Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.



Trudeau and the liberals are destroying Canada for all Canadians, on every level, economically, culturally, socially etc. and supporting foreign countries while raising our taxes. He is the worst PM in history and he is a traitor to this country.

(Hamilton , 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau is destroying all that is great about Canada.

(Lacombe, 2018-12-15)


I believe Trudeau is guilty of treason.

(Weyburn , 2018-12-15)


I'm signing because Tudeau is not for his country!

(Grande Prairie , 2018-12-15)


The pm works for the radical left not Canadians

(Chalk river, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing this petition because our sitting government is giving away our birthright! Our nation is a free nation. If we allow immigrants to live here they must live under Canadian law and sign an affidavit agreeing to follow our laws. We can't afford to house more people, we can barely feed our own because our Liberal government gives immigrants priority over our Military men and women and our Canadian citizens that are homeless!

(Penticton, 2018-12-15)


I fear for Canada’s future. My children my grand children. This dictator needs to go. Trudeau is Re shaping Canada into a country that Canadians don’t want nor do we want policy and law changes to protect barbaric practices.

(Spruce grove , 2018-12-15)


That’s where he belongs ,,Locked up for all he done to Canada,And he carries on with his game.Thats to turn Canada into a third world country

(Grande Prairie AB, 2018-12-15)


I’m signing because Trudeau is an idiot and destroying the country my dad fought for

(Devon , Alberta, 2018-12-15)


I have children and grand children in Canada. I pray that ‘prime minister gets chucked out soon. Descent people have no rights at all. I fear for them all. MAY GOD BLESS

(Fargo, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing this because Trudeau is a traitor and should be arrested

(St-Basile, 2018-12-16)


What JT is doing to this country is not right!!!!!!

(Drumheller, 2018-12-16)


I am a very concerned Canadian

(Canoe, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau is a traitor to Canada.

(yellow Grass, 2018-12-16)


I love my county

(Mission, 2018-12-16)


We are seeing history trying to repeat itself. There are too many similarities for it to be coincidental. The Liberal government does not speak for this Canadian so Trudeau saying he speaks for all Canadians is a blatant lie. The power needs to go back to the people not to the people in power. When they no longer represent the people they were elected to represent we have to have a way to be able to make changes in the future.

(Drayton Valley,AB , 2018-12-16)


Ashamed of my government

(Calgary, 2018-12-16)


I am against representative democracy, now, a Tinpot Dictatorship including a Kakistocracy/Corporatocracy and an insane asylum leadership. Highly Oppressive High Treason on our many Governmental Organizations for their parts played in Canadas destruction and Theft of Our Sovereignty. Signed William Joseph of the Goddu Family

(Kindersley, 2018-12-16)


Canada needs to be a free country ..with Peace & It was ....before JT got PM..SO he needs to be held for HIGH TREASON ...NOW......not 2019....

(whitby, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau Is a traitor and has ruined our country he needs to go to jail for his actions

(Edmontin, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau is destroying our beautiful country. This must be stopped! Canada is supposed to be a democracy, but has been turned into a dictatorship, ruled by Trudeau, and it must not be allowed to continue. Waiting for the next election will have disastrous, irreversible consequences on this once wonderful country!

(Swan Hills, 2018-12-16)


I’m tired of the Trudeau govt breaking laws and crushing our country in debt and making tens of 1000s of Canadians jobless

(Estevan, 2018-12-16)


I'm signing because Trudeau should be arrested for his treasonous acts.

(Powell River, 2018-12-16)


Enough is enough. Canada I stand on guard for thee

(Fort st john, 2018-12-16)


James garland

(Beaumont , 2018-12-16)


I want Justin Trudeau and his liberal cabinet to face charges for treason

(Etobicoke , 2018-12-16)


Trudeau is incompetent.

(North Vancouver, 2018-12-16)


PM TURDEAU AND HIS CABINET....have violated our charter of rights and freedoms in his treasonous ways!

(Wasga Beach, 2018-12-16)


This is wrong and just because he is in power it doesn't give him power to do illegal acts that effect our country and get away with it

(Prince george , 2018-12-16)


our government is destroying our nation

(calgary, 2018-12-16)


Our government has committed treason and need to be held accountable.

(Prince George , 2018-12-16)


This is my country and I love it. Nobody is going to take it from me or the younger generations here and to come!

(Harrow, 2018-12-16)


I am born and raised canadian and stand on guard for my canada.Justin by devieving the electorate to win a majority while using deception snd converting to islam after on his way to the swearing in ceramony was an act of treason.

(Chilliwack, 2018-12-16)


I think Trudeau(sr and jr) have never had the best interest of our country in mind and he needs to be held accountable for his decisions just like any other criminal on our soil

(Edmonton, 2018-12-16)


Canada's soverignty is Canada's business not the UN.

(Regina, 2018-12-16)


I take the safety and security of our country seriously.

(Drayton Valley , 2018-12-16)


Tired of the crap he has put this country in and I'm going to have to work till I'm 80 because I cant afford to retire.

(Wateous, 2018-12-16)


Liberals are destroying Canada

(Sombra, 2018-12-16)


He has never spoken for me he is a traitor to his own people and a puppet to his master

(Ardrossan, 2018-12-16)


Treason. Nuff said.

(Winnipeg, 2018-12-16)



(Toronto, 2018-12-16)


Justin Trudeau signed the UN without a vote, he is a Traitor to our nation!

(Sarnia, 2018-12-16)


I love my country

(Kerrobert , 2018-12-16)


Our so called government is ruining Canada , I fear for the next generation and my future grandchildren.

(Macoun , 2018-12-16)


Becsuse of trudeaus misrepresntation of canadians

(Duncan , 2018-12-16)


I Believe That his actions are treasonous.

(Fort McMurray, 2018-12-16)


I’m signing because I’m tired of them destroying our great nation

(Fort St. John, BC, 2018-12-16)


The law is the law for all...

(Ft St James BC, 2018-12-16)


Signing because he did put Canada at risk he did treason 100%

(Welland , 2018-12-16)


He's a traitor!

(Timmins , 2018-12-16)


I'm signing this because I don't believe in open borders, how can we have a country without borders.
I want these people who perpetrated this crime on the Canadian citizen arrested immediately.

(Foleyet, 2018-12-16)


We need someone who cares for Canadians first, All our Governments are similar, quit donating billons to third world countries and use that money for our elders, homeless and Veterans, to many things that need to be fixed here in Canada

(Box 3047 Tisdale sk. S0E 1T0, 2018-12-16)


Because Trudeau is ruining our once beautiful country he should hang for treason letting in our enemies and making us pay for our own takeover

(Montreal, 2018-12-16)


The prime minister has committed treason!!

(Red Deer, 2018-12-16)


No one government can make such a big decision without the vote of the people in the country ! Your an ******* if you think you can ! Get rid of liberals pcs and ndp and start over !

(Burlington, 2018-12-16)


I do t want to become a slave!!!

(Moncton , 2018-12-16)


Because my country was amazing, and I'm literally witnessing the control and overtake of a country which I am native too.***** Trudeau and***** the imagination pact.***** the un,***** anyone who's not in it for the people.

(Sylvan lake , 2018-12-16)


It is obvious that Justin Trudeau is trying to destroy Canada financially & by opening our borders to mass immigration including terrorists such as isis & protecting them instead of Canadians. Give the courts & RCMP back the ability to keep Canada safe. & give the funding & equipment back to the Canadian Armed Forces.

(winnipeg, 2018-12-16)


Liberalism is a decease.
Trudeau is a traitor

(Fort Saskatchewan, 2018-12-16)


I’m tired of our government spending our money on other countries, and not taking care of us . I want Justin Trudeau to be tried and sentenced for treason against our great country.

(Calgary , 2018-12-16)


Our prime minister is making decisions that are destroying our sovereignty and security as Canadians. He is obviously supporting an enemy faction. He needs to be relieved of Duty immediately and arrested for treason. Merry Christmas

(Lumby, 2018-12-16)



(Beaverlodge, 2018-12-16)


Treasonous criminals must be removed

(Nanaimo, 2018-12-16)


Obvious why

(Sexsmith, 2018-12-16)


Iam signing because We are Taxed to Death and Justin Trudeau needs to be Hung from the neck until Dead for TREASON.

(Ladysmith, 2018-12-16)


Because under the treason act in Canada law he has committed treason more than once

(Swift Current , 2018-12-16)


Trudeau is a treasonous traitor ans a liar when a om of Canada gives our tax money away closes our businesses our lively hoods taxes us ON TOP of a tax CARBON TAX SCAM forcing good hard working ppl into foid banks not a pm when he says Canada speaks for him he lies when our Parliament is infiltrated by non Canadians and when he does nothing for our veterans but does alk to support terrorists and their organizations HE IS NOT WORTHY TO RUN OUR COUNTRY and for a pm to call the ppl horrid names and what kind of pm who admits to hating western provinces then why is he a om in Canada if he hates western Canada why does he agree to FGM why is he alkowing isis into OUR country WHY DOES HE PAY TERRORISTS MILKIONS and (quiggans report) is trudeau not arrested for treason and terrorist associate supporter why does he change our laws or better yet he thinks hes above Canadian laws why dies he nit answer goid honest wuestions why is he not investigated for grooing or elbowing a female in the HOC ?? And wth does he think he is telling us that CANADIANS HAVE NO IDENTITY he is one to talk as WE CANADIANS DO ITS CALLED CANADA BORN AND RAISED WE STAND UNITED NOT DIVIDED AS TRUDEAU WANTS HE HAS TO GO #exittrudeaufromCanada. He hates our country anyways so be gone hes no good for us paying media off dirty! paying quebec transfer payments but refuses to build a pipeline. but takes from the province that kept Canada going shuts its industry down NO MORE TRUDEAU OR HIS FOREIGN LIBERALS NO TO THE UN NO TO SHARIA LAW AND NO TO BEING QWELLED!!!

(Saskatoon, 2018-12-16)


Enough corruption in canada!

(York, 2018-12-16)


Enough is enough its time to care about our Canadian citizens rather than those of other countries. We deserve equality among those already here not those looking for somewhere to escape.

(Creston , 2018-12-16)


He needs to go!!

(Dawson creek, 2018-12-16)


Fuck Trudeau

(Winnipeg, 2018-12-16)


Of the money hes spent mostly on other countries and not the one hes supposed to be looking after and the disrespect for vets.

(Prince George BC, 2018-12-16)


I truly believe Justin Trudeau needs to be removed from office for the sake of our country

(Hillcrest , 2018-12-16)


Just about every move Trudeau makes in Canada is against the Canadian people

(Agassiz, 2018-12-16)


I am a patriotic Canadian born citizen and it is my duty to stand up and speak out against attacks of any kind against it and fellow citizens

(Vanscoy, 2018-12-16)


He needs to go!

(Debolt , 2018-12-16)


There's enough evidence

(Port McNeill , 2018-12-16)


This is wrong on many levels.

(Slave lake, 2018-12-16)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor to his country. He is not a leader, he is a joke, and an embarrassment to Canada

(Carseland , 2018-12-16)


Had enough of the crap,

(Abbotsford, 2018-12-16)


Hes a good and a traitor

(Edmonton, 2018-12-16)


Mr Trudeau is damaging Canada with his policies in regards to oil & gas, carbon tax and migration.

(Pouce coupe , 2018-12-16)


Justin Trudeau has commented treason against the Canadian people!

(Courtenay , 2018-12-16)


These treasonous LIBIDIOTS need to pay for their heinous crimes against the citizens of Canada!

(Wheatley , 2018-12-16)


the liberals are committing treason,alert the firing squad

(calgary, 2018-12-16)


I want Canada back. I am embarrassed for our country

(Red Deer, 2018-12-16)


I don’t agree with PMJT Liberal Party forceful agenda to destroy Canada

(Winnipeg , 2018-12-16)


I’m signing this because there is no way they should getting away with this. Trudeau and his liberals have been pulling illegal things ever since he’s gotten into office and needs to be stopped and arrested for all of his shady policies!

(Whitecourt, Ab. , 2018-12-16)


I was asked to help support av worthy cause

(Huntertown, 2018-12-16)


I am signing this because I am done paying taxes an our money making the people have anything I pay alot in taxes an for the past 20 years I should be pretty close to retire now an I dont want my kids to see how you have to work your entire life an not enjoy it I want our sovernity back an I am pretty much sure I will never see the millions I paid in to this stupid government back.. tax brakes for the middle class I call bullshit we pay more than last year an another thing close the ******* borders too an stop handing our Canadians hard working money to ask clowns

(Leduc , 2018-12-16)


The direction the liberal government is taking us in is in a sense the same as jumping off a cliff

(Regina , 2018-12-16)


Because he's guilty

(saint john , 2018-12-16)


He's a globalist dictator like his dad that's destroying Canada and doesn't care about the people of Canada and the Charter of Rights

(Calgary, 2018-12-16)


I am tired of corruption, and no intelegent person who had Canada’s best interest would ever create such a bill.

(Edmonton, 2018-12-16)


I don't want to loose our beautiful country to Muslims!
They do nothing but destroy wherever they go.

(Saskatoon , 2018-12-16)


I am signing this petition because Justin Trudeau has sold out our country toforeighn interests . And is turning our country into a shit hole.

(Calgary, 2018-12-16)


His policies regarding immigration and taxation are destroying our country. By giving money to terrorists while telling veterans that ask too much. He needs to be locked up

(Calgary , 2018-12-16)


They are traitors. Even though this seems rediculous they should be arrested. They are infringing on Canadian Cotezens and acting in direct violation of the canadian charter.

(Grande prairie, 2018-12-16)


I’m sick to death of seeing Canadians working their entire lives and having as much as they had 40 years ago while corrupt politicians rob them blind and give the money to terrorists and other corrupt governments. Either Trudeau didn’t read/understand the migration compact or he did then committed treason when he signed it!

(Prince George , 2018-12-16)


Hes a tyrant leader with no qualifications

(Stettler, 2018-12-16)


I am authorizing lawmakers to act on my behalf, to hold all accountable, and to charge all involved.
Wars were fought, and won, for our sovereignty, and it will stay as is.
Treason is the lesser of the charges applicable.
Let’s add theft, money laundering, and extortion as well.
Soros himself needs to be held accountable for his role with the Nazi’s, and forced to give the fortune back to the people’s legacy.
AND, For his interference in countries and governments.

(Whitecourt , 2018-12-16)