Fernie Parks should be Pesticide Free!



Spraying pesticides isn't worth any possible risk to our children, pets or environment. We love dandelions and clover, bees and fish, and playing in Fernie's awesome parks and green spaces!

(Fernie, 2017-05-30)


We don't need to spray chemicals because some people don't like yellow flowers. And, the city is violating it's own Pesticide bylaw.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Support the bees. Keep the dandelions!

(Fernie , 2017-05-31)


It's unbelievable that we allow these toxins to be sprayed anywhere were children & pets congregate! WE KNOW THEYRE TOXIC! My family/dog frequent these areas too & it is unacceptable! Shall I mention what's it is doing to bees & other wildlife? Fernie & all surrounding communities should be leaders in this plight & STOP USING THESE TOXIC CHEMICALS!

(Cranbrook , 2017-05-31)


Ecologically irresponsible and poor use of public funds in time of budget shortfalls due to additional winter snow clearing.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Keep grass healthy and you won't need to spray

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


There is no need for pesticides. Regular maintenance is enough.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Unecessary to spray especially where our kids and animals play. It's bullshit.

(Fernie , 2017-05-31)


I don't see the reason for spraying our green spaces. Bees don't like pesticides

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I do not agree with spraying herbicide on our public lands.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I don't want my children exposed

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Poisoning our parks and our environment is just not on anymore. I can't believe we are even discussing this issue!!!!

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Let's do our best to protect our children, our pets and our pollinating insects. Please stop using pesticides/herbicides to kill "weeds."

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Parks don't have to be picture perfect at the expense of spraying toxins into the environment.... The times are changing and health awareness is increasing... Doesn't matter what "safe allowable limits" are stated on any chemical.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Because I strongly disagree with the use of pesticides/herbicides in general and am even more strongly opposed to the use of them in public areas. Fernie can do better!!!

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I feed my children organic produce to reduce the amount of pesticides entering their bodies. I shouldn't have to stop them from playing in the park for the same reason - especially in a town like Fernie where we are all about the outdoors.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I'm signing because pesticides have no place in Fernie's forests and streams. Insects feed hundreds of animals and support the ecosystem. Please stop spraying these harmful chemicals in nature.

(Newmarket, 2017-05-31)


I have children and try my best to keep their toxic intake to a minimal. This is surprising to our family, as we believed Fernie to be pesticide free. I love the natural growth of our environment and have no problems with "weeds."

(fernie, 2017-05-31)


What's the use of having bylaws if we can't protect the health of our children !?

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Too many toxins in our environment.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Kids and dogs will be picking up the pesticide on their toys, which end up in their mouths.
Pretty simple concept.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Our parks shouldn't need pesticides to be green! Naural is the way to go! For the sake of our children, our pets and our wellbeing!

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Dandelion and clover are harmless, even beneficial! This is a reckless use of taxpayer funding for a pointless cause. Harmful chemicals, costly (in more ways than one) for aesthetic purposes only? Not acceptable.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I'm against the use of pesticides. Especially in public parks and around schools

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I don't believe we should use dangerous chemicals that have the potential to cause cancer and waste money trying to get rid of dandelions. It's absolutely ridiculous. We know better in this day and age!

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I'm signing because I am against the spraying of pesticides in public areas where children, adults and animals can come into contact with the harmful chemicals these pesticides contain.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Dandelions aren't that bad! Waste of taxpayer dollars and more importantly toxic to humans and our furry friends. Old school practice that no one wants to continue.... please don't spray!!

(Fernie , 2017-05-31)


it is irresponsible to be spraying dangerous pesticides in areas where kids are playing.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I don't want any more chemicals forced on me

(fernie, 2017-05-31)


This goes against the town's own bylaw, puts children and pets at risk, and can kill a bee population that is struggling to survive. For what???? I may no longer be a Fernie resident, but my in-laws reside there with their dog, and regulary have my dog with them. Many of our friends reside in Fernie and their children and pets are put in unnecessary danger. The city has a responsibility to its residents, both human and animal alike, to ensure that they are acting in the best interests of these residents, not against them.

(Baynes Lake, 2017-05-31)


I believe nature should be natural!

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I think harmful chemicals are unnecessary and should be unwelcome in Fernie.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)



(Fernie , 2017-05-31)


I think that it is hypocritical that homeowners can not use pesticides on their lawns but the city can. The presence of clover in lawns is a result of the soil being malnourished. Maybe some compost should be spread on the grass in the fall each year? I am sure that less toxic applications could be used to control the dandelions.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Although I do not reside in Fernie my adult children and my small grandchildren all live there. They spend many hours playing in the parks in Fernie. Chemicals have no place in Parks where children are encouraged to play - please reconsider the use of chemicals in public parks.

(barriere, bc, 2017-05-31)


My family are very concerned about your plans to spray Fernie's green spaces. Why would you do this when you know the risks and consequences involved? What's the point of it?

We love dandelions and clover and all of the other flowering plants that occur all over our wonderful city. We love the insects they support. My children are Earth Rangers and have actively fundraised and put in a lot of energy to raise awareness about the issues with the bee population, they were devastated to see your signs outside the arena which is near our house. We are also massively concerned about the health of our family! You should be too!

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Where is the common sense in spraying and contaminating an area used by so many people, children, animals and wildlife.....just because of a couple of plants nobody likes?! they dont do any damage. we care enough about the sight of the plants to poison ourselves...seriously WTF

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


The dandelions don't bother anyone, and I'd like my children to be able to play in a safe zone

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Our town is better than this. All 3 active ingredients are banned for cosmetic use in other provinces because of their risk to human health, especially in children. And we're spraying outside a school with only 1 day notice? There are many other non-toxic solutions that our town should be using to set an example for others to follow. But trying to pull a fast one with one day notice is B.S. Huge loss of respect and trust.

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


Because, common sense.

(Fernie , 2017-05-31)


I have to obey the law. So should the city

(Fernie , 2017-05-31)


It's unnecessary and dangerous to important species.....like bees.....and humans!

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


I have no problem with dandelions growing in our open areas. Dandelions also provide food for bees. Many people use those grassy areas, there are health risks associated with herbicide. Is there another side to this argument that I am not aware of?

(Fernie, 2017-05-31)


My children use these areas daily and I am not OK with the toxins. Shame on you fernie council

(FERNIE, 2017-06-01)


I'm signing because this is unnecessary

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


I have 2 little kids, they deserve a pesticide free play area (& world) We love the dandelions + clover!! SAY NO TO TOXIC CHEMICALS!!

(FERNIE, 2017-06-01)


Pesticides are unnecessary in a place like Fernie. Our children and families deserve non toxic and chemical free environments that match the natural surrounding s of Fernie. Not to mention that our water drainage goes directly into the river where chemicals also do not belong

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


The long term health risks for all Fernie residents are at risk if these chemicals are used!

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


I am very concerned about the usage of Herbicides on City of Fernie fields. These products are toxic to our children, pets and waterways. It is quite shocking to me that in this day and age a toxic herbicide would even be considered.

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


I'd like to keep the environment free of pesticides so that we can stop harming nature and our bodies

(Fernie , 2017-06-01)


I am signing because I think this pesticide is deadly to children or any human being. It would also destroyed some flowers that are vital to bees and butterflies but foremost these parks are used by young children and it would be unhealthy for them. We live in this beautiful valley by choice and I would like to see this town and valley free of perticides.

(West Fernie, 2017-06-01)


I have a brain.

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


Don't need more cancer in my life

(Fernie , 2017-06-01)


My sister, brother-in-law, and neice live in fernie. As a horticultural technician, this practice is outdated and unnecessarily putting the health of park clientele at risk.

(Toronto, 2017-06-01)


I have children and want me kids to enjoy the park with all it's natural beauty!! keep our environment safe and educate the next generation about these poison!

(fernie, 2017-06-01)


We deserve to have clean healthy grass to play on. I have dogs and kids that play on the lawns and I'd like them to not get sick because of pesticides.

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


I do not want the City of Fernie to spray 2-4 D Herbicide.

(fernie, 2017-06-01)


I don't want cancer causing chemicals and neurotoxins sprayed in our town. We need to protect our children, ourselves and our envoronment from these toxins. This is a necessary change in our world. Our air, our wayer, our food need to be pesticide free. Let Fernie be a lead a good example of a town who cares about our environment.

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


This is unacceptable. We live in the wild do you think that seeds from other areas won't come and germinate in those park? It's a loosing battle poisoning our lives.

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


Its unnecessary, and harmful to or children and pets and anyone who uses these gen spaces, and it kills all the early nectar fir bes and butterflies.

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


This should not be allowed!

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


My grandchildren live in Fernie and I am concerned about their health if they are playing in parks sprayed with harmful poisonous pesticides.

(Delta, B.C., 2017-06-01)


Health concerns, unnecessary application and expense. I'm disappointed by the poor example set by The City of Fernie with the poor notice given to residents and temporarily excusing themselves from the bylaw.

(Fernie, 2017-06-01)


This is ridiculous!!! What about kids and fur babies. Shocking that this is happening.

(Fernie, 2017-06-02)


I strongly disagree with exposing our children and the public to harmful chemicals to get rid of "weeds".

(Fernie, 2017-06-02)


Poisoning our children and water! Disgusting!!!

(Fernie, 2017-06-02)


I am a physician and am strongly opposed to pesticides.

(Fernie, 2017-06-02)


I have healthy grandchildren and don't want to poison them with toxic chemicals. I believe children and adults alike need clean chemical free places to play.

(Fernie, 2017-06-02)


it is absurd to use pesticides!

(Fernie, 2017-06-02)


Because I have children and honey bees and I am fed up with them being poisoned because people have been brainwashed to believe they need to spray weeds

(Fernie, 2017-06-03)


Dandelions are food for the bees and only bloom twice a year and Pesticides and herbicides are toxic period !!!

(Castlegar, 2017-06-03)


I have pets and grandchildren that I don't really want exposed to pesticides.

(Fernie , 2017-06-04)


I care strongly about the potential risk to people, animals, air quality and whole local eco system. There are many sustainable innovative healthy 'garden looks' that the City could consider investing in- without spraying.

(Fernie, 2017-06-04)


you, my city orginizers.....suck

(fernie, 2017-06-04)


Fernie is a progressive, educated, and socially active town. Pesticides do not follow Fernie ideology or its residents social views. Please do not use this pesticide where we play.

(Fernie, 2017-06-04)


The Kootenay's deserve our respect and should not have chemicals spilled all over her

(Kimberley , 2017-06-07)


I think that the use of poisonous chemicals on our lawns and green spaces is dangerous and a waste of money. Why do we have bylaws if they are ignored and not enforced?

(Fernie, 2017-06-10)


M I do not believe we should be spraying chemicals that can cause cancer in humans. I'm fine with looking at weeds.

(Fernie, 2017-06-10)


Dandelions are good pesticides are bad

(Fernie, 2017-06-10)


It simply makes sense.

(Fernie, 2017-06-12)


I have a young daughter who plays at these parks & think it should all be pesticide FREE.

(Fernie, 2017-06-12)