I want to preserve our heritage and am against changing our angle parking on Beckwith Street to parallel parking..

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-25)


I am signing this petition because it is the common sense alternative to this issue. The Town is going Bankrupt, there are not enough jobs, Taxes keep increasing and the Mayor and majority of council want to waste time and money on something like this instead of concentrating on the more important issues. I am 66 years old and the present parking structure has worked flawlessly all this time. If council has nothing better to do please take a extended Holiday instead of thinking up "Dumb" ideas like this to spend your time and "Our" tax dollars on.

(15 Davidson St. W., Smiths Falls., 2017-12-25)


I'm signing this because I feel very strongly that they would be making a grave mistake by changing the front street to parallel parking thereby changing the historical and uniqueness of our pretty little town.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


Angle parking on such a beautiful, wide street has always made my home town special. Change for the sake of change would be a costly, unproductive mistake.

(Maitland, 2017-12-26)


I visit my hometown on a regular basis to see family and eat at some fav spots. Please preserve our awesome angle parking that makes our town unique compared to others.

(Kingston, 2017-12-26)


I am in favour of angel parking

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-26)


When you re build after the work is complete, angle parking needs to be returned. NOT PARALLEL

(Lombardy, 2017-12-26)


To go from angle to parallel parking would significantly reduce access to Beckwith Street by reducing parking. There are more reasons too numerous for the purposes of this forum.

(Smiths Falls, Ontario, 2017-12-26)


-feel it is unnecessary
-will reduce parking in the downtown
-parallel parking will be unsafe when exiting into traffic on a busy highway throughway.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


Angle parking is the way it was designed the way it should be. It’s easy and convenient, not to be changed because a few people envision something in their head and feel they’re above everyone and change things on their own.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


I have been driving for 42 years, almost all of it in this town. I have not once had any difficulty with angle packing and I much prefer it to the parallel option. Sometimes I feel people just want to change things to change things. That's not always for the best. It will cut parking on each block and with limited parking , you will only go around the block a few times . I find with health issues myself where distance does matter , it just may be easier to go elsewhere. Please leave the angle parking.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


I grew up and Smiths Falls is my hometown... Angle parking is the easiest way to park, makes this town original... why waste the tax payers money on something that isn’t needed.. try updating the old original bridges back to being usable or the water tower etc... angle Parkin makes the town... with no industries anymore... keep it original

(Meaford , 2017-12-26)


There is nothing wrong with the parking down town making it parallel parking on the main drive will only cause more congestion and could potentially cause accidents!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


I’m signing because the angle parking is unique in Smiths Falls and in my opinion is a lot safer than parallel parking.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


Re: Beckwith Street Redevelopment

Smiths Falls has the Heritage House Museum, the Railroad Museum both serving to remember the heritage of the town. Why not keep/restore Beckwith Street to fit into this heritage, remembering days gone by.

Beckwith Street is (as far as I am aware) the only “main street” that can boast the width of the street. I am asking council to make this street look like a street from the early 1900’s. Remember its heritage. Spend money on helping stores fix their fronts with awnings. Have replicas of the old lighting, have less trees and those mainly at the corners (awnings for shade), have small seating areas on the corners.

Make this street a site to see by returning it to an older time. We hope with Le Boat having its headquarters in Smiths Falls and the investment that the town has made to accommodate this “new to us” company, that tourist will flock to the area. Have something historic for them to see.

Quebec City has kept its heritage and show cases it very effectively as have many other historic towns across Canada. Having a heritage Beckwith Street right across the bridge from the headquarters of a European company such as this will help to draw tourists and their money up the street instead of down the river.

Beckwith Street and its angle parking are unique to Canada, please keep it the way it is with enhancements to the street in the way of remembering its heritage to coincide with the museums and great heritage of the town.

I had earlier sent each of council the reasons for keeping the angle parking on Beckwith Street, now I am asking you to consider another option of returning the street to a previous time.

Yours sincerely,

(Montague Township, Smiths Falls, ON, 2017-12-26)


When visiting Smiths Falls for shopping I always choose the angle parking if it's available. Our small town of Madoc still has angle parking in a small section of down town and it's the prettiest part of town. Leave your angle parking... it's history.

(Madoc, 2017-12-26)


It is absolutely idiotic to change something that is just fine. Leave the angle parking alone and focus on the things that need to be taken care of.

(SMITHS FALLS, 2017-12-26)


Beckwith Street is unique with its angle parking. Build from there. Would be a shame to lose parking spots.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


I grew up in Smiths Falls and my father and his whole family grew up in Smiths Falls ... it is a beautiful town and 2 of the reasons for this are the very wide downtown street and the angle parking .. it makes it so easy to shop downtown ... to change this to parallel parking would hurt the downtown businesses

(Richmond, 2017-12-26)


Parallel parking on this street is ludicrous. It seems like the need for change is more important than what is actually right.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


I want to keep it the way it is for the history and uniqueness of our town Lived here my whole life

(Smiths Falls On. , 2017-12-26)


as a parent of an adult son with disabilities I already find it difficult on the side streets to access the sidewalk in the winter with parallel parking, its most difficult

(Smiths Falls, ON, Canada, 2017-12-26)


keep the angle parking as we have one of the widest street and it is much easier for the transports to make their turns. fix Confederation Bridge if you want to take traffic off Beckwith St. also the sign at Abbott ST. AND Lombardy St should have no left turn at any time

(Smiths Falls,Ont., 2017-12-26)


I live in a small town that once had angle parking they took it away.Now they have destroyed the look of our downtown even more over the years. every town needs to keep its character don't destroy yours. you can't go back

(Arnprior, 2017-12-26)


I do not want parallel parking in our small town..its already hard enough to get a parking spot

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-26)


This would be unsafe for children exiting vehicles and would make me cease shopping in smiths falls, entirely.

(Kingston , 2017-12-26)


I see no need to change what works just fine.

(Perth, 2017-12-26)


I used to live here and visit quite often. It would greatly reduce the number of spaces and who likes to parellel park anyway????
Don't attempt to fix that which is not broken.
I like your street for its parallel parking and accessibility.

(Kingston, 2017-12-26)


I'm signing because parking is already few and far between on Beckwith St. Changing it to parallel parking would give us even less parking. The idea is stupid, and whoever thought of it needs to give their head a shake.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


I think any other option is stupidness leave it alone!

(Smiths falls , 2017-12-26)


I want to see the angle parking remain.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


Angled parking is whay makes us unique. Leave our heritage alone

(Smiths falls , 2017-12-26)


Leave our heritage alone! Angle parking is what works.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-26)


Parallell parking would not benefit our town!

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


I am signing because as a disabled adult, parallel parking makes it very difficult to get in and out of a vehicle without obstructing traffic, and with snowbanks in winter makes it damn well impossible. Also, losing parking spaces on the main street where one would think council would like to encourage business (and traffic flow) makes absolutely no sense.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I love our town the way it is.Angle parking is the way to stay!

(Smiths Falls Ont, 2017-12-27)


I would like to see the angled parking remainin Smiths Falls. It is a tradition here and I think it is easier and safer. Just teach people to give way to back up lights. I love the old awnings in the old photographs.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I wish to keep angle parking on Beckwith Street.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


The angled parking should remain. Going to parallel parking would cause people to shop elsewhere and cause many accidents

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-27)


I believe parallel will ruin our downtown

(Smiths falls , 2017-12-27)


Like angle parking

(Smiths Falls on, 2017-12-27)


I am signing because I prefer the angle parking and truly believe our towns tax dollars could be spent in many more important things such as fixing the bridge in in the park (just for 1)

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I prefer the angle parking... I think anything else would be a mistake, especially parallel parking...

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


Keep some tradition

(Lombardy , 2017-12-27)


Please leave are Beckwith Street alone, why change something that works well and that is such a heritage of our town.

(smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


I love Beckwith St just the way it is. Please do not change it.

(SMiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I feel the idea to make this change is for a few not for many. There is no need for it!

(Smiths Falls,, 2017-12-27)


changing the parking to parallel parking is just dumb

(smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


Because I agree with keeping the angle parking. Parell parking is a bad idea and waste of money
Just leave the parking the way it is

(Smiths falls , 2017-12-27)


Angle parking makes much more sense. Many more vehicles can fit into the downtown core which is already hard to find parking spaces. Where do you plan to put the rest of the vehicles?

(Toledo , 2017-12-27)


I would like the angle parking on Beckwith St in Smith's Falls preserved

(Smith's Falla, 2017-12-27)


I am vehemently opposed to the removal of our angled parking on Beckwith Street. Our downtown is beautiful as is. It is unique to Smiths Falls. WE are not Perth. WE are not Merrickville. WE are not Westport. WE are Smiths Falls. WE have a lot to offer, and many quirks that make us original. One of those many things is our historic, spacious downtown; BIG and OPEN, just like our hearts. It allows for the maximum number of parking spaces, for our downtown business to be conducted, and also aids in the smoother flow of traffic, especially when emergency vehicles are up and down that strip multiple times, DAILY. As someone who works with people with disabilities, I have heard nothing but fear and disbelief from them, regarding the parallel parking. They will be avoiding the downtown altogether, as I am sure others will too. How can the council justify the removal of so many parking spots from the downtown? It will be detrimental to ALL downtown business operations. I can't even begin to imagine the chaos, as we wait in our vehicles, for someone to get into a parallel parking spot, as the traffic lines up for blocks behind them, and they struggle to get in safely. I drive up and down big, beautiful Beckwith Street, easily 20 times a day, going from one client to another, and the congestion is bad enough some days, but when you factor in the elimination of our beloved Confederation Bridge, and the boat traffic, closing down Old Slys and Abbott St., from May to October, these proposed changes are utterly ridiculous! If council wants to fix anything downtown, they can feel free to eliminate the pedestrian crosswalk at Chambers and Beckwith, from where Sweet Scoops was across to Fort Hemlock; as it impedes the left turning traffic flow off of Chambers street, and just allow for the pre-existing crosswalk, from BMO to H&R Block to be used. When it comes down to it, the best thing that could be done to help the flow of traffic on Beckwith St. is to leave wide open, with angled parking and FIX CONFEDERATION BRIDGE!!!!!!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


because its so cool i don't live there but went to school there it was neat

(Gananoque, 2017-12-27)


I’m signing because the angled parking and wide streets in the downtown core of Smiths Falls is in my opinion one of the towns best features.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


It would be nice to keep some of our historical uniqueness.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I love the convenience along with the small town feel.

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-27)


I love the down town in Smiths Falls......take the parking meters away and make bridge to Centennial Park road worthy...

(Smiths Falls on., 2017-12-27)


Angle parking is the only type that makes sense for downtown businesses.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I think it works well the way it is ... it has for many years. I think there are bigger issues that need to be improved with our down town core.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I'm signing this petition because I'd hate to change our beautiful downtown and make it look like every other downtown around us!! We are unique in our angle parking...please councillors leave our downtown core alone!!

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-27)


Im signing this because i love the parking makes it easier for me in a van with a 2 year old and a 6 month old. Im not stressing over being hit by oncoming traffic thats too close or trying to parallel park while my children decide to.scream. plus i cant parallel park so changing the parling means i will no.longer be shoping there.

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


Parallel parking will deter seniors from our downtown core and whoever heard of parallel parking on a highway

(Smiths falls , 2017-12-27)


I own property, work and do the majority of my shopping in Smiths Falls. Signing this petition is not about heritage for me, but safety and the best use of town funds.
Beckwith St (Hwy 15) is a major route through town and has more "through town" traffic than other towns this size, including large transport trucks. I would not want to be stepping out into this traffic from a parallel parking space. The time it takes to exit an angled space now would be equivalent to the time taken to parallel park. I feel safer exiting my car from angled parking. Parallel parking would have an obstacle on the driver's side in winter due to the snowbanks between the road and sidewalk. The passenger would be exiting the car into traffic. With the existing angled parking, the driver and all passengers can exit the car safely. I believe the funds for redevelopment of Beckwith St should be put towards better snow removal so people can access the sidewalk from the parking spaces, and to a more unified and welcoming streetscape with awnings and new signage for businesses, litter collection (cigarette butts and dog poop), crosswalk buttons at every intersection, and wheelchair accessibility for all businesses. I feel these improvements would be more beneficial to downtown Smiths Falls than rearranging the traffic lanes and parking.

(Portland , 2017-12-27)


Keep angle parking, part of the charm of Smiths Falls is the wide "main Street" and angle parking!It is part of our history.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I agree we should leave the parking how it is at current and put the money onto something else.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I have always been proud of our main street..Please don't change something as lovely as it is..I remember the snow piled so high in the middle of the street waiting to be taken away..thank you , Sandy Dixie

(Smith Falls, 2017-12-27)


The parking downtown is perfect the way it is, leave it alone, there is plenty of other things the town can change to make the it a lot better like fix the bridge going to the water tower

(Smiths Falls, Ontario, 2017-12-27)


I would like the angled parking to stay. As a mom of 2 young children, angled parking is a safer option for me to get my kids in and out of the car safely, especially in the winter when there can be massive snow banks to deal with or climb in to get child in passenger side into or out of car

(Perth, 2017-12-27)


angle parking makes it a lot easier to use an underused downtown Smiths Falls.It has always been this way and for Heavens sake why would you change it for a few bicycles.I wonder if the town would lose some parking spaces doing this.

(Montague Township, 2017-12-27)


Keep the parking the way it is! It makes our town unique and we will lose parking spots if it's changed to parallel parking.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


Our parking is a highlight of our town. We stand apart because of it.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


Keep Angled parking as it is way safer than parrallel parking. It is also one of our towns best features, keep the history alive!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I shop in Smiths Falls daily even though I reside in Rideau Lakes All my business is done in Smiths Falls/

(Lombardy, 2017-12-27)


I'm signing because I have family in SF and I visit often. I was born & raised there. There will be too many parking spots lost by having parallel parking. The whole idea should be to get more people to the downtown area not less. Keep angle parking!

(Kanata, ON, 2017-12-27)


We have a unique downtown because of the angled parking and width of the street. Leave it be and fix up the store fronts, talk to landlords about competitive more rent, put the energy towards filling the stores, fix confederation bridge and solve the traffic night mare at Lombard and Abbott.

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


Keep parking the same originally from Smiths Falls keep the parking unique

(Kemptville , 2017-12-27)


Please Leave The Angle Parking

(Smiths Falls Ont , 2017-12-27)


Our town has changed enough as it is. Why keep trending when we are just a beautiful the way we are. Just keep the angle parking and stop trying to take the little heritage we have left.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I’m signing to save the angle parking on Beckwith St in Smiths Falls.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I want to keep the angle parking in our down town

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I live in Lombardy and shop in Smiths Falls. I need to drive to town. It's often hard enough to find parking in Smiths Falls.
Angle parking is a pain-- especially when you have a big pickup next to you so you can't see to back out, but it is still better than no parking.

(Lombardy, 2017-12-27)


I strongly believe angle parking is best for Beckwith for drivers and visitors alike. We are one of the few last places to have angle parking and having used both it's more convenient for the passenger and affords much more parking for the businesses!

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-27)