Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.



Justin needs to go! How can he get away with things he dose? And yet Nothing Happends!!!

(La Ronge, SK., 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is a traitor. He needs to be held accountable.

(Fort Erie, 2018-12-15)


I deserve to be treated and cared for better than migrants that never paid 1 penny in my country.

(Sydney, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau has got to go and quit ruining MY Canada

(Arnstein, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is anti Canadian.

(Grande prairie , 2018-12-15)


He needs to go!

(Estevan, 2018-12-15)


Because Justin Trudeau is a danger to our country and it’s my duty as a Canadian

(Brantford , 2018-12-15)


He is corrupt. Traitor. Uses Canada’s tax dollars to support isis.

(Warman, 2018-12-15)


I love my country

(Islay, 2018-12-15)


I believe this is the appropriate measure!!!

(Innisfail , 2018-12-15)


He is wreaking our Country. Support our people, stop giving money to the UN and eastern countries . You are destroying Canada's Energy sector !

(Cochrane, 2018-12-15)


I Feel Justin Trudeau is acting again the Canadian people and the interest of the people along with acting against the Canadian construction..

(Innisfail, 2018-12-15)


JT has signed out sovereignty away as well has done nothing for Canadians but Islamist Terrorist groups all over!! Charge him and have him resign without any monetary handout!

(CHESTERMERE, AB, 2018-12-15)


Our government system no long represents canada or canadians. It has been overtaken by a globalist agenda

(Success, 2018-12-15)



(Edmonton , 2018-12-15)


Turdeau is a Treasonous Globalist who needs to be held accountable for his crimes!

(Brandon, 2018-12-15)


I have had enough of Trudeau destroying Canada and Canadians life’s. I work my fingers to the bones for my family and the greedy ass government takes 40% no more of that either. I want more of my paycheck and for it to actually get me places in life. Lower taxes to 20%

(Grande Prairie , 2018-12-15)


This once great nation has been wronged one to many times by a "leader" who claims to be looking out for it's best interest. If he is unable to see the damage that he has caused to the citizens of Canada and their sovereignty while pushing his globalist agenda then he is either extremely unintelligent or overly arrogant showing no regard for the people whom he serves. Either circumstance would deem him clearly unfit to represent this nation.

(Blackfalds, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau had distroyed our country and has gotten away with it for to long. He needs punishment..

(Calgary, 2018-12-15)


He needs to be arrested for treason he isn’t above the law and he’s screwing us all!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

(Moose Jaw , 2018-12-15)


We need new gouverment

(Enderby , 2018-12-15)


Fed up with our Government hidding everything from the people.

(Lloydminster , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau and his government need to be stopped

(Osage, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing this because action is needed!!! Trudont is not my leader and should be arrested for encouraging terrorist activities and allowing them to come to/back to Canada after..

(Regina, 2018-12-15)


He is ruining Canada and has to be removed

(Fort Saskatchewan, 2018-12-15)


I have kids that need a safe and profitable environment to live in.

(Fredericton, 2018-12-15)


Charge and Arrest the whole Liberal Party including Trudeau with HIGH TREASON Immediately .. No more waiting , no more excuses

(Enderby, 2018-12-15)


Our government has given away our sovereignty!

(Thorhild , 2018-12-15)


He has stolen billions of dollars from tax payers and signed the U.N. imagration with out want citizens input.
He has lied to all

(Grande Prairie , 2018-12-15)


There are many issues and all are bad for Canada. The groper is the biggest of the problems and must be defeated and charged.

(Red Deer Alberta t4n 1x3, 2018-12-15)


Let’s get rid of this guy destroying our beloved country!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Camrose, 2018-12-15)


Get that dirty man out for everything he’s done to Canada

(Sherwood Park , 2018-12-15)


I don’t feel Trudeau can or should sign such important documents without the backing of the people by way of a vote

(Strathmore, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau and his whole cabinet have taken our rights away on OUR CHOICES, UN Compact, Carbon tax, letting in ISIS TERRORISTS, killing the energy industry, imposing poverty, lightening sentences for serious crimes, need I say more???

(Dawson Creek , 2018-12-15)


He needs to pay

(Leduc , 2018-12-15)


The current liberal government is destroying our country and our prime minister is an embarrassment.

(Cranbrook , 2018-12-15)


No to the UN Compact,

(Red Deer,AB, 2018-12-15)


We need proper changes to Canada, and Justin Trudeau is 100 % guilty of Treason, theft of taxpayer dollars that should be paid back, allegations of groping and the list goes on and on.

(Whitehorse, 2018-12-15)


My grandchildren and their children are in danger. Life as a Canadian will never be the same. Trudeau has sold the Canadian people to Islam

(Brooks, 2018-12-15)


He's needs to answer to the criminal charges... what he believes is not what in best interests of Canada... selling out Canada just as his father tried....he hates Canada

(Fort McMurray , 2018-12-15)


He is taking away our freedom of speech!!
Taxing us to death!!
Not taking care of Canada!!
Giving money to known terrorists!!
Putting a Carbon Tax!!!
Letting the UN Immigration pact go through!!!!
Terrible man in Canadian history!!!

(Canora, 2018-12-15)



(Edmonton, 2018-12-15)


I fear for the future of Canada. This TRAITOR should never have gotten this far in destroying the future for our next generations.

(Nordegg, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is a treasonous piece of garbage and need to be jailed for it

(Edmonton, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau needs to be aressted for treason

(Edmonton, 2018-12-15)


I want my country back.

(Whitecourt , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is a sellout, traitorous, narcissistic, imcompetent moron who refuses to listen to Candians or put Canadians best interests ahead of his own.

(Edmonton, 2018-12-15)


I do not agree with Trudeau’s ideas or his political agendas. He is ruining this country

(Grand forks bc, 2018-12-15)


I believe Justin Trudeau does not have canadians best interest in mind. He is a puppet and a liar. This is supposed to be a democracy not a dictatorship.

(Eckville, 2018-12-15)


Outraged with the unedited Liberal leadership report card under Mr. Trudeau! His Government has demonstrated over & over a lack of morality regarding justice, common sense (domestically & on a world stage) and economical savvy. Worse yet, is his traitorous stance towards immigration in our country & how we treat enemies to our People & Allies.... Be gone Sir!!

(Fort Saskatchewan , 2018-12-15)


Traitors to their country need to be brought to justice!

(Rimbey , 2018-12-15)


Im signing because justin trudeau has violated the rights of Canadiens and is putting our country at risk of becoming a third world country.. we have lost our right to vote in order to make decisions that affect this country and trudeau and his mp's have stolen our rights by signing the pact with the un

(Domremy, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau's a criminal

(Westmeath, 2018-12-15)


im sick of his poor policies and dont like what he is doing to our country

(calgary, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau has participated in treasonous acts against Canada.

(Barriere B.C., 2018-12-15)


Trudeau had no right signing the UN pact without a referendum so the Canadian people had a say first !

(Shefford, 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau is corrupt. As a canadian he is guilty of censorship, stealing and sharing personal information. He has a hidden agenda and puts it before the needs of canadians. He needs to go to jail.

(Genelle, 2018-12-15)


I’m sick and tired of giving my money to our corrupt government.

(Prince George , 2018-12-15)


Canada was not consulted. It’s an Act of Treason against

(Fort McMurray, 2018-12-15)


The Radical Transgender Muslim Trudeau has got to go!

(Victoria, 2018-12-15)


They are pulling our country apart ... spending money foolishly... we have no borders and bringing in illegal people... giving money to Terrorises groups. Changing our laws to suit the Liberal government especially with voting... signing onto the UN which is ridiculous. This is our Canada not Justin Trudeau‘s ... There are so many more reasons and I will fight for our rights and for my grandchildren’s right to live a peaceful existence. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government should be ashamed of themselves. They’re not working for Canadians.

(Cold Lake AB, 2018-12-15)


The drama teacher needs to go back and do what he does best

(Redcliff , 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor and a treasonist

(Lacombe , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau must be removed and charged as his treasonist plans of global government will destroy Canada.

(Red Deer, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is destroying our country instead of fighting for it

(Winnipeg, 2018-12-15)


Someone has to stop Trudeau before he completely destroys Canada.. i do travel over seas and use to be a proud Canadian but not so much anymore.. its embarrassing when people start adking why we put up with everything he has done to destroy our lively hood!!

(Edmonton , 2018-12-15)


he signs this and we have to pay for these people while everyone in western canada starves

(taylor bc, 2018-12-15)


I have no confidence in Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada. He has shown many treasonous acts against Canadians and Canada. His signing the UN Migration Pact is a treasonous move against the Charter of Rights for Canadians. Trudeau signed the UN Migration Pact without consent of Canadians. Signing our borders over to the UN is treasonous against our rights. Canadians did not elect the UN to govern Canada or it's borders. Trudeau has displayed more feats of treason through unimpeded illegal immigration through opening our borders to all and without vetting, through many acts of pay-to-play politics as well as ignoring CSIS warning of China 5G company infiltrating Canada and spying on us and the USA. Trudeau's acts also put relations and treaties at risk with other countries we are allied with especially the USA. Justin Trudeau needs to be thoroughly investigated and the Trudeau Foundation and all affiliates. All MP's that voted for the UN Migration Pact also need to be investigated and charged with treason against the Rights of Canadians. Canadians elected them and when they agreed to the UN Migration Pact they also committed treason. If the RCMP, Military and Governor General do not act on arresting Trudeau for treason then they also will be committing treason against Canadians. They took an oath To Treat, Uphold, Serve and Protect Canadians and Canada as a Sovereign Nation. Canadians under Magna Carta have a right to rally and rebel against an unjust and tyrant government. The arrest of Justin Trudeau for treason must be acted on immediately!

(Hanmer, 2018-12-15)


I think the liberals are being bought off to destroy Canada

(Hanna, 2018-12-15)


I’m tired of Trudeau destroying democracy

(Gull Lake, 2018-12-15)


That ******* is wrecking this great country

(Medicine Hat, 2018-12-15)


I fear for my grandkids future.

(Kitchener , 2018-12-15)


Because Justin Trudeau and Liberal MP's have committed treason and should be arrested.

(St. John's, 2018-12-15)


Signing the migration pact is a violation of our charter of rights, as well is spending billions abroad while financialy crippling canada and canadians

(Spruce Grove, 2018-12-15)


He is a dishrace as a Prime Minister and as a Canadian he is a cancer on this once great, proud people and country. He should be abolished to Cuba - let him go home!

(Parkland County, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing because he has ruinened the way of Canadian life. He has lost Canadians thousands of jobs and still wants to bring more people. I understand helping people but canada dosent have the financial means right now. Our people need to be taken care of first before we can do anything. Also he has wasted billions of tax payer money. Maybe he should waist some of his own. Stupid silver spoon spoiled little poster child brat!!!!

(Lloyd, 2018-12-15)


He is guilty of treason , selling out his country

(Regina , 2018-12-15)


I feel that he is not doing the right things for this country

(edmonton, 2018-12-15)


This poisonous snake should never have been elected in the first place. He is doing everything in his power to destroy Canada and make it an Islamic country

(Charlottetown, 2018-12-15)


I disagree with the liberal party

(Regina, 2018-12-15)


Driving our prospering country into record making deficits.
Funding known terror groups before providing life crucial services to our veterans.
Bringing in known ISIS fighters through "rehabilitation" into our country.
Taking away/hindering freedom of speech.
Taking away/hindering freedom of the press.
Taking away/hindering freedom of expression.

(Spruce Grove, AB, 2018-12-15)


Enough is enough. This criminal has to be stopped.

(Spruce Grove, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is a completely corrupt individual. His cabinet is lined with crooks and foreigners with terroristic ties. The dude is a complete traitor to Canada and HER people

(Medicine Hat, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau and his cabinet are traitors.

(Calgary , 2018-12-15)


Hes a terrorist

(Sydney , 2018-12-15)


We need a change for the better!!

(New Brunswick , 2018-12-15)


He is ruining our once proud nation

(Lloydminster , 2018-12-15)