Rain or Shine -Tennis for All in Burnaby



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(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


The city of Burnaby needs an indoor tennis facility that would provide quality programs for adults and kids all year round

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


A year round tennis facility in Burnaby will be fantastic for my son's tennis development, and for the enjoyment of all Burnaby residents.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


My son has no place in Burnaby to train now that his training centre is being shut down.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


My child's training facility closed down and there are no indoor courts in Burnaby to train

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


Our son and daughter were introduced to tennis back in the summer of 2014. They were registered with the largest training club in BC. Tennis was a new sport for both of them at the time. It was a way to provide a physical, mental and social aspect to their daily routine. We didn't realize what would happen thereafter. We were amazed that they had progressed substantially over the years due to the amazing high performance training they received at their club. Kids are amazing if they are given the proper tools and facilities to flourish.

Their club also became their second home and family. Unfortunately, not everything lasts forever. We received news that their training club would cease operations as of June 30, 2017. This was due to the fact that a new tenant was taking over existing tennis facility. This also meant 350 talented youth would have to explore other options for qualified and structured tennis training.

There are several tennis sites in the City of Burnaby, but only two indoor facilities which are in high demand. Because we live in a mild and wet climate most of the year, sadly the outdoor facilities are used less often and can be a hazard when playing tennis.

This petition is about our voice in the City of Burnaby. It is also about working with the City to provide a year round enclosed facility that will cater to the needs of all tennis players - leisure, recreational or competitive. If qualified, structured programs can be also be implemented, this would help many children, especially those who plan a future career in the tennis world.

By signing this petition as a Burnaby resident, you are asking the City of Burnaby to support year round access to high quality structured programs for all. Please support us in saying yes to - Rain or Shine!

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


I am signing this petition because all my family members play and enjoy tennis and my daughter is one of junior player in BC that needs place to be trained. We are as Burnaby residents face with problem with lack of indoor tennis facilities.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


My son plays tennis and Burnaby lacks proper indoor tennis facilities. Tennis is a growing sport with all the world wide success of Canadian Tennis players. Unfortunately, Western Canada is lacking in producing upcoming , young players mainly due to the lack of indoor facilities. Our rainy weather is not conducive to outdoor tennis and other sports like soccer and hockey seem to get all the funding.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


it would be nice to have more availability in Burnaby for playing tennis in the winter/rain

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


This facility is badly needed.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-07)


I am an enthusiast of tennis, would like to see more indoor court around the City of Burnaby.

(Coquitlam, 2017-05-08)


I would not live anywhere else and given we live on the "Wet" Coast, I understand we must do some things differently so I support indoor tennis facilities for all who wish to play this sport.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-08)


I intend to work out , then maintain my health condition for provincial hospital budget reduction maybe in the future . Thx ran

(Burnaby, 2017-05-08)


When Im in Burnaby I'd love to be able to play with my cousin!

(Burnaby, 2017-05-08)


I want to have more indoor tennis courts

(Vancouver , 2017-05-08)


I am signing this petition because all my family members play and enjoy tennis and my daughter is one of junior player in BC that needs place to be trained. We are as Burnaby residents face with problem with lack of indoor tennis facilities.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-08)


Hard to book an indoor court to play tennis during winter and raining days.

(Port moody, 2017-05-08)


Burnaby is a great city and is growing fast. The city needs to keep up with the demand for programs such as this to support the children growing up in the city.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-08)


I'm signing because we need a year round tennis facility in Burnaby so our kids, and new kids can learn and enjoy tennis.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-08)


Burnaby needs more indoor courts for sure. What do we have now? 2 at Cameron Complex, and 6 bubble courts at Burnaby Tennis Club. A great city needs great facilities to attract great people.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-08)


My boy is getting trained at GTA last three years too. He's loosing his favorite sport, his teammates & friends and intimate coaches. We need help!

(Port Moody, 2017-05-08)


This can just be beneficial to all, all year round!

(Burnaby, 2017-05-09)


Tennis is a great activity for kids.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-09)


Burnaby has always been a progressive city when it comes to sports. I feel this project will be another avenue for my children to continue participating in physical activity by introducting another venue for indoor tennis.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-09)


My god son is playing tennis in the named area. Don't sell the court to biz man, that will ruin the little one's happy time

(Port coquitlam, 2017-05-09)


I support tennis and sport in community

(burnaby, 2017-05-10)


Burnaby could use more tennis courts

(Surrey, 2017-05-10)


I'm signing because I often work in Burnaby and enjoy playing tennis after work. Another indoor court would excellent for year round play.

(Langley, 2017-05-10)


This is something I know the community could benefit from

(Vacouver, 2017-05-10)


I'm singing because I am the former Captain of the SFU Tennis Team and we've faced tremendous challenges in the past finding courts to play at during the winter months in order to train and to represent our university and our city. I also would like to play tennis again at an affordable rate indoor year-round and I think this is a good solution!

(Burnaby, 2017-05-10)


Having more indoor tennis options during our long wet season would be so convenient!

(Burnaby, 2017-05-10)


This is a fantastic idea and I fully support it. Tennis needs more attention and it deserves to more accessible to people of all ages. Especially with the cold and wet weather in the lower mainland, its time to make a change and provide for a huge demand from tennis players

(Richmond, 2017-05-10)


I believe it's important for everyone, especially children as they are our future.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-10)


Burnaby is a beautiful city but very crowded with very limited access to indoor sport facilities. Vancouver does offer a wide range of outdoor activities, no doubt! but It rains far too much here to enjoy those fully.
I believe this petition would surely help a community of all ages to have more choices in sports to develop and achieve a routine for a well balanced active lifestyle.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-11)


Great idea!

(Burnaby , 2017-05-11)


I want to play tennis rain or shine!

(Burnaby, 2017-05-11)


Burnaby residents need an affordable inside tennis court.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-11)


Tennis player

(North Vancouver , 2017-05-11)


I support the Pentsef family!!

(North Vancouver, 2017-05-12)


We need much more indoor tennis courts
My kids play tennis in Burnaby tennis club and never can find courts availabile
We love tennis !! We need indoor courts to play during the 9 rainy month

(North Vancouver, 2017-05-12)


Need better access to year round tennis

(Burnaby, 2017-05-12)


I love tennis and want to support the formation of a tennis club.

(Burnaby, 2017-05-12)


Im signing because I would love a tennis club. Im a avid player and I have a lot of friends who are as well

(New Westminster, 2017-05-12)