Cover up! Petition



i completely disagree with the ddsb dress code. i find empowerment in what i choose to wear. the dress code not only confines me but also promotes sexist / misogynistic views. i do agree that dress codes are important and necessary however, if the need for a dress code is justified by how my choice of clothing might "distract" one of my male peers, thats just wrong. we need to stop the sexualization of women's bodies. that is why i am signing.

(ajax, 2017-05-18)


The Durham District School Board dress code is outdated, specifically the rule that tank tops that are not 3 fingers in width are strictly prohibited. Being dress coded by multiple teachers for wearing a tank top that reveals nothing but your shoulders is humiliating, degrading, and is ridiculous due to the fact that in 25+ degree weather, girls are expected to wear a cardigan or jacket over their tank top in a humid school. Girls are even asked to take time out of their school day to phone home and get a shirt that covers more, which interferes with their education. I strongly feel that this rule should be changed, which is why I support this petition.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


The dress code is well due for some changes

(Whitby , 2017-05-18)


The dress code is a joke. It's not your choice as to how other people present themselves. The only concern schools should have is student safety. Bra straps don't kill. The morals that schools are setting with these unreasonable rules infuriates me. Also, as a non-binary student, the misogynistic view point makes me feel as lost as ever in ridiculous enforced societal constructs.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


I go to school to learn and get an education, not to be told what I can and cannot wear. I do believe that we still need a dress code however, it needs some major changes. If boys are distracted by my bra strap then it's their own fault! Have you gone shopping for shorts lately? If so, you may have noticed that there are very few shorts that go down to your knees!! This is 2017 and we need to let go of the 2007 dress codes. Let a girl wear what she wants and if someone gets distracted, it's their own damn fault! If you're so unhappy with these dress codes then just put everyone in uniforms for goodness sake! Please stop objectifying women!

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


I believe that my body shouldn't be sexualized for wearing shorts or a tank top in a school that doesn't have air conditioners. I am there to learn and by dress coding me and sending me out of class or home to change it is affecting my learning. If we cannot change the dress code then I want it to be enforced more on the boys who constantly break it but never see any consequences

(Oshawa , 2017-05-18)


I'm signing because I've seen so many girls lose confidence in themselves because of a dress code

(toronto, 2017-05-18)


I'm signing because the dress code is well outdated as the times have evolved. It is unrealistic to think to change the way education works since the times have changed, but not the rules. Furthermore, the expectations of the "3 finger tank top rule" is unrealistic and honestly, difficult to find. I refuse to spend my hard earned money on clothing that makes me feel uncomfortable and self conscious just to abide by a "3 finger tank top rule". As a working student, I fully acknowledge and support dress codes, however the DDSB dress code is unrealistic for women who are forced to wear a cartigan or jacket overtop of a tank top in 25°C weather in humid, non air conditioned, and non air circulated environments. I find myself and my male class mates are far more distracted by the uncomfortable working environments in classrooms reaching 30°C+ than a girls shoulders. I have never entered a work environment that does not accommodate for the needs and understanding of their occupaters safety and efficiency to work in an environment than the DDSB.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


Because women deserve to express themselves without being called out for the distraction of their clothes. Women deserve to be set free from standardization and should feel proud to represent themselves through the thought of their outfits. Education has become second priority compared to the way the dress code uses women's clothes as a sexual distraction for men. Perfect example of sexism. If you can easily point out a girls bra strap and send her home for such. Then there should be better accommodations for working environments and developing learners... dress code is nonsense for being this outdated.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


this petition is very accurate. i'm a 16 year old female who has to deal with sweating in school because i can't wear a tank top and there's no air conditioning. i've had a teacher call me a hoochiw for a shirt that showed my shoulders. how can one focus in school when they're over heating? why do women have to dress according to men. this dress code promotes rape culture.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


I believe in this 100%

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


The ridiculous dress codes, the hassle, and the objectification of young girls needs to stop.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


It's time for a change.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


It gets really hot & schools have no AC!!

(Oshawa , 2017-05-18)


The dress code premotes a world where I have no control over my body

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


If i am wearing a shirt at my school that is just three fingers long in the sleeve length i bring a longer sleeved shirt to school just in case the teachers are on my case. So many girls grow to be self conscious and being taught at a young age by your education system that you shouldn't be wearing this or that promotes girls to feel as though they shouldn't be confident.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)



(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


I don't deserve to suffer because people don't want to see my shoulders.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


I'm a guy, but I think it's not safe, or fair for girls to have to sit through blistering hot weather, just because some people think shoulders are a sin.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-18)


It is way too hot in the school and nobody decides to do anything about it as in getting fans or air conditioning. Plus summer hasn't even came yet and we're already getting heat waves and it is stupid suffer because what I wear is "distracting"

(Oshawa, 2017-05-19)


I want to be able to express myself at school without needing to worry about about being punished for showing a bra strap

(Oshaw, 2017-05-19)


girls can wear whatever they want

(oshawa, 2017-05-19)


stop objectifying women lol

(oshawa , 2017-05-19)


Girlfriend goes to o'Neil

(Ajax, 2017-05-19)


Dress codes suck

(Whitby, 2017-05-19)


Clothing should not be involved with someones learning. Forcing someone to cover up because they're wearing appropriate clothes for the weather, especially if the clothing is deemed "distracting", teaches them that opinions of others around them matter more then their learning. Teach others to focus on their own lives instead of others clothing choices, don't teach girls to cover themselves up for others approval.

(Ajax, 2017-05-19)


I support this petition 100%

(Oshawa , 2017-05-19)


I'm signing this because shoulders and bra straps showing is nothing compared to the problems we face today.

(Ajax, 2017-05-19)


I am signing because women/girls are discriminated against because of what they wear.

(Ajax , 2017-05-19)


i'm signing this petition because, as i student who feels that each individual should be allowed to express themselves through various clothing options, i believe that it's unfair to tell young students, or anyone for that matter, that they can't wear what they choose to.

(Whitby, 2017-05-19)


I'm a girl in school and I know how it feels to feel as if you're being objectified

(Whitby, 2017-05-19)


I agree with everything this campaign is promoting

(Oshawa, 2017-05-19)



(Prundale, 2017-05-19)


I strongly agree with the terms of this petition

(Edmonton , 2017-05-19)


Dress codes are trash

(Gainesville , 2017-05-19)


I am I girl who faces these unfair rules. Even though I can't change my school would love to help change your school

(Oakville, 2017-05-19)


my school has the same dress code and problem and id like to help in anyway

(whitehouse, 2017-05-19)


I understand the needs of a dress code, however i think many of ours are outdated. I've literally seen a boy walking around w a concert shirt with an almost naked Beyonce on it yet i get called out for a spaghetti strap. it is hot in the summer. it is humid in the summer. and it gets even worse inside school. I'll stop wearing my spaghetti straps when you give me an air conditioned environment where i can tolerate wearing a cardigan over my tank top. I can say for sure as a gay female i have never once been distracted by a girls shoulders. not once. catch up to the 21st century, DDSB.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-19)


i want there to be a dofference in all schools

(california, 2017-05-19)


I believe in this cause.

(Richardson, TX, 2017-05-19)


Women in today's society are punished because guys are unable to restrict their "instinctive behavior" otherwise known as SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

(Fort Collins, 2017-05-19)


I agree with her statements.

(Roanoke , 2017-05-19)


What are you wearing its up to you. What are you wearing its what make you comfortable. So rock it.

(Jakarta, 2017-05-19)


This dress code is out dated and girls deserve the freedom of choice in how they dress.

(Marion, 2017-05-19)


I feel that students should be able to express themselves freely with clothes. (with the exception of inappropriate clothing) Uniforms can make many people uncomfortable. At this stage in life looks really mean a lot to people and letting them stay upset over their outfits just really bothers me. I myself struggle with positivity when it comes to my body but wearing clothes that I think suit me really helps.

Please consider this, I know it would make many students happier.

(Paducah, 2017-05-19)


"Distract boys". Maybe the boys shouldn't be looking at girls like all the are is skin and other larts.

(Hopkins, 2017-05-19)


Im signing because girls should have more options and OPEN SHOULDERS ARE NOT SEXUAL!!

(Jefferson Township, 2017-05-19)


I completely relate with this petition.

(Harrisonburg, 2017-05-19)


I'm signing because I believe a guys and girls should be able wear what they want and not get punished for wearing small straps

(Oshawa, 2017-05-19)


why would someone buy special clothes for summer during school just to cover up a little more . stupid and a waste of money .

(Cottage Grove, 2017-05-19)


i think the dress-code should be changed because i know what its like, as im a girl

(Milwaukie, 2017-05-19)


How about we teach guys to not objectify women instead of teaching women to change themselves to avoid objectification???????? Nah that's too ridiculous I'm just a heretic or something victim blaming is the solution right guys????

(Wheaton, 2017-05-19)


I feel obligated to help a fellow girl who is being treated unfairly and wants to make a change.

(Tyler, 2017-05-19)


Girls shouldn't have to cover up their skin because boys get "distracted". They should be teaching boys how to properly respect girls and not shame us with our own bodies.

(Bowmanville, 2017-05-19)


It's 2017!

(Toronto, 2017-05-19)


the current dress code is objectified and demeaning and needs to be changed

(Pickering, 2017-05-19)


I support equal opportunity

(Oshawa, 2017-05-19)


I feel that girls are targeted by dress codes.

(Lake, 2017-05-19)


because this is bullshit. equality. in all areas. for boys and girls.

(valley village, 2017-05-19)


i agree with everything this petition represents.

(Oshawa, 2017-05-19)


the dress codes are actually bullshit and need to be changed

(Uxbridge , 2017-05-19)


I believe in a safe school environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow. The school is not a place for oppression or suppression. Allowing girls to feel confident and comfortable with their bodies will allow better a school environment and opportunities to educate and creat change. Also our school has no AC, how do you expect me survive in long sleeves?

(Oshawa, 2017-05-19)


i'm signing because when playing rugby in the 30 degree weather my male coach told us to all dress appropriately while the boys team all had their shirts off. When we asked him about the rule he said he doesn't make the rules he just agrees with them

(uxbridge, 2017-05-19)


Go you! I hope the dress code is changed, I believe it is unfair and degrading as well. Good luck!

(Eagan, 2017-05-19)


It's very bothersome that girls are objectified for showing any skin whatsoever. A majority of the students at the school are mature enough to be able to see skin without harassing others. Students should be punished for this instead of for just wearing shorter clothes.

(Uxbridge, ON, 2017-05-19)