( For Christie) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1988...



This happened in my city and no family should have to go through this loss and then the killer getting out.

(Painesville , 2018-01-12)


This man is a monster. He should stay in jail. Christie doesn’t get a second chance in life and neither should he.

(Bell Buckle, 2018-01-12)


I'm signing because he should spend life in prison and never get to be a free man again. I hope he has to live with the consequences for what he did for the rest of his life.

(Louisville , 2018-01-12)


She was a friend from my street growing up. This man should never never never be let in public.

(Hudson, florida, 2018-01-12)


This cold blooded killer needs to stay behind bars.

(Willoughby , 2018-01-12)



(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


To speak up for someone who can't speak for herself.

(Aurora, Ohio, 2018-01-12)


He should remain in prison for his crime.

(Erie, 2018-01-12)


She was the daughter of a very good friend. Christie was a wonderful vibrant young lady that deserved to live her life freely.

(Peterborough, 2018-01-12)


Christie was a wonderful young lady and deserved to live her life as she chose not to die at the hands of a monster.

(Peterborough, 2018-01-12)


It would bring great mental anguish to the family. Who knows if this man would want to retaliate against the family.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


I was casual friends with Christie in school. Sat next to her on class..

(Chardon ohio, 2018-01-12)


Christy was my high-school friend she was a good person and died way too soon for no good reason

(Euclid, 2018-01-12)


I’m signing because it is the right thing to do.

(Hudson, 2018-01-12)


I’m signing because he should not be released.

(Hudson, 2018-01-12)


I was the step mother with one of Christie's friends. I was there when the call came in asking if he had seen Christie. In the days that followed, hearts were broken. So unnecessary. So cruel. Donato Lombardozzi needs to stay in prison.

(Timberlake, 2018-01-12)


I remember that terrible news story,
I wouldn't want him to be released, think of her family, going on without her in their life.

(Willoughby, 0hio, 2018-01-12)


He is a killer. Far too many police officers have been killed or injured in the last 12 days. The liberalism in our justice system is atrocious. You do the crime, you do the time.

Kathy Brunetti

(Wickliffe, 2018-01-12)


This man should not be released because he is a danger to society.

(Huron, 2018-01-12)


He took a life, he should not ever get his back.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


Christie was a family friend taken way too young! This man sought her out and did the unthinkable! Keep him locked up!

(Nashville, 2018-01-12)


A murderer should not be free

(Eastlake, 2018-01-12)


I believe anyone who has taken the life of someone else does not deserve to be out in the population to live their life as a free person.

(Overland Park, 2018-01-12)


Donato Lombardozzi is a heartless, cold blooded killer, he should not be allowed to walk the streets, please do not parole this monster. He should stay in prison for his life. The murder he committed was senseless and horrific, he targeted a young innocent girl and should never be set free.

(willoughby, 2018-01-12)


IMy family faces the same challenge in Baton Rouge. God Bless you for continuing to honor Christie's life.

(willoughby hills, 2018-01-12)


No one should be allowed to take the innocence and life away from such a young person at such a young age....

(Spring Hill , 2018-01-12)


No murderer should ever be released. Jail isnt rehab. On the contrary they are worse when they get out. Lock that door and throw away that key!

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


This man murdered a beautiful young girl and her family and friends suffer forever! Never release this evil monster

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


To keep this murderer in prison for the of his life he took Christie's life and her family's life why should he be free to live his life as he pleases, I do not think so.

(West Carrollton, 2018-01-12)


I am a '64 claasmate of Jan Montrella. I have four children that all are graduates of Willoughby South High School, two of which are twins and were of the same age and class as Christie. My daughter was particularly shaken that sad event in 1988 having known Christie well. This criminal should never be released.

(GREENWOOD, 2018-01-12)


I hope he don't get his parole he needs to stay right where he's at who not say he might try this again with a other person.

(Great Valley, 2018-01-12)


He should not be allowed to enjoy life. His victim never had the chance.

(Chardon, 2018-01-12)


No one should have to go through this! She doesn't get another chance to live her life.

(Mentor , 2018-01-12)


Every day.
Every day her family will grieve over the loss of Christie.
Every day for the REST of their lives they'll grieve for her.
Every day for the rest of his life he can think about that in prison.

(Traverse City, 2018-01-12)


Effected a family member

(London, 2018-01-12)


I remember this and anyone who would murder a young girl should not be free while the family still has to suffer

(Eastlake, 2018-01-12)


Lombardozzi is still a threat to the public.

(Euclid, 2018-01-12)


He should NEVER be allowed out!!!

(Los Angeles, 2018-01-12)


He took a young life. He shouldn't have freedom or the chance to take another life.

(Altoona, Pa., 2018-01-12)


I’ve lived in willoughby most of my adult life and lived in the apartments across the street when this occurred.
This was such a awful senseless act that was committed against this young girl who hadn’t even begun to live her life . There is nothing in me that ever wants to see this monster released .

(Willoughby , 2018-01-12)


Considering that he needlessly deprived a family of their daughter, it only makes sense that when the victim's family decides that this murderer should be released, then he should be released; But not one day sooner.

(Eastlake, 2018-01-12)


Those that take life, do not deserve the opportunity to live their remaining days in freedom. They took that away from another; treat others as we wish to be treated.

(Mayfield Hts , 2018-01-12)



(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


Christie was taken far to soon at the hands of this murderer. I remember the devastating effect her loss had on our community, and her family. Her murderer should never be freed.

(willowick, oh, 2018-01-12)


I remember Christie well. She was such a vibrant and energetic young woman. She had a smile that could turn a gloomy day into a sunny day. She loved and trusted everyone that she met. Such a sweet sweet spirit. Love and miss you.

(Dallastown, 2018-01-12)


Mr. Lombardozzi is a murderer who should serve his full sentence.

(Willowick, 2018-01-12)



(WILLOUGHBY, 2018-01-12)


This man should stay behind bars for the rest of his life. He took a life, he should have to give his.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


This important to me.

(Murrells inlet, sc, 2018-01-12)


To petition for a murdered to stay in jail.

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


Christie's murder was horrific. Donato in the days following never came forward and even tried disposing of her body in random woods along I-271.

(Chagrin Falls, 2018-01-12)


I love this family dearly!

(Kirtland, 2018-01-12)