End "Social Enterprise Hawker Centers" NOW!



Enough with greedy grassroots leaders exploiting ordinary Singaporeans in the name of providing affordable food to the needy

Darth Vader (Singapore, 2018-10-19)


I have no problem if those so called Social Enterprise Hawker Operators present themselves as a third party with a relevant role to play to ensure that hawker business offer fairness to all, cleanliness, sustainability and value for money etc in return for small fees, I think they should be welcomed. However, we must be very, very careful and never, never fool ourselves if they present themselves as Social Enterprise but the way they conduct their business are nothing social at all but mercenary at the core. Book-smart pap ministars such as that useless Amy Khor is no match at all for street-smart operators and as a result, honest and hardworking hawkers and members of the public must lose out.

Simon Lim (Singapore, 2018-10-19)


Things are going wrong...
We need to correct immediately before starting to rot.

Tan Kok Ann Eric (Singapore, 2018-10-19)


I disagree with the rich and powerful leeching from the poor and hard working hawkers

NICHOLAS Chua (Singapore, 2018-10-19)


Look at their charges to the hawker!
The exorbitant costs will be passed on to customers. And even if their pricing is capped, then the hawkers are being squeezed and exploited.

So WHAT is the object of this 'social enterprise' if not to enrich hawker management companies!

Martin FERRAO (Pasir Ris , 2018-10-19)


I am joining this petition because I want fair and equitable treatment for our hawkers operated under the SEHC scheme.

Xia John (Singapore, 2018-10-19)


I believe in the government should be serving its people and not the other way around. Implementation of new policies should be discussed with the citizens, not the PRs or being decided in a closed door meeting or among the elites. If that means slow progression then let it be. Why are we moving so fast and left so many of our poorer and slower people behind? Shouldn't we adopt the idea "LEFT NO MAN BEHIND"?

James Liou (Ang Mo Kio, 2018-10-20)


I want to help ensure the hawkers can continue to make a living in their trade and thereby continue to provide affordable meals for Singaporeans, especially the low-income group and retirees living on their meagre life savings.

Edward Chong (Perth, 2018-10-20)


Support the your call

Lim Kah (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Because this is a means for PAP cronies to make money from people

Sim Tony (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Using unfair and deceptive means to do business.

Linus Lin (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


Its time for the citizen's voice to be heard. Enough of manipulation and lies from the powers that be. We as children of Singapore refused to be hoodwinked by a self-serving paternalistic group of servants any longer!

Albert Tan (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I'm signing this petition is because i would like goverment to preserve our hawker centres cultures & traditions that provide good & affordable food to all level of Singaporeans.
The so called Social Enterprice Hawker Centre will only demeaning & bullying the existing hawkers and at the same time enriching themselves with obscene richness.
I do hope goverment reverse this policy & let NEA to manage all hawker centres instead. In this way, our hawkers will still provide good & affordable food. Maybe just maybe younger generations may want to take up this dying trade.
I together with my family members, friends & colleagues already boycotted SEHC since the news broke out at Jurong West Hawker Centre few weeks ago. I feel sorry to those hawkers but pain must come to blood sucking SEHC in order for the goverment to reserve this unfair policy....

Chee Kit Chang (Sengkang, 2018-10-21)


SEHC model for the last 3 yrs or more has proven a failure. Hawkers are charged with high operating cost raised by Mr Seetoh and hawkers themselves. Hawkers cannot make decent earning and in fact some have to close down their stalls for good. On the same note, consumers cannot enjoy reasonable price for a affordable meal. 3 years of proven facts are good enough to say SEHC is a failure and establishment is not serving its purpose of helping the lower income but profiteering.

CL Cheong (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


Cost of living is getting higher, I want have cheap singapre local food at a affordable price..for me and my next generation.

Ken Teo (Sengkang , 2018-10-21)


Boycott SEHC

Francis Ng (Woodlands, 2018-10-21)


Everything really got to be fair.

James Young (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


SEHC should cease operations and rents must be controlled with no hidden costs to hawkers.

Adrian Heng (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Stop unfair hawker practice

Adrian Li (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I am petitioning because of the greed and cronyism of the operator, supposedly non profit and a social enterprise.

Christopher Bong (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Coming from a hawker family, the way these hawker centres are managed just simply disgust me. When hawker centre are managed by NEA, they were so different. Why is it being managed by these companies now? Please don't use social enterprise as a cover, I am no three year old kid. It is utterly immoral to be collecting all the fees that are being reflected.
1) cleaning fees should not be compulsory
2) tray returning policy is simply very very ridiculous.
3) 4k in total for cost in hawker centre?

If the govt doesn't stop what is happening, in another 5 to 10yrs, when these companies take over major components of the island, all the coffee shops, markets, food courts, they will monopolized the industry and we shall see what's the rent amount to be.

Pong Zack (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


I support what Lim Team said

Louis Chng (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I love our hardworking hawkers.

Anna Ross-Murphy (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


i want to save the hawker

Saul Leicester (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I do not believe in the cause and actions of these social enterprises. Their actions are self benefitting and have led to high operating costs incurred by the hawkers.

Raymond Chew (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


We need more active intervention when things look bad. No excuses until a detailed study is done and corrective measures taken.

Gerry Pereira (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I support Lim Tean. I abhor PAP. United we stand against immorality of PAP’s greed and lack of transparency.

Derrick Chen (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


A lot of good Hawker food were lost due to high rental , SEHC not only not helping, it speed up the loses of all these good food. Ask the Ministers to eat the $2.80 ( controlled price of low cost meal) meal, the portion enough for a grown up adult ? End of the day you need 2 plates to fill up, Cheap? Is LPPL

Danny Ong (Tampines , 2018-10-21)


We are nothing more than a money making tool moulded by the government and it's affiliates.
A truly "Tampon" Vs Blood scenario!

Ryan Tango (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


social enterprise started off as a great idea to help the poor in good spirit. today it has a different meaning in singapore and carries a bad name. no thanks.

Mun Shiu Lee (SG, 2018-10-21)


I totally object it. Care for ppl. Abolish it.

Shinomi Kenji (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


For the good of humanity. To remove oligopoly in the food industry in Singapore. To make food more affordable and keep hawker spirit.

Janet Lo (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


The rental cost has greatly affected the quantity and quality of food price. Hawker owners are under a lot of stress and customer service is bad. The ingredient choice being the cheapest.
I say this as a chef and a ordinary patron. I don't feel good paying for food that has been produced with cheap ingredients with very little nutrient value. I really hope for a change in the local culinary scene.

kesavan Guna (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I tnink that they are trying to push the hawkers to the corners in form of contracts agreements and not giving them a free hand but instead tied them down with all the regulations.

William Yap (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


We should do away with middle men who don't contribute in any positive way to encourage entrepreneurial hawkers

Allan Seet (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


Self employed should not be attached with so much rules and regulations unless the SE management can guarantee every stall a minimum income if and when they fully complied with the terms , rules. Otherwise i see no reasons why must hawkers be force to accept such rules. Back to old school and let the hawker relive again

Mike Lim (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


NTUC related business is making cost of living too expense .

Harry Lee (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Not to let the bloodsucker earn more and the poor citizens are already have hard time getting end meet.

Tan Richatd (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


I find that Hawkers work extremely long extended hours spending in excess of between 3 to 4 hours prior to actual execution of businesses . I find they deserved our recognition especially those whom had really show a true passion and interest in this profession.

Peter Allcando (SG, 2018-10-21)


My family are hawkers. There are some changes that affect them but they have no say in it.

Leong Wee Wei (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


What Social enterprise?
Let the hawkers run the hawker centre themselves.

Jacob Tan (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Yes, End "Social Enterprise Hawker Centers" Now!!

Thus far this so call "Social Enterprise Hawker Centers" are anything but social enterprise in its true sense.

We see cronyism, nepotism, double standards and conflict of interest whereby Hawker Management having its own food court in the same building and selling liquor/tobacco and SEHC are not permitted to sell liquor/tobacco.
Source: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20181019-900428

To patronize these SEHC is to support and perpetuate the exploitation of hawkers and killing of hawker culture.


Brandon Baey (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I'm totally against the rich taking advantage of the underprivileged.

David Wong Wan Tho (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Hawkers deserve a fair and just deal and not be s scammed by money greedy profiteers.

Adrian Pah (Sungapore, 2018-10-21)


I do not support these nonsensical so called social enterprise set up by QUANGO NTUC.

Stewie DS (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


Social enterprise makes our hawkers’ life more difficult and our food more expensive! The social enterprises are run by PAP GRASSROOTS

Hui Thng (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


The people power when in unison is a force to reckon with.
It is not all about the government of the day....it is about our voice to ensure democracy is still in control.

Anthony Sim (Sydney, 2018-10-21)


I'm against this mentality of fixing something that's not broken under disguise of modernisation when it is actually just an exercise for someone's K.P.I. which in turn gave an oppprtunity to a select group to make more money using what belongs to the government lest not forget that the people are the government.

Amano Munauwir (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


I am against exploitation

Goh H. S Anthony (Singapore , 2018-10-21)


Another one of PAP's failed policies. Vote wisely

Dexter Yap (Singapore, 2018-10-21)


I will boycott hawkers centers that is link to NTUC, KOUFU & SEHC ! Hawkers that are affected should be compensated accordingly!

Dolly Peh (Singapore, 2018-10-22)


Social enterprise cannot be a 1 way street in meeting operation needs and worst of all driving up costs.

Josh Cheng (Singapore, 2018-10-22)


To keep our living cost affordable

Wee Lawrence (Singapore, 2018-10-22)


In implementing any sound policy its must be beneficial to both parties. Not leaving people with no other option. Then it legalised daylight robbery.
Worst kind of policy "taking money from the public and putting it into the hands of their friends", is now a code of practice management by policy maker.

Jimmy Chua (Singapore, 2018-10-22)


The way SEHC are operated leave a lot to be desired. The hawkers carry far too heavy a burden crippled by high operating expenses and unfair contractual agreements. The SEHC scheme is poorly thought out and badly executed.

Gian Michael (Singapore , 2018-10-22)


It is not a fair practice. It will also destroy the original hawker heritage. The government should not make things too streamline, if not it will be like our retail industry, sooner or later, we will see all hawker centre being operated by organisation instead of individuals.

Quak Gek Yong (Singapore, 2018-10-22)


It is profit orientated, against the original concept

Kah Wong (Singapore , 2018-10-22)


This social enterprise hawker centers are not helping the hawkers and patrons at all.
It is putting extra costs to all of us who patronise it ultimately.

Jetro Teo (Tampines, 2018-10-22)


Time to put a stop to this insane social enterprise which has hurt hawkers trying to make an honest living. The contracts which they have to sign can only come from demented minds of grass-root associated companies and supported by an incompetent government!

Gary Seet (singapore, 2018-10-22)


Let keep the hawker culture without the "fake social enterprise.....thingy".
Hawker are hard life..

FoodCircle See (Singapore, 2018-10-22)


I'm signing because I don't agreed with the way how the so called social enterprise organization handled the existing hawker centres. No no.

Mike Teo (Singapore, 2018-10-22)

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