Upgrade of R101 Old Johannesburg Road



The road is in a bad condition and the congestion in the mornings is very high. Traffic does not flow here nicely.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


I drive old jhb every day and it needs attention in quite a few places

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


As a Centurion citizen it is a infrastructure improvement

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Upgrade R101. My child crosses the road at zwartkop high school daily and it is dangerous

(Gauteng, 2017-03-23)


I fear for the safety of all using the Old JHN road on a daily basis.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


I'm singing because I use the road everyday and see the horrific accidents and the state of the road on a daily basis.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


We need safer roads

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


The R101 is a danger for all road users!

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


This is desperately needed.
Centurion GROWS and GROWS and the roads just stay the same....

(Tshwane, 2017-03-23)


The road is bad.Driving on it everyday.Also needs more lanes

(Centurion , 2017-03-23)


I use this road every day and it is in terrible condition

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Travel it regularly and has deterioration has been evident for years but is never repaired

(24 Bedford Str The Reeds ext 5, 2017-03-23)


Upgrade of R101 Old Jhb Road

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


This road needs widening upgrading . The traffic is getting worse every year . More devlopment and no upgrading of infrastructure.

(Centurion , 2017-03-23)


High safety & security risk.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Natasha Putter

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


I'm using that road everyday and it's a dangerous road!

(Tswane, 2017-03-23)


I am using this road daily and it is dangerous because of taxi driver behaviour and we need better infrastructure in the economic hub of the South Africa.

(Pretoria, 2017-03-23)


Using the road daily for work and home

(Rooihuiskraal, 2017-03-23)


I use the road every day

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


That road is in a terrible state and a danger to everyone commuting there

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


This road is dangerous

(Centurion , 2017-03-23)


The road conditions are dangerous.

(Johannesburg, 2017-03-23)


Using the road on daily basis and in need of upgrade

(Rooihuiskraal Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Upgrade the R101 please

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Al Myburgh

(ROOIHUIS KRAAL, 2017-03-23)


The Old Jhb is a major route in Centurion & currently cannot handle the congestion of traffic - needs upgrade urgently

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


We need a change

(centurion , 2017-03-23)


I'm signing because I am a concerned user of this road.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Upgrade the R101 please

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


My house borders on the R101 and I hear the traffic and accidents that happens there.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


I drive that road on a daily basis and it's not safe or in a good condition.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Maintenance of roads keeps road users safe and the old J'oburg Road needs it urgently.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


I use the road daily.

(Centurion, Pretoria, 2017-03-23)


I am staying in Rooihuiskraal for 20 years and have been using R101 daily. Once in this period I have seen an upgrade. So many accidents. The road is one of the main feeding areas of Centurion and look at the road. It is a disgrace.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Because it is time that we receive service for our hard earn tax money we pay

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


As one of the alternate routes to the N1 toll road, we were promised that the provincial government would ensure that it would be properly maintained.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


The road is in dire need of attention.

(Pretoria, 2017-03-23)


I want to make a difference in my community

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Traffic issues

(Pretoria, 2017-03-23)


I'm signing because I would like the road to be upgraded.

(Centurion , 2017-03-23)


The road is extremely bad. It is a safety risk.

(Centurion , 2017-03-23)


Traffic in the morning is way higher than the road can currently handle. Shoulder of the road is very high can't stop on the side for an emergency or flat tyre.

(Centurion , 2017-03-23)


Use the road often and in poor condition and unable to handle traffic volume.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)



(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


This road is totally overlaod and in peak times it grinds to a halt and many people start taking chances, many accidents happen and casses of road rage had been observed several times

(Eldoriangne Ext 3, 2017-03-23)


Hazardous conditions

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Need improvement to roads...tx

(Pretoria, 2017-03-23)


I used this road every day and night and the surface is dangerous, especially during or after rainfall.

(Johannesburg, 2017-03-23)


This road is deteriorating

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


Road is poorly managed and at some places it does make damage to my car that i have to pay for nit the government.

(Centurion, 2017-03-23)


I'm signing because me and my family members are using this road on a daily basis and would very much appreciate a saver environment.

(Centurion , 2017-03-23)