks need to be made illegal as people are irresponsible!

Michelle Hinrichsen (Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


I love animals

Tracy Watson (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


1. Animals that get maimed and killed because of them being scared or abused (tying crackers to their tails)
2. Fire hazard - thatch roofs/grasslands
3. Irresponsible people who set off fireworks without necessary care, causing great physical harm to others

Petro Borchard (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


Loud fireworks destroy!

Milly Erasmus (Scottburgh, 2017-01-04)


I can't stand to see another helpless manimal either hurt itself, or be hurt by people who use fireworks. I also love to see fire works as they are beautiful, however NO life is worth losing over it.

Lizelle Steffens (East London , 2017-01-04)


It is totally unacceptable .. why should we and every single frightened animal listen to these loud bangs and crazy noise. Waste of money and many animals are injured

Cathy Bond (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I am a dog lover and I hate to see and hear about the harm and fear and stress animals go through because of fireworks!

Cheryl Donaldson (Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


I hate what fireworks do to all animals

Erica Alexander (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I love animals & the stress, injury & deaths are too awful. I have posted many lost dogs on groups after fireworks. I have seen animals who have impaled themselves trying to flee & have serious injuries or died. There are those who harm & maime animals using fireworks!! THEY MUST BE BANNED AND A DATA BASE OF OFFENDERS TO ENSURE STRICTER CONTROL OF OFFFENDERS.

Stella Bedeaux (Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


Its just wrong and destroying animals what is so nice about a firework. They even destroy children

marlize engelbrecht (middelburg, 2017-01-04)


I spent New Years Eve looking for distressed animals an the look of utter terror in their eyes was heart breaking. We need to remember that their hearing is so much more sensitive than a human's. We need to speak for those that can't speak for thrmselves

Patricia Beavis (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I think fireworks are a stupid and senseless and cause so much harm to animals

Faryl Ritchie (Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


I have 3 dogs that's scared to death everytime one goes off and the idiots setti

Nicolette Behr (Randfontein , 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are devastating for animals, especially in areas bordering on conservancies (such as ours). They should be banned or only permitted under very strict conditions



I love animals

Tanya Greyling (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I have seen how scared the animals when there are fireworks

Sam Schoeman (Hillcrest Durban , 2017-01-04)


I support the call to ban fireworks

ingrid shelving (Durban, 2017-01-04)


The animals is sufferiny

Febe Naude (Alberton, 2017-01-04)


The poor animals suffer

Simonay Piet (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


My children (1 and 2 years old) and dogs were petrified. Even though i had dogs in the house, one still got injured trying to escape the noise.

Cheryl Harmse (Gillitts durban, 2017-01-04)


I hate what it does to animals that can't talk for themselves

Daleen Swarts (Durban, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks do more damage than good. Animals are petrified, sometimes hurt or killed and sometimes irresponsible parents let children shoot crackers and they to are badly injured.

Rachel Ward (Benoni, 2017-01-04)


Animal abuse

Minette van Amerom (Centurion, 2017-01-04)


Animals need to be protected from harm

Sheryl Van Heerden (Durban, 2017-01-04)


Big Bangs are not necessary for celebrations. Pretty colourful silent fireworks are permissable.

Denton Estment (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I witnessed a dog being impaled on New Years Eve because he was so frightened from the fireworks. I will not stand by and tolerate the abuse and selfish acts of others

Sarah Walker (Durban, 2017-01-04)


my dogs suffered on new years because of fireworks

antoinette uys (strubensvalley, roodepoort, 2017-01-04)


I am very much against fireworks. It upsets animals, causes them to fear and so many dogs go missing every year and get hurt and die. It also hurts wild animals as birds become afraid and fly away from their nests amd their young. It is wrong and should be banned. It hurts the animal too much

Zurien Van der Merwe (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


Had enough of seing animals hurt !!!!!!

Patricia Gerber (Saldanha, Western Province, 2017-01-04)


People do not use common sense when lighting fireworks and there is absolutely no consideration for the elderly, those who are suffering in hospitals or in their homes, small children and babies who are awakened by the horrendous bangs and animals whose hearing is much more sensitive to these explosions

Alice Kenworthy (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I see the devastation on pets either injured or dead trying to escape and the hundreds of lost animals at shelters many not collected. There is also a huge impact on our wildlife but we don't see that impact as much as we do pets.

Lizelle Blair (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I love animals

Sally Mackay (Durban, 2017-01-04)


It is harmfull to our closest friends.

Deirdre Van Helsdingen (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


Too many animals are scared by fireworks. It is inhumane.

Tarryn Kraemer (East London , 2017-01-04)


My animals get terribly stressed out at the loud bangs and it's such a waste of money

Buz Macpherson (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I am against fireworks because of the harm they cause animals

Taryn Coetzee (johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


I am an animal lover and the distress and pain fireworks cause is alarming. I strongly feel that it should be banned as it's harmful to all animals and even humans.

Nicole Reineke (Newcastle , 2017-01-04)


Animals don't have a voice! I speak on behalf of all animals domesticated and wild. Ban fireworks in total!!!!!!!

Audra Steenkamp (Kempton Park, 2017-01-04)


It's not just dogs and cats that are affected, it's the wildlife, birds, monkeys, etc etc we can't tranquillise them.

Mary Madden (Pinetown, 2017-01-04)


Cruelty to animals and danger to small children

Patricia Rodel (Ballito, 2017-01-04)


My dog is absolutely terrified of fireworks and I have to give him medication he really doesn't like to calm him down.I am also really stressed out during theae times as I am concerrned about my pets and other Pets .

Roelien Nortman (Midrand, 2017-01-04)


I am signing because I feel strongly about the trauma fireworks cause on our animals.

Nicola Goosen (Midrand, 2017-01-04)


I see how it makes my dogs crazy and I stay at home to protect them... For those that are left alone it means death in some cases and that's not good enough!

Skye Coston (Emerald Beach, 2017-01-04)


It's cruel to animals

Joanne Benson (Durban, 2017-01-04)


It causes so much distress for the animals plus people cannot be trusted with crackers. There is so much cruelty related to them.

Rebecca Beale (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


It sounds like a war zone and the bangs just gets louder

Tiaan Kotzé (Germiston, 2017-01-04)


I am so sick and tired of seen the cruelty and disregard shown for these poor fur babies.We have to do something now to stop this

fay stamp (durban, 2017-01-04)


My animals and 84 year old mother are traumatised by the fireworks, and in my area people don't adhere to the stipulated times, so it goes on for weeks before and after

charlene boock (durban, 2017-01-04)


There is no valid reason for people to use fireworks only negative impact on people, animals and the environment.

KJ Koekemoer (Centurion, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks should be banned.

Irene Myburgh (East London, 2017-01-04)


High time something gets done about firework.regulations and rules not ban an enforcement of ban needed.

Sharon Lenders (Richards bay, 2017-01-04)


Too stressful for animals!

Elize Anderson (Ladysmith , 2017-01-04)


It is actually pathetic that will still allow them at all. Every Diwali, every new year hundreds of animals are affected.

Ashleigh Boome (Durban , 2017-01-04)


Cruelty to animals

Lynnise Kretzmann (East London, 2017-01-04)


I really disagree with fireworks and they should be banned.

Maxine Bezuidenhout (Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


Too many animals hurt and running away from their homes

Susan Ball (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


Ban this cruel practice

Leonette Le Roux (East London, 2017-01-04)


Irresponsible pet owners

geraldine beale elmer (jeffreys bay PE, 2017-01-04)


Love animals and why should they be traumatised by something they do not understand

debra jones (howick kzn, 2017-01-04)


Dangerous, noisy, not culturally correct, extremely distressing to all animals.

Sean Jordaan (East London, 2017-01-04)

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