Mayor Masina reroute the Eskom pylons planned for Alberton



because who wants that monstrosity running through their houses and anyone thought of this needs their head read

(alberton, 2017-01-31)


I do not agree with the proposal.

(Alberton, 2017-01-31)


I think it is despicable that a council can think of defiling a city centre and destroy people's value on there properties and destroy there assets they have worked so hard to obtain. Disgraceful. It is also my understanding that above ground line cost twice as much to maintain thus throwing our tax money away.

(Alberton, 2017-01-31)


I stay exactly in this area

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


I love Alberton and it does not need to be disfigured by ugly pylons. There are other options - not through the centre of the town and the historical Alberton North.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


Prevention of high power line by eskom

(Ekurhuleni, 2017-02-01)


Pylons over a residential area are a health risk to all

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


it a disgrace to down grade Alberton to support Johannesburg power.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


its my civic duty

(Germiston, 2017-02-01)


I don't want these pylons in my town.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


This will affect not only the aesthetics of the affected areas and decrease property values, but also the health of our children

(Tulisa park, 2017-02-01)


This is unacceptable

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)



(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


Don't want pylons in Alberton

(Verwoerdpark , 2017-02-01)


This is not excepted and is a disonering to our city .

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


This will destroy our city especially past the civic centre where our river is.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


This is not excepted and is making people at risk

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


The cons of these pylons outweigh the pro's

(alberton, 2017-02-01)


Its unethical

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


I'm signing because I do not believe the proper disclosure procedures were followed ie impact studies, health risks etc. Public communication was not sufficient. Not only will the erection of these pylons deface our city (and right in front of our town hall), it also poses a health and environmental risk to Alberton residents!

(Alberton , 2017-02-01)


Pylons are unsightly and unhealthy. We don't need them in Alberton CBD.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


Pylons pose health risks

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


I do not want the pylons here as they are an eye sore and most importantly they are a health hazard.

(Alberton Johannesburg , 2017-02-01)


Deadly to human health!!

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


I'm signing because the pylons are not only an eyesore but are deadly to human health!!

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


I am signing the petition because, I live in Alberton and the pylons will be a eyesore and a healthrisk to residents

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


To ensure the safty of people in my town

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


Good one!

(Germiston, 2017-02-01)


It is not right what u want to do.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


I do not want pylons running through Alberton town

(Alberton , 2017-02-01)


My town my pride. United we shall stand

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


This is not good for any Community area and is a health risk to humans and the environment. This will have a negative impact on Properties and businesses ....

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)



(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


Is live very close to the route

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


This cannot be allowed this will bring down the value of the properties. Alberton CBD already a mess we must stand together on this.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


I'm against the erecting of the power lines in a residential area

(Brackenhurst , 2017-02-01)


I lovè Alberton. Been here since 1978 and want to preserve what we can.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


No notification in writing of proposed Plan or meeting of minutes passed on passing the plan years back.
Please refer to my letter of Objection

(Alberton North, 2017-02-01)


We as residents stay across the road from where the pylons are planned to be erected and received no notification of the pylons to be erected

(Alberton North, 2017-02-01)


I am concerned about the environmental impact of the planned project on wetlands and the bird species.

(Kempton Park, 2017-02-01)


We fo mot want pylons rumning through our town. There is enough open land to re-route, beside additionalpylons to re-route eould be job creation.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


The pylons will spoil the small spot of nature in Alberton

(Slberton, 2017-02-01)


Pilons should no be routed trough a residential area

(Alberton, 2017-02-02)


I'm singing because I was born in Alberton and I don't want to see it damaged and it is a high risk change in the center of the town.

(Alberton , 2017-02-02)


Pylons are dangerous and create an unhealthy environment to live in.

(Alberton , 2017-02-02)


I object to the pylons coming through Alberton so close to the developed areas and homes. They must find another route away from the populated areas.

(Alberton, 2017-02-02)