Stop the killings by fulani herdsmen in Nigeria



I am signing because I stand for justice and freedom.

(London , 2017-02-07)


I stand against ethnic dominance and ethnic cleansing!

(Jos, 2017-02-08)


I am against fulani herdsmen. God bless the victims of fulani herdsmen in nigeria

(Lagos, 2017-02-08)


I come from Southern Kaduna

(Manchester , 2017-02-08)


It is against the law of God and nature. It is against the fundamental human rights of the southern Kaduna people and Christians in general.

(Wukari, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because... (optional)

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I want the killing of my people to stop.

(kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because the genocide must stop NOW...

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


I care

(kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I am signing because the rate of killing Christians is alarming and it should stop forthwith.

(Minna, 2017-02-08)


I am signing because l want this barbaric act to stop,and enough is enough. These people are defenceless and harmless that have been neglected and failef by the those in power. I am sick and tied of the cock and boo story of the goverment of the day, their bullying, intimidation marginalization.gonna those days we are a new generation not the generation of father that kept quiet for a long time and subjected themslves of series of abuse . We are saying this loud and and clear that this should stop this minute and we want the world to know what is happening in Southern Kaduna, that people are being paid to kill the indigenes of that region. And the goverment turned a blind eye.

(Dublin, 2017-02-08)


Nobody has the right to take anyone's life. The killings are targeted on the christians and the attackers are still on their mission . We need religious freedom, peaceful coexistence.

(London , 2017-02-08)


This is a tribal genocide being left to happen

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


I'm signing this petition because I am deeply shocked about the violence of killings and president buhari's silence.

(Bordeaux, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because human life is important and everyone has a right to life.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I want to the killings in southern Kaduna, middle belt and other Christian communities in the north east of Nigeria to stop.

(Kano, 2017-02-08)


My people are dying in Kaduna. We are aware of the killings here in UK. Do somethig about it before the situation escelates into the whole of Nigeria.

(birmingham, 2017-02-08)


I am concerned about the utter callousness and disregard for the lives of the Christian Minority groups in Nigeria spanning Borno the hotbed of Bokoharam to Kagoro upto Jalingo just mention a few!

(Chelmsford, 2017-02-08)


This inhuman activity must stop.

(FCT , 2017-02-08)


It's high time the ethnic / religious cleansing stops.

(Abuja, 2017-02-08)


I am involved as citizen of Nigeria from abet in southern Kaduna

(Abet, 2017-02-08)


This is very sad and inhuman

(Manchester , 2017-02-08)


I'm signing this petition to stop the killing by fulinis

( yola, 2017-02-08)



(London, 2017-02-08)


I am from southern Kaduna and we need justice stop the killing.

(Abuja, 2017-02-08)


Stop the killing of Christians in Nigeria

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


Prevent Genocide

(London , 2017-02-08)


These killings must stop now

(Birmingham, 2017-02-08)


The killings MUST stop!

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


The leadership of any nation has the responsibility to protect All it's citizens irrespective of their religious, ethnic and trible status. and am from southern kaduna

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


i am signing the petition willing

(zaria, 2017-02-08)


People are being killed everyday and the government is silent

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


I respect the sanctity of human life and every one's right to his life.

(Keffi, 2017-02-08)


It's a time to finish the suffernes Nigerian people and especially innocent children!!!!

(Dublin, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because...enough is enough!

(kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I stand for Justice for all and respect for human lives.

(Lawrenceville, 2017-02-08)


These killings are widespread.

(Jacob, 2017-02-08)


The killing of innocent Christians must stop

(Musselburgh, 2017-02-08)


I want the attacks on Christians by Muslims , fulanis to stop, and these perpetrators brought to justice and jailed for life.

(Yeovil, 2017-02-08)


Love & Peace
Don´t like War

(Unna, 2017-02-08)


Fulani herdsmen massacred my brothers and sisters, parents and Christian leaders, burnt down Churches and razed houses in southern Kaduna and the government was silent about it. In a single onslaught, nearly a thousand was killed. The killings has been going severally in and around the middle belt region dominated mainly by Christians (98%). The federal government, under Muhammad Buhari refused to condemned nor protect further attacks.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


This should stop right now and get more attention!

(Unna, 2017-02-08)


I believe ever life deserves to be protected

(Lagos , 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because it's not fair. These are human beings & not animals. Even your pet at home won't be treated in a terrible way. There must be an end to this.

(Kano, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because... (optional) These wanton killings to be brought to an end and all the actors prosecuted.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I want the violence to be put at end.

(Kamloops , 2017-02-08)


I am signing this petition to add my voice in the cry of the our people who are being killed daily.

(Kaduna State, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing this petition because I know that southern kaduna is really in need of help to stop the genocide killings.

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


It's the truth and we have been silent for days it ain't funny

(Lagos, 2017-02-08)


I am signing because I love my faith and the people of southern Kaduna

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


Stop the killing in southern kaduna.

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


My people are slaughter like animals. It's total eradication of Christians in Southern Kaduna. Total genocide.

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


I am signing because my Home Kaduna is under Attack and we need Assistance to stop this!

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I am signing because this should not be allowed to happen. It is very bad and we will not stand for it.

(Northampton, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because I want the senseless killings stop.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because of the contents above

(Kafanchan, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because I was affected by dis killing... I also lost family n frnds.. Dis genocide most stop

(Kaduna , 2017-02-08)


The killing need to stop

(Abuja, 2017-02-08)


It's terrible to just take another man's life

(jos, 2017-02-08)


I am signing because am directly affected by the carnages going on in Southern Kaduna where a serving Governor confessed to paying terrorists compensations while the victims wallow in abject poverty.

(portharcourt, 2017-02-08)


I am an eye witness of the impunity and well plan and successfully carried out an ongoing genocide against defenseless guiltless people. If with any guilt at all it is for being Christians.
I sign for Love
I sign for peace
I sign for Justice
I sign for respect of human life
I sign for the sanctity of human life.
I sign for God's own persecuted people.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


The callousness has got to stop! The bloodletting has gone on for too long!
We need to have our Governments at all levels to act without being bias.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because... (optional) because it is in my VILLAGE DAT is HAPPENING

(KADUNA, KADUNA state, 2017-02-08)


I am signing because this is just unbearable and it's needs urgent attention!

(Lagos , 2017-02-08)


This evil can be stopped if their is the will power in the people concerned. The world must rise to stop the Fulani jihadist.

(Mararaba Abuja, 2017-02-08)


I am signing because I am a concerned bonafide son of the soil, I cannot stand and this genocide against my people continue without remorse.

(Zaria, 2017-02-08)


I am a christian as well as a Nigerian who stand in support of my people in seeking justice on behalf of those who have been murder , and to that those individuals that are behind such hatered are brought to justice inorder to prevent the ongoing killing of inoncent lives.

(Springfield, 2017-02-08)



(Lakeville, 2017-02-08)


I belong to the communities being attacked by the Fulani terrorist.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-08)


Christians in Southern Kaduna and Nigeria are singled out for genocide

(Zaria, 2017-02-08)


My people are being killed

(PortHarcourt, 2017-02-08)



(KADUNA, 2017-02-08)


It is a pogrom to wipe out Christians and minority tribes in Northern Nigeria - this evil must be brought to a halt.

(Port Harcourt, 2017-02-09)


am signing because am affected too by all these killings

(Kaduna, 2017-02-09)


Any democratically elected President or Governor is binded by the Nigerian constitution to protect the lives of his citizens. Religion, tribe and ethnicity shouldn't play a role. President Mohammadu Buhari and Governor El Rufai have failed fully on this.

(Rotterdam , 2017-02-09)


I am a witnessed to the killings.

(Kafanchan , 2017-02-09)


I am signing because I will not sit back and do nothing while my family, my village and my home gets infiltrated by barbaric illiterates

(Abuja , 2017-02-09)


I'm signing because... (optional)the killings are too much

(kaduna, 2017-02-09)


I'm signing because... I am a southern Kaduna indigene, and I want the killings stopped

(Kaduna, 2017-02-09)


I am signing because I am a true blooded Southern kaduna Nigerian; and I am affected. My kith and kin, as well as my Christian brothers and sisters are being slaughtered daily and for the simple fact that we are Christians. This carnage must be stopped!

(Abuja, 2017-02-09)


I care about lives irrespective of religion or ethnicity.

(kaduna, 2017-02-09)


I'm Because our voices must be heard

(Abuja, 2017-02-09)


My people are killed innocently on a daily basis by people known to the government.

(Kaduna , 2017-02-09)


We need to speak out against these incessant killings. Enough is enough.

(Portharcourt, 2017-02-09)


Am signing because all lives matters... And the are my people tooo..

(Jos, 2017-02-09)


I am signing the petition because of the killing of people from Southern Kaduna with impunity. Government is paying lip service to the wanton destruction of lives and property. It is genocide with government support.

(Jos, 2017-02-09)


I'm signing because... (optional)

(Abuja, 2017-02-09)


I want the killings to stop and the helpless be given a voice.

(Chislehurst, London, 2017-02-09)


I'm signing because if I don't speak now, nobody will speak for me when they come for me.

(Yola, 2017-02-09)


Am tired of the killings.

(kaduna, 2017-02-09)


I want the
killing of my
people to
stop. US president have to say something

(Kaduna, 2017-02-09)


I'm signing because of the killings in Southern Kaduna and wants the UN intervention over the killings.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-09)


I'm signing because I come from Zango Kataf Local Government Area, the area that has experienced worst attacks from the hands of Hausa Fulani Islamists who are bent on destroying our communities and wiping out Christianity from our communities permanently. We have lost too many of our loved ones to these Islamists with the government openly supporting and helping them achieve their set goals. WE DESPERATELY NEED HELP, ELSE WE WILL BE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT THROUGH MASSACRES. THIS IS A CLEAR AND OPEN CASE OF GENOCIDE AND ETHNIC CLEANSING!!!

(Jos, 2017-02-09)


I am signing because these killings are not alleged, they are true and our government is still not apt at curbing the terror. We need the voice and hand of the international community.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-09)


I am signing because I feel the pains my fellow people

(Lagos , 2017-02-09)


My community- Sanga Local government area of Kaduna state have been terribly attacked by these marauding herdsmen.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-09)


the killing of Christians are getting too much and nothing is been done about it.

(Lagos, 2017-02-09)


I am signing because it is clear that our government has given us out to be wiped out.
But we have the right of existence as Christians in Nigeria, northern part to be precise.

(Kaduna, 2017-02-09)



(Akure, 2017-02-09)


The destruction of the Christian community in Southern Kaduna is Barbaric and inconsistent with the basic laws of nature

(Birmingham , 2017-02-09)


I'm signing this petition because I am concerned about the innocent lives being lost to these wanton killers, people with no human feelings whatsoever.

It is a national disaster, and it must be stopped.

(Calabar, 2017-02-09)



(Onchan, 2017-02-09)


I am signigng because the killings by fulani herdsmen in Nigeria has to be stopped at once !!!

(44265 Dortmund, 2017-02-09)


I'm against the killings...

(abuja, 2017-02-09)