Keep Electric Vehicles quiet



Ice cars make sound electric cars not and never will

Peter Pandelaers (Niel, 2018-03-07)


Loud pipes don't save lives.

Wilfried Dengler (Antwerpen, 2018-03-07)


One of the big advantages of electric vehicles is that they do not add to the stressful din of internal combustion engine noise. It is the responsibility of all drivers, whether driving traditional cars or EVs, to drive responsibly.

Linda Nicholes (Huntington Beach, 2018-03-08)


The goal is clean and quiet transport!

Vit Ozana (Ostrava, 2018-03-08)


Ive been driving an electric vehicle as a taxi in a Amsterdam for more then a year and never had any problems.

Roland van Paridon (Amstelveen, 2018-03-08)


In ten years of driving electric, I've never encountered a situation where the quiet nature of my car posed a risk to pedestrians yet, three of my electric vehicles already have noise generators that simply spoil an otherwise quiet ride. I've disabled them all without placing anyone at risk. I don't understand the motivation for this time wasting regulation.

Michael Thwaite (Warren, 2018-03-08)


The idea of adding noise to silent vehicles is completely absurt. The same discussion has been held for fast e-bikes (speed pedelecs), it's based on fear rather than fact.

Freddy Hurkmans (Veghel, 2018-03-09)


Keep it quit!

Patrick Simons (Oisterwijk, 2018-03-09)


too much noise pollution already. electric cars reduce noise pollution.

christian lanctot (mississauga, 2018-03-10)


We want to reduce noise pollution.. Any vehicle traveling at over 10kmph makes Tyre noise why add noise why none is required..

Peter Muller (Keerbergen, 2018-03-12)


I hate noise pollution.

Stefan de Bruijn (Utrecht, 2018-03-14)


I'm signing because it adds unnecessary noise pollution. Only road to our house comes close to other houses. There is need to disturb them during night.

Even worse that noise would increase risk of accidents. Our road is inside of 30 km/h zone. Some pedestrians do not hear approaching car, even if it is old cheap car or large SUV with diesel engine. Irritating unnecessary noise will make some drivers to believe pedestrians will hear the car, but some don't.

Jukka Neppius (Riihimäki, 2018-03-16)


quiet is beautiful, Silence heals,we want to hear the birds and the people sitting in a cafe in the cities, not the artificial car sounds

Radovan Burkovič (Ostrava-Plesná, 2018-03-23)


As all vehicles will be quieter, pedestrians will get used to it. They will pay more attention to the events around them. Drivers will be more considerate. Engine noise or artificial sound forces pedestrians to rely on and this will be dangerous.

Jaromír Marušinec (Brno, 2018-03-25)


I dream living in a quiet, enjoyable city.

Paolo Tosoratti (Udine, 2018-05-01)


The driver of any vehicle can clearly see pedestrians and bicyclists in front of them and are already responsible for the safety of those people. Don’t add unnecessary legislation.

Zach Woods (Lincoln, 2018-05-25)


It is about as sensible an Idea as a man with a red flag!

Terry Grant (London, 2018-05-28)


Nejezdím na chodník chodcům a chodec ať nechodí po mé cestě. Jezdím EV, protože je tichý a ekologický. Můj Nissan zabudované pískání má, ale chodci to stejně nevnímají. Jezdím EV už 7 let bez havarie a vidím spíše kolize cyklistů a chodců.

Milan Rajchl (Ostrava, 2018-06-05)


I'm EV driver 7 years.....

Pavel Kuchar (Tabor, 2018-06-05)


Because it is another nonsence created by idiotic byrocrats in the EU. Silence recovers a mind!

Kamil Horak (Praha, 2018-06-06)


I´m signing because I want to keep Electric Vehicles quiet.

Michal Maňák (Olomouc, 2018-06-06)


I want EVs to be silent and I think that these artificial noise makers are dumb.

Libor Mahr (Mladá Boleslav, 2018-06-06)


Podepisuji, protože mám rád ticho. Ticho léčí.

I sign because I like the silence. Silence heals.

Martin Golembiovsky (Ostrava, 2018-06-06)


Let's keep the advantage of EVs - silence

Josef Papež (Kvasice, 2018-06-06)


I'm signing because I just want the quiet world back.

Jan Valík (Brno, 2018-06-06)


I am EV driver

Robert Cholensky (Praha, 2018-06-06)


I am signing because quiet operation is one of the most significant benefis of BEVs, especially in the cities.

Michal Kasztura (Baška, 2018-06-06)


I hate all stupidities, especialy stupid people and their orders

Radim Cechel (Orlova, 2018-06-06)


Keep it noiceless

Peter Ondecko (Martin , 2018-06-06)


EV are not so silent, have climatization and heating which make noise as petrol car. EV don't need unpleasant artificial sounds.

Miroslav Rojko (Lubina, 2018-06-06)


I ´m user of EV

Jan Řežáb (Prague, 2018-06-06)


I think it is another thrown log under the wheels of electromobility and mass use of EV vehicles. A car with artificial sound will be reminded by the Tamagotchi Japanese.

Jan Schweiner (Praha, 2018-06-07)


I do not want smoke, I do not want vibrations, I do not want NOISE!

Pavel Krajcir (Policka, 2018-06-07)


It is a nonsense.

Jaroslava Tatouskova (Castleford, 2018-06-07)


EV should stay quiet

Matej Urbašík (Hlohovec, 2018-06-08)


noise is unhealrhy by its origin and we face today growing noise polution..
we should rather limit motocykles to 50dB.. which are extreemeky disturbing

Radim Tanner (Prague, 2018-06-08)


I think artificial sound is a nonsense. I agree with all points against it.

Vladimír Fedák (Praha, 2018-06-08)


I don´t think it is necessary for EVs to have alerting signals on lower speeds. Pedestrians as well as drivers are responsible for their own actions when walking/driving the streets. It is the beauty of EVs that they are silent. So let´s not destroy this nice future we can have with some annoying sounds. People are not stupid.

Pavel Hub (Prague, 2018-06-08)


I'm signing because when EV keep quiet then general level of noise will be reduced at all and pedestrians will be able to recognize noise produced by tires as today they do an base of engines.
Generaly hearing level will be reduced and I think it is good for human health.

Petr Provaznik (Kraluv Dvur, 2018-06-09)


We need silence

Rastislav Vrskovy (Presov, 2018-06-13)


In last seven year I have driven more than 220 000 km in electric cars and the missing engine noise never caused any dangerous situation.

Frantisek Kubis (Roznov pod Radhostem, 2018-06-19)


I'm signing this petition because I consider silence of electric vehicels as a main benefit and the biggest reason why to transfer from diesel car to electric

Martin Louma (Smizany, 2018-07-04)


EVs are an opportunity to have quieter, more peaceful cities. They don’t need to make noise to protect pedestrians. Instead, they should be equipped with automatic breaking systems.

Joel Drapper (Ottawa, 2018-07-06)


Ev's aren't actually too quiet...

Peter Kenimer (Columbus, 2018-07-17)


The additive noise is not necessary because the electric car are more noisy than a bicycle or equivalent to a hybrid car.

Antoine KRIER (PLAISIR, 2018-08-30)


It would be nice if if were more silent in the highways. Many people live in those noisy areas and they will be gratefull if they can sleep better.
EV is not completely silent, only for deaf people

Margreet Vorst (Beverwijk, 2018-08-30)


j'ai roulé 10 ans en électrique & le silence est primordial. Une petite clochette ou en parlant par la fenêtre est bien plus courtois.
Halte à la pollution sonore !

MERCIER Hubert (FR-84-Avignon , 2018-08-30)


I agree noise is not needed

Mathieu Chateau (Montrouge, 2018-08-30)


All individual accountability is taken away from the people not looking for vehicles when they cross a street because they were looking at their smart phones.
Once again they go and put the blame with the cars. We could have a quieter world but nooooo NOISE IS MANDATORY, idiots

Bart Simpson (Mechelen, 2018-08-30)


silence is so much a luxury !!!

Christophe DUPONCHEELE (Bruxelles, 2018-08-30)


All Reasons above
If sound comes than also forbid the use of headsets for pedestrians

Kevin Clocheret (Ternat, 2018-08-30)

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