SACPCMP must fall



This is a whole money making scheme
It doesn't make you any more competant

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


i m signing this petition.

(windhoek, 2017-08-17)


It takes year to receive a confirmation letter

(johannesburg, 2017-08-17)


Finding it difficult to register.
I signed up, and when tried to go back to website to upload documents, did not recognized me

(Richards Bay, 2017-08-17)


Registration process is complicated and expensive.The process has prevented a lot of us from getting employment.

(Johannesburg, 2017-08-17)


The promises made by the SACPCMP have not been met.

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


Im waiting two years to get an exam date I have sent numerous emails to Vincent Harmse with no avail in addition the phone just rings.....with no answer

(Capetown , 2017-08-17)


The application process takes too long.
The fees are expensive
Safety personnel gain nothing

(Midrand, 2017-08-17)


I am signing this petition because the SACPCMP has brought more destruction than any good within this industry at large. More unemployment and certain people controlling the industry especially the registration of the Agents.

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


i am signing this petition because it took me 2 long years to register and i am still not done with the process i have been waiting for the past 2 years of which that affected me negatively in finding employment because employers need registered people.

(cape town, 2017-08-17)


I.m not getting any reply yet

(Tzaneen, 2017-08-17)


I am signing because im one of the voice to the voiceless. This whole registration has seem to be a money making business that delays or prohibits one's growth towards his / her career.

(Cape Town, 2017-08-17)


They could not resolve a double payment since Feb

(Bronkhorstspruit, 2017-08-17)


I'm signing because I am in agreement with the comments made. I have issues with the process over and above those that were mentioned.

(Johannesburg , 2017-08-17)


I have applied in 2015. At the start of 2017 I was informed to submit all my documentation online. I submitted all my documents but was told to only submit certs which has been recently cerified. I have moved 3 weekd ago and all my certs are packed away. Why is more recently certified documents needed?

(Deneysville, 2017-08-17)


SACPCMP is very costly and very unprofessional regarding communication. It does not help me with employment and has blocked me from attending interviews on numerous occasions. The waiting period is ridiculous and i feel SACPCMP must fall!

(Johannesburg, 2017-08-17)


Process is costly

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


I tried to register , no answer to calls , when my calls were answered the people taking calls did not fully understand , what was required of me . Loss of employment due to non registration of this sacpcmp .

(Durban , 2017-08-17)


I'm not seeing results or benefits of being a part of this organisation

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


Due to the high number of unemployed people in this profession I think it's unfair for people to pay such high fees to find employment

(secunda, 2017-08-17)


I don't know what are we benefiting from SACPCMP as registered safety Proffesionals.

(Pretoria, 2017-08-17)


This is a money making scheme, registration process is costly and lengthy. No added value from SACPCMP.

(Roodepoort, 2017-08-17)


I'm signing because I to am an HSE OFFICERin the field for over 16yrs and I am still awaiting registration for the past 2yrs. No feedback or communication from SACPCMP

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


The establishment of SACPCMP was a unnecessary organisation. It outlined what it intended to achieve but not how it would help the professionals. They disregarded the concerns raised prior to government approval nor were their taken into account. This organisation is clearly politically driven to generate wealth. It was also never in their interest on how long it would take for a person to be registered as long as the process was adhered to they were satisfied.

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


I feel it was introduced too early, resources and staff are not ready to handle the process, its very expensive and some of us are working project and we can not afford this ridiculous fees, applications are not attendend nomatter how much you try and make a follow up via phonecalls emails. It doesn't benefit us as employees in any way. I am totally against it.

(Lephalale, 2017-08-17)


I registered in 2012 and paid my share and to date haven't heard from them............

(Limpopo, 2017-08-17)


Unemployed how wil I pay that yearly fee.they nevEr sit down and think for the unemployed people

(Secunda , 2017-08-17)


I totally agree with the writer

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


The fee amount and the general salary is impossible to compare.

With my first written exam I failed, where I feel that as all EHS practitioners know, views differ between us, and to see an issue being resolved through someone else's eyes is not necessarily wrong, just not the way you would do it.

I also received no feedback as to how my answers were wrong.

The electronic test I passed fairly easily?

What does SACPCMP bring to the table? We pay huge yearly fees and have to take leave for for conferences, do they at least give us more job opportunities? I dont think so

(Witbank, 2017-08-17)


It is a form of oppression to the previously disadvantaged who are trying to get into the job market.

(eMalahleni, 2017-08-17)



(Nigel, 2017-08-17)


How can somebody behind a desk say i do not have the experience required to register as a manager if they never been on a site with me to see how i operate.

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


I get no assistance from them.

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


We are now required to register with professional body SACPCMP, i have been trying to get registered from 2014 and have only experienced difficulties.
sending through required documentation and if lucky they get back to you when they need years later I only have problems which they want you as an individual to solve.

(JOHANNESBURG, 2017-08-17)


Construction companies won't take us without being registered or having proof thereof, but the SACPCMP takes forever to assist.

(Johannesburg, 2017-08-17)


Costing too much and as a site based safety officer i can not attend all this conference meetings and courses to build cpd points

(Witbank, 2017-08-17)


I dont see the importance of it !

(Durban, 2017-08-17)


The organisation is not being properly managed and preventing many Safety Officers from gaining employment.

(Ladysmith , 2017-08-17)


It's a money making racket. It only favours those with money to attend all the required seminars!

(Umkomaas, 2017-08-17)


I don't agree with this body... I must fall.

(Bethal, 2017-08-17)


Payment that must be made for everything and also the time everything takes

(Pretoria, 2017-08-17)


SACPCMP does NOT benefit anyone at all. IT IS A MONEY MAKING SCHEME. How does SACPCMP help with knowledge? It DOES NOT. People with 5 - 10 years of experience must sometimes register as a candidate, WHY ??. Does it create jobs ? NO IT DOES NOT ! It reduces job. Why you ask ? Well lets see.. SACPCMP takes forever too come back to you !! They dont care and honestly speaking. SACPCMP is just to benefit goverment so that they can make more money. #SACPCMPmustfall

(Krugersdorp, 2017-08-17)


I agree with the above mentioned points.
This thing take long and we don't get support from their offices.
it's expensive.
I don't benefit from this registration

(Mpumalanga, 2017-08-17)


I feel the SACPCMP should be removed

(Johannesburg , 2017-08-17)


Of all mentioned information, and that's a fact

( Pretoria, 2017-08-17)



(Durban, 2017-08-17)


I have been waiting long on my application anni had to twice for registration

(Durban , 2017-08-18)


This is a money making racket and serves no purpose

(Bronkhorstspruit, 2017-08-18)


The fees are too high and it takes time for one to be assisted.

(Pretoria, 2017-08-18)


does not benefit us

(durban, 2017-08-18)


I'm unemployed, and the money for registration is too much.

(MIDRAND,Halfway House, 2017-08-18)


I agree with the points that have been raised.
Registration takes too long and one needs to wait for results and exam date.
When one does meet the criteria it, reasons should be provided.
We are several people that are unemployed at present and when one applies for employment most advertisements states one must be registered with SACPCMP. Some people have applied for registration and have the letter in this regard.
People that are in the process of registering must also be offered a fair change to gain employment

(Welkom, 2017-08-18)


I'm signing in because of the delays in registering members such as myself. I've got 12 years working in the construction and engineering industry but when I applied for registration I was taking through the interview process and after I was told to register as a candidate. I felt aggrieved by that decision of the council and had to appeal the decision since June 2017 till now no response from the council. This is disheartening.

(Centurion , 2017-08-18)


I feel that its costly and also the salary bracket that is indicated is way too less.

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


I applied for PrCPM in 2009 and was told that I need more experience, while I was managing infrastructure projects for the city of Joburg. Since 2010. I am a candidate, paying excessive fees for candidacy. I notice people with non-South African qualification are differed to candidacy, while the young professionals under my supervision are registered with little experience. I have more than 15years experience. It is indeed heartbreaking. We need to be told the truth, not wasting our time and money for a council which does not care about us.

(Midrand, 2017-08-18)


SACPCMP must fall as this is making more and more people being unemployed and they are allowing unskilled safety personnel into the market due to governments laws.( BEE, BBBEE, AA)

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


It has been impossible to get any information, even when you have submitted your documents you still can't find employment because nobody from the SACPCMP office can tell you what's going on! It's holding a lot of us back.

(Pretoria , 2017-08-18)


I paid my study fees, got myself a job and after 8 years in the safety field no employer wants to employ me because i cant afford the annual fees of sacpcmp after i got retreched las year.

(Mbombela , 2017-08-18)


SACPCMP is not for the benefit of the SHEQ Professionals.

A very harsh statement but True.

The entire process is about what the SHEQ Professional must do to meet their 9 knowledge areas and pay pay pay.

What is the benefit for the SHEQ Professional?

To be examined and pay pay pay!

How does SACPCMP help me?

It guides me to meet the 9 knowledge areas and pay pay pay.

Hence the reason I say. There are no benefits for the SHEQ Professional. But there are benefits for the statutory body. MONEY, TIME AND CONTROL OVER OUR INDUSTRY

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


SACPCMP has done nothing for me except taken my money !

(Western Cape, 2017-08-18)


SACPCMP is not adding value to the HSE profession. After the registration process we still need to fend for ourselves with no support from the registered body looking for work.

(Evander, 2017-08-18)


Im signing because some of us cant get jobs because of this registration nd if u do you need to pay almost 3000r for this a year nd we dont evens earn that much

(Secunda, 2017-08-18)


I sign this because of the many substandard operations shown but such an important organization in OUR industry of health and safety !

(Pietermaritzburg , 2017-08-18)


I waited 2 years for feedback for my exams

(Witbank, 2017-08-18)


It is difficult to register , they system is difficult

(Vereeniging , 2017-08-18)


They need to get their avt in order i have lost 3 jobs because waiting for exam date.

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


I am waiting on them still and after several follow up's nothing has happened.

(gauteng, 2017-08-18)


I signed because i want SACPCMP not to exist anymore

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


My certificates makes me competent. Not their bullshit money-making scam. Its just government who want their hands in our pockets! It's a way of making money, and making it a lot more difficult for people to find work.It is definitely the blind leading the blind. All it is is, a money making racket. They should be reported for money laundering. I don't see the reason for registering on it.I agree that it is meant to eliminate other people from getting employment.

(Kriel, 2017-08-18)


i have a BTECH in safety management i have applied for the SACPCMP in september 2016 up to date i haven't called for the exam i am just sitting with the confirmation letter and i have lost my job due to this board

(thohoyandou, 2017-08-18)


I dont agree with the high fees and the fact that we are forces to attend courses to build up cpd whilst unemployed

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


I have been trying from 2015 to register and finally got my confirmation letter early 2016.l have since been trying to get an exam date. I've made numerous calls, had to put up with rude staff ( when lucky enough to get someone answer) and to date no luck. I have missed numerous opportunities for employment because clients are only looking for registerd CHSO. So what exactly is it the sacpcmp is supposed to do for us when all it seems is that, they are here to make life more difficult for us.

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


I have been unemployed for a long time but SACPCMP is just making matters worse! I can't apply for anything without it being mentioned!!!! It must fall!!!!

(Pretoria, 2017-08-18)


Because its been over some time since ive waited for my confirmation letter since I applied online

(PRETORIA, 2017-08-18)


the process does not benefit me as a safety officer

(mbombela, 2017-08-18)


There is no assistance from this what so called SACPCMP they keep on promising I'll receive my confirmation letter on fridays but there's nothing. I had to drive from where I stay just to ask them to give me conformation letter. Till now no progress.

(Sasolburg, 2017-08-18)


I am sick of the Sacpmcp, it adds no value to our industry at all. We are not even employed yet we must be paying fees to them..This is so wrong

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


Registration process is a.blocking point
This registration is creating unemployment people have lost their jobs already
New.people will.not be able to get employed in the industry
The a.joke is perception based and people.were.being failed
Safety professional are.not.responsible.people why should they be registered
It is a.moneymaking joke

(Durban, 2017-08-18)


Rip off, I have submitted all docs required in 2015 two years later sacpmp lost all my registration papers. I went and saw them they told me to resubmit I did and I was supposed to get my letter in a week, 4 weeks later still nothing they do not reply to my mails or answer their phones. List out on 3 possible jobs due to sacpm0

(Witbank, 2017-08-18)


Im signing this because this is a money making scheme by the government!It is not beneficial to us as SHE professionals,but only there to suck us dry,as if we are not already being exploited by this companies.

(Pretoria, 2017-08-18)


it does not help they unemployed to get employment but still wants its payment yearly.

(Pretoria, 2017-08-18)


Because I am an EHP and care for the proffesion.

(Centurion, 2017-08-18)


The organization does not have proper mandate and systems in pace to execute its wish list. I applied and paid all the monies untill to date I have received any feedback- 3 weeks now.

Regards, Bongani A Mkhari

(Witbank, 2017-08-18)


I'm signing because all of this concerns are true and as an active citizens of South Africa I also want change.its painful to see many graduate fellows who are unemployed due to lack of experience,high demands from this Council with abnormal price and poor services as well.

(Polokwane , 2017-08-18)


I'm signing this petition cause this board is not relevant at all just a waste of money and useless. There's already boards who are doing this why now you Government?

(Secunda , 2017-08-18)


They take long and we don't have money to pay because we dont have proper jobs

(Johannesburg , 2017-08-18)


How does being registered make HSE practitioners better at their jobs, and what direct benefits do we derive from the council?

(Amanzimtoti, 2017-08-18)


I'm signing because... It complicates matters..especially if you're not working

(Giyani, 2017-08-18)


Waste of time and money . They do nothing and they don't even reply to emails or answer calls

(Jhb, 2017-08-18)


SACPCMP must fall

(Johannesburg , 2017-08-18)


After spending thousands on getting qualifications this hurdle which is keeping many or most of us from getting employment even though have the qualification... The requirements are ridiculous... Needing experience to be able to register but not being able to et experience if not registered further more companies not allowing SOs on sight if not registered and not having budgets to have a SO on the team so you can get experience. Not everybody can afford to "work" for experience without an income... Iow we can't get experience if experience is the part stopping us from getting the experience...

(Nelspruit, 2017-08-18)


I agree with the points forwarded.

(Pretoria , 2017-08-18)


Delaying us in life

(Port shepstone , 2017-08-18)


I'm signing because... it seems like it is not working in line with the depatment of labour and it takes time to register with the councel.

(nelspruit, 2017-08-18)


sacpcmp Is a money making's like you cannot fully,purely and Truly and solely own anything in south africa...people just want to make us pay eternally for everything#Frustrated

(Grootvlei, 2017-08-19)


It's a money making business and unfair to underprivileged people

(Cape Town , 2017-08-19)