Bring Baby W home to their rightful family



She loves him and she's cared for him since he was a day old. That family is all he has known

(Coolaney, 2018-04-25)


he needs to go back to the woman who has looked after and raised him

(shannon, 2018-04-25)


I know the circumstances of this case and know the love and care that this child was given by the foster family. It’s appalling to think that the best interest of the child counted for nothing in this case.

(Wexford , 2018-04-25)


I singing this petition this a terrible
Please send baby L home to his family
It looks like I have been here before

(Cork, 2018-04-25)


Disgraceful and cruel! How can they take a little baby away rom the only family he has ever known!

(Dublin , 2018-04-25)


No child should be taken away from their family and the people they love. This single mother is a hero. Her whole family is. I hope my signature can help bring baby L back home. Love over prejudice always.

(Pisa, 2018-04-25)


The child needs to be out first not the birth mother. She walked away from him so as far as I’m concerned she doesn’t have a say I this. That poor boy will be traumatized from being taken from his family.

(Drogheda , 2018-04-25)


Because it is wrong on so many levels

(Donegal , 2018-04-25)


Why remove the child from a loving foster mother and introduce him to get again another new family when there is nothing wrong with the family who is looking after him... why try fix things that are not broken..

(Cavan , 2018-04-25)


Bring baby L back

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)


This is right

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)


It's unfair to take a child from a loving home it's ridiculous

(Drogheda, 2018-04-25)


Cause she suits the kid

(Dublin , 2018-04-25)



(Greystones, 2018-04-25)


This is ridiculous removing a child from a stable and loving home and family who clearly want to adopt him, to the go onto removing him from their care and love to place him with an adoptive family who he doesn't know, love or have a bond with. Why not approach the birth mother and ask her to retract her wish to have him placed in a home and family that has to be married.

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


Signing because this child is happy with the family so why take him away from the people he loves

(Meath, 2018-04-25)


Baby L deserves to be with his right caring family

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)


It's wrong

(Limerick, 2018-04-25)


Rachel lloyd

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)


Because a woman that doesn't want her child shouldn't be able to deny that child a loving family on the basis of her not being married a married couple can still split up

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


I am signing because this family clearly love and care for this child with all their hearts and it is ridiculous that you think it is ok to tear the baby away from his family. This is disgraceful

(Dunboyne, 2018-04-25)


I strongly agree with this petition

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)


Loving & caring for a child overides red tape.

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


Tusla and other body's think they can do anything they want and never think of others. They don't think what they are doing to people. They are unfair and unjustified with some things they get away with.

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


Every child should be loved and given every chance of a happy home.

(Wexford , 2018-04-25)


I believe the courts made the wrong choice and the child should remain with the original foster family whom loved and adore it!

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)


This foster mother deserves more respect. The child deserves more respect. They should be reunited now!

(Pisa, 2018-04-25)


Taking this child from the only parent he has ever known will be detrimental to this child’s wellbeing

(Wexford , 2018-04-25)


The foster mother has gone through so much for this little child she and children must be devastated keep your chin up hopefully it will work out I will be praying for you all

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)


The child should be with the mother he knows... not a strange family just because they are married.

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


This is absolutely ridiculous. Where is common sense here ? The babys place is where the baby has lived its whole life so far, with the foster mum & family who have done so much for the baby. This is appalling & cruel & unkind to both the baby & the foster mum & family. Please reverse this decision. Why is adoption so important ? Why not opt for long term fostering with the original foster family instead ?

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


Lennnon belongs in his home !

(Leixlip, 2018-04-25)


Disgraceful and uncaring behaviour by the natural mother who is probably hoping to be paid for doing this..

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


It's every child's right to be with a family who loves them, shame on anyone who thinks differently, it's a child

(Wexford, 2018-04-25)


I think the birth mother lost her say in the future of her child the day she handed him over. I think it will be a miracle if the child is not badly affected by this crazy decision. It is not in the child’s best interest, which is what I thought they were there for. Shame on them.

(Tomhaggard , 2018-04-25)


It's the right thing to do

(Dublin, 2018-04-25)