Fight to save lazy dog BBQ



I'm signing because this makes no sense!

Richard Day (Port Byron , 2017-04-14)


He has awesome food that I love and look forward to see him every summer . So to the city I say go get a life and leave the man alone.

Kenneth Jensen (Cololna, 2017-04-14)


I'm signing this petition because this man/season business serves a good product and he should be able to provide it to his loyal customers.

Erik Norin (Colona , 2017-04-14)


It's unfair let the man run his business

Jason Smith (Erie, 2017-04-14)


Not right. And he has awsome food

Mike Bukowsky (Port byron , 2017-04-14)


This is unjustified prejudice against an established business in our community

Michael Harkness (Colona, 2017-04-14)


This is a great small business that has earned its right to stay open.

Kayla Fowler (Coal valley, 2017-04-14)


This is not the way a city should do business.

Michael Brandon (Alexis, 2017-04-14)


My whole family looks forward to summers with Lazy Dog BBQ just down the road. We often grab a quick bite in between a summer project or during the work week for a quick grab and go lunch. We love it!!!!

Laura Wyffels (Colona, 2017-04-14)


It's good for Colona

Chris Curless (Colona, 2017-04-15)


This is one of the things in Colona that makes it unique and enjoyable. The delicious food he serves draws people in to our town who would otherwise simply drive through without a thought. Without these attractions (like Lazy Dog BBQ), we become just another poor, crappy little town with no town square or main street. The only reason we have any traffic is because 84 is our "main street". Come on, Colona! How many other businesses are we going to drive from our boundaries? Give the man his operating license!

Julie Ruff (Colona, 2017-04-15)


The denial is not just!!!

Nancy Newell (Geneseo IL, 2017-04-15)


Good food and Colona will lose lots of business!

Joe Collins (Colona, 2017-04-15)


its not right

rick proehl (moline, 2017-04-15)


I want to see the city and Joe work out a deal...i can see both sides but it is something that has to be solvable...

Kirk Denison (Bettendorf, 2017-04-15)


I grew up in Colona and we visit there often. We hate to see the city take away the ability for him to run his business!

Steve Verdun (East peoria , 2017-04-15)


I absolutely love there food and great service.They are friendly,nice people who really need to be open and serving the this area.

Jessica Huff (Colona, 2017-04-16)


Its unfair to block him from doing business, this is all about competition, other businesses can compete or leave !

Gerald Nordholm (Colona, IL, 2017-04-16)


he serves good food

Robert Spence (Rock Island, 2017-04-16)


It's wrong what the city is doing!!

Deb Lingner (Moline, 2017-04-17)


I love his BBQ.

Keene Hart (East Moline , 2017-04-18)


The food is amazing. Joe is a great person. People come from all over the quad cities to have his bar b que food....

cheri jenkins (colona il, 2017-04-18)


It's only fair since he was here first and I've
relied on him every summer

Stephen Miller (Colona, 2017-04-19)


I get food from him because I don't want to wait in restaurant for 20 minutes to get food when I only have 30 minute lunch break

Steve Schlieper (Colona, 2017-04-21)


I love this place and it must stay in Colona!

Jamie Bond (Silvis, 2017-04-21)


Best BBQ ever!!!!0

Claudia Mercer (Colona , 2017-04-23)


After 12 years of being given a license, what's unfair is taking that away. I consider lazy dog a food truck, and as I can see, I'm not the only one disappointed in Colona's decision. I'm hopeful that something can be done to keep him in Colona, but if not, I'll see him in Silvis! It's really too bad for Colona.

Kelly Rochleau (Coal valley, 2017-04-25)


He's a great guy as l with great food he's not hurting anything leave him alone

Dylan Wilson (Silvis, 2017-04-27)


I think he deserves to stay in Colona with his business.

Jodi Robbins (Colona, 2017-07-28)

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