Architects to DOE and EPA Senate Hearing Committees



I am outraged and appalled at the incoming administration's brash and reckless agenda for dismantling the federal government, gutting regulatory agencies, and backtracking on the progress we've made in the last 20 years on addressing climate change, not to mention terrified of the implications for my children as we head at breakneck speed toward global environmental catastrophe.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-19)


I don't trust Trump.

(Benicia, 2017-01-19)


Our environment is not replaceable, and we must take better care of this planet. We can not willfully ignore climate risk and climate change -they will not go away. As the letter states, we know that buildings contribute a great deal to global warming. It's time to build smarter and greener, and we can not have a Federal Government that will allow or even cause us to move backwards, while the rest of the world struggles to move forward.

(Weston, 2017-01-19)


It's too important to stay silent and hope for the best.

(Saegertown, 2017-01-19)


I am a citizen of the planet and will work for, stand by and protect my home in all of the ways that I can.

(Boston, 2017-01-19)


I strongly agree with this petition.

(Dallas, 2017-01-19)


NK Architects supports AIA sustainable environment goals and 2030 Challenges. We will not support an administration that contradicts our long-term objectives.

(Morristown, 2017-01-19)


I feel very strongly that we need to continue to make changes to create energy efficient and regenerative buildings. Our planet is changing and we must act now. We can't reduce the progress we are making on climate change. We must abide by the laws we have in place.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-19)


These programs are vital to my business, to the future of our industry, to America's position as a leader, and to the health and well-being of the planet.

(Charlottesville, 2017-01-19)


I agree

(Portland, 2017-01-19)


California has demonstrated that a robust clean energy policy goes hand in hand with strong, sustained economic growth. It is imperative that the federal government maintain and grow similar clean energy policies.

(Ojai, 2017-01-19)


Federal support for energy efficiency in the buildings sector is of crucial importance in our shift to a low-carbon economy. In particular the CBECS survey is invaluable to our industry.

(Fort Worth, 2017-01-19)


We cannot continue to ignore the effects of carbon emission and green house gasses. If we really want to preserve and maintain a better planet for the next generation, then we have appoint or at very least educate the people we having heading the agencies impacting the environment on the facts and consequences of being proactive in lieu of being reactive and ignoring the issues associated with climate change, efficient energy use and implementing measures towards sustainable use of alternative energy sources.

(Saint Louis, 2017-01-19)


I believe that everyone has the responsibility to support and promote sustainable environments for urban and natural ecosystems. Especially with the global impact of human induced climate change on our environments since the industrial revolution.

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-19)


The economy cannot supersede the environment and the opportunity to grow the economy and protect the environment at the same time exists, leadership of the USA should follow whats happening around the globe and ensure a safe planet for us and our future generations.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-19)


We cannot afford to have decades of environmental protection and healing obliterated by uninformed and uncaring administrators.

(Atlanta, 2017-01-19)


It is unacceptable to turn back the clock by allowing greed and shortsightedness undermine decades of progress toward improving our relationship with the environment.

(Oakland, 2017-01-19)


I have very strong concerns about climate change and the future of our planet.

(Santa Barbara, 2017-01-19)


The US needs to be at the fore front of this issue and these initiatives . . .that is how we will be great.

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-19)


Trump's an *******

(Ada, 2017-01-19)


I am a young aspiring architect and I want to build a better future for us all.

(Portland, 2017-01-20)


Momentum among construction related private enterprise is growing toward sustainable practice. In many respects, the federal government has led the way. It may be OK at this point for the federal government to take their foot of the gas, but I sign this petition to ask that they not apply the brake.

(Milton, 2017-01-20)


I believe in what it says.

(Saint Louis, 2017-01-20)


Even if you don't believe that climate change is man-made, what does it hurt to try to minimize our impact on finite resources? Instead of being advised by oil companies, the DOE and EPA should be looking for ways to reduce the US carbon footprint. I am disappointed in the nominations to lead these two departments (among others) as the incoming administration seems to show little to no regard for anything but corporate profit.

(Columbus, Ohio, 2017-01-20)


I want to be a responsible custodian of our planet and pass along a healthy ecosystem to my children and grandchildren

(San Francisco, 2017-01-20)


I want the U.S. to lead the way to a better future for my children and all future generations.

(Moraga California, 2017-01-20)


I am an architect who has focused my career on energy efficiency and sustainable design practices. I fully support the urgency of the stand of this letter.

(Mission Viejo, 2017-01-20)


I am signing this petition to show my support on these issues.

(Seattle, 2017-01-20)


Please continue to act to mitigate the effects of climate change. We owe our future generations a commitment to reverse the damage we have caused to the ecosystem that sustains us.

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-20)


We don't have time for setbacks on environmental regulation as our environment is already impacted by human caused climate change for the worse. The economic impact of deregulation will be catastrophic to humanity in the future but is already impacting many areas around the world. Pruitt and Perry do not bring innovation that will improve economy, environment or society.

(Minneapolis, 2017-01-20)


Climate change is the greatest threat we face in the coming years. It will threaten our property, cause droughts and famines, unleash strife between nations desperate to control the basic necessities of life--water, air, food. We cannot stand by and watch our children's world descend to this. We cannot not stand by and let decades of scientific research that confirm the reality of global warming be dismissed as a hoax!

(Boston, 2017-01-23)


The US must honor the Paris Agreement and work with other countries towards a Sustainable future. I petition for the future of our children.

(Boston, 2017-01-23)


I work in the industry

(Seattle, 2017-01-23)


As an architect I am committed to reducing the impact of the built environment on our communities. It is not responsible to do otherwise. Our Government should be responsible.

(Olathe, Kansas, 2017-01-23)


CBECS, AIA 2030, Energy Star, etc. programs are important and should remain intact.

(Portland, 2017-01-23)


As an architect I strongly believe that the DOE and EPA need to be part of the solution to global climate change, base decision making on sound scientific understanding of human induced climate change and use the precautionary principle when considering action.

(Bainbridge Island, 2017-01-24)


I feel strongly about these issues, our environment should not be compromised.

(San Pedro, CA, 2017-01-24)


I am deeply concerned that representatives are being placed in high ranking positions of responsibility that negatively impact our environment and the progress that we have been making to restore our earth for the future. Rick Perry does not represent the sustainable future that we need to support.

(La Crescenta, 2017-01-24)


I have kids and I want them to have a habitable planet to have kids of their own.

(Minneapolis, 2017-01-25)


Climate change is a threat to the future of our children. Science supports the fact that irresponsible human behavior is the cause of climate change. According to the Bible, humans were designed by God to care for the earth and all its creatures. So far, we are doing a very poor job. Therefore, we must work together to ensure the sustainability of life on this planet.

(Washington , 2017-01-25)


Signing on behalf of AIA Seattle's 2300 members

(Seattle, 2017-01-26)


Measurable data is not political. Agendas to ignore it are.

(Seattle, 2017-01-28)


I believe our actions and care for the environment now have gr outcomes on ourselves and our posterity...let's make the right decisions early and also try to re-address the many sustainable and waste issues facing our country before it is too late. Our window is closing for us to have the greatest impact.

(New York City, 2017-01-28)


I'm about to become an architect and would like the profession to represent the consensus within the scientific community.

(Poulsbo, 2017-01-29)


I'm signing on because residential and commercial buildings (really those that design and build them) are responsible for over 40% of the energy consumed in the USA...we have to be smart about that and encourage intelligent decisions regarding all aspects of our related industries.

(New Orleans, 2017-01-29)


As an architecture student, I am acutely aware of the challenges climate change presents for the world and I understand that we all need to be proactive in our actions to prevent further environmental damage.

(Southfield, 2017-01-29)


i am signing because i am deeply concerned about our environment and the reckless abuse and neglect by the current administration who is more interested in making a profit than protecting our planet for future generations.

(New Orleans, 2017-01-29)


I am signing because fully capitalistic policies do not take into account the common and greater good. That's why we have government. That 's why we need policies. That's why we have presidents. Not to tear down everything that protects the weak, the poor, the disadvantaged, or the future of our children's environment.

(New Orleans, LA, 2017-01-30)


I'm concerned about the legacy that our generation will leave for our children's children. Climate change has the potential to disrupt significant tensions throughout the world, most especially through changes in access to clean water. We can lead on this issue, or we can hide from it. The Trump administration wants to hide from it, which is fundamentally unacceptable.

(New Orleans, 2017-01-30)


Climate change is an issue that is of critical importance to me, personally and professionally. Professionally, as an architect practicing on projects throughout the country, I see the creation of sustainable, livable environments as an ethical response critical to our collective future. As a resident of New Orleans, I am personally concerned about our city and region's future viability in the face of wetland depletion and sea level rise. I fear that New Orleans will soon become a city that I can no longer justify as a place to recommend for my children's future.

(New Orleans, 2017-01-30)